The Morning Run:”Running Thorough The Trees”(Top Ten List for this week)

Back on “The Morning Run”, for this Friday…This week we see the seasons changing, but the temperatures have remained very warm for this time of year…The hot temps make it seem more like August than October, but here we are, and let’s go with it, what do you say???

Up and down those streets and up and down those roads in the Fall of the year, and you can’t help but begin to notice the trees…

Trees are everywhere, they are all over the place….Where would we be, without another tree???

I am running down the road/street, and it is like the trees are trying to talk to me…The wind can whistle and the trees will sway, back-and-forth…

Although there was not much wind on today’s morning run, more times than not, the trees are trying to talk to you, if you are willing to listen….They really are trying to say something…..

Let’s just go ahead and see what the trees might be telling us on this Friday morning in October….

For starters we have Ray Stevens, and he is giving us the lowdown on Gitarzen…Gitarzen was swinging through the trees in his BVD’S…I do think you will like this one, here’s Ray Stevens, with his tune, Gitarzen…(Get ready for Gitarzen and his Jungle Band.)
CLICK ON for the video show and it is a good one..

Next up on our Morning Run and sticking with our theme of Trees for today, we have George of the Jungle, and George was a friend to you and me, and they keep on telling George to, “Watch out for that Tree”….Click on Below, for the George of the Jungle, video show…

Next up for us, we have to be looking, as we run down the road in the morning, and see if anybody has gone out and tied a yellow ribbon around the old Oak Tree….We have Tony Orlando and Dawn, and they are ready to sing it for us, and here it is, back up there into the trees, and we shall see if anybody is going to, “Tie A Yellow Ribbon Around The Old Oak Tree”….Here’s Tony and he will take it away today…Click On and get up into that Old Oak Tree with us…
(Tie a yellow ribbon ’round the old Oak Tree, it’s been three long years, do you still want me?)

Now it is time to learn how to climb a tree, and we will go ahead and go out on a limb, but in reality, there is no limb, in fact there are NO limbs at all…We are going to learn today, how to climb a tree without limbs/branches…..I know you have always wondered how this can be done, and now you will know….And here we go with the Video Show, How to Climb a Tree without Limbs/Branches….

For our spiritual tune of the day, we have for you, The Freemans, with their song, “Three Wooden/Rugged Crosses”….It is a good tune for today, Three Wooden/Rugged Crosses on one Lonely Hill….You will like this one for today, and here it is, when you Click On Below….Let it go, and check out the video show….

Now it’s time for our Top Ten List for this Friday….Here we go with out Top Ten List of Trees…Have you ever seen this one before…It appears we are breaking ground with this list, and the Trees are breaking through, and they are coming up through the ground, and here comes you list…

Top Ten List of Trees

There you go, and you can see that we have put some time, thought and effort into this day’s Morning Run feature…Be sure to tell somebody else about this post, and be sure you spread the word….We will leave you for now, but we plan on being back in here with you again next week…Until then, keep it on the road, or in the streets, as “The Morning Run”, rolls on!!!!!