Jerry Jones beginning to Question his Quarterback Dak Prescott(Dallas Cowboys) and questioning how his QB handles ‘The Game in the Clutch’

Coming in from Chris Raybon, at The Action Network:

*****Heading into Week 4, Jerry Jones made comments about Dak Prescott that seemed to question the quarterback’s clutch playmaking ability.

******Then on Sunday, Prescott and the Cowboys fell short of completing a fourth-quarter comeback after falling behind 41-14, ultimately losing to the Browns.

*******How much is the Dallas defense to blame for the critiques of Dak? Was Jones onto something? Senior NFL analyst Chris Raybon takes a closer look at the numbers.

1)Dak Prescott threw for 502 yards and four touchdowns on Sunday against the Browns — his third straight game with at least 450 passing yards.

2)The Cowboys are now 1-2 in those games.

3)Over that stretch, the Dallas defense has been lit up for point totals of 39, 38 and 49, and is allowing 36.5 points per game on the season. That’s not going to get it done. But fairly or not, the conversation entering Week 4 centered around whether Prescott could get it done — not the defense.

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  1. WHAT???!!! WAIT!!! If I am not mistaken Dak has thrown for 450+ yards in each of the last 3 games in which they had to come from double digits down. Dak not being Clutch is the least of Jerry Jones’ problem. He needs to take a look at what his Defense has done in the first 4 weeks. From lack of pressure on the QB to WRs running free WIDE OPEN against his Secondary. Let this sink in…The Browns rushed for 307 yards against this overrated BIG D!!!

    Dak is not the problem!!! Jerry Jones’ so called BIG D is the problem and all the blame lays at his feet and will continue to until he fires himself as GM.

  2. Daniel Snyder, Jerry Jones, and other suggestions???

    Some wondering if the Carolina Panthers are better off with Daivd Tepper, or were they better off with Mr. Richardson???

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