Former Florida State Football Coach Bobby Bowden tested Positive for the Coronavirus on Saturday and was transported back to the hospital on Tuesday afternoon:91 Year-Old ‘Nole relying on Football, Fate and Faith

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Florida FSU coach Bobby Bowden, who has tested positive for COVID-19, was transported by ambulance to the Tallahassee Memorial HealthCare Tuesday afternoon, according to multiple reports.

Bowden’s wife, Ann, told the Tallahassee Democrat he was readmitted Tuesday as a precautionary measure due to fatigue. She told the newspaper Bowden, who turns 91 next month, was going to get a chest X-ray and other tests while doctors monitor him.

“I feel sure he’s going to be OK,” Ann Bowden told the Democrat.

“I am very positive. I am not an alarmist. He hasn’t been getting around much at all due to his leg; it has been pretty painful. He sleeps much of the day.”

Bobby Bowden had been hospitalized at Tallahassee Memorial Healthcare for nearly two weeks to treat a leg infection following the removal of cancer spots. He was transferred to the hospital’s rehab center and was released on Thursday, Oct. 1. Bowden’s doctor told him Saturday he tested positive for COVID-19. The rest of his family tested negative and he was quarantining at home before going to the hospital on Tuesday.

Bowden was in good spirits when he spoke with the Orlando Sentinel Monday afternoon.

“I was in the hospital for two weeks and I think I came in contact with a nurse who had it, and I guess that’s where it sort of originated,” Bowden told the Sentinel. “As of right now, I’ve been exposed a week and I don’t feel hardly any different. I don’t really have any symptoms except I’m feeling a little lazy.”

The Bowdens have leaned on their faith and welcomed prayers in support of the FSU coaching legend, who led the Seminoles to two national championships and put Tallahassee on the national college football map. FSU coach Mike Norvell, current Seminoles and FSU alumni have all shared prayers and well wishes for Bobby Bowden.

His age makes him vulnerable to serious COVID-19 complications, but Bowden told the Sentinel Monday he always has his faith to carry him through difficult times.

He recalled he was a 13-year-old boy in Birmingham, Ala., when he was diagnosed with rheumatic fever and spent six months in the hospital and another year confined to his bed at home. He prayed for help and promised to serve God the rest of his life if he could just play football again.

“In 1943 when I had rheumatic fever, it was standard thinking back in those days that your life expectancy would be 40- or 45-years-old,” Bowden told the Sentinel. “I doubled that, boy!”