Question of the Day/Week/Month and how do you feel about this Topic???(Restarting Sports/Athletics in Guilford County)

This question coming in on Monday, from Just Curious, and what do you think about this question, and do you have any feelings, one way or another, on this Topic of Restarting High School Sports/Athletics?????

I am just curious by what the advantages of starting sports right now is?

First, let me start by saying I completely 100% agree that kids need something to do outside of being stuck in their home. But has anyone actually thought about the consequences of starting school sports before some schools have even started school in person?

I think what we are teaching our youth right now is extremely dangerous. If it is safe enough to start school sports why isn’t it safe enough to go to school?

Not to mention students that are “remote” only because of fears of Covid are being allowed to participate in these sports yet they aren’t going to school.

I just think we are walking a very dangerous line. Like I said I am as ready as anybody to start sports up again, but this isn’t college or professional sports. We do not have the technology these sports teams have.

College and professional athletes are required to take Covid tests, yet High School will not have that capability.

Like I said I understand the numbers and risk. I know it is low, but still why are SCHOOL SPORTS more important than starting school back. Especially in counties like Forsyth, Guilford, Wake and Alamance-Burlington that are still REMOTE ONLY!!!

It’s just ridiculous and embarrassing that this is what we are teaching our young people.

4 thoughts on “Question of the Day/Week/Month and how do you feel about this Topic???(Restarting Sports/Athletics in Guilford County)

  1. As a middle school coach in GCS, I believe if the kids are not in school there should not be any sports. With these numbers going up daily I highly doubt there will be any sports in public schools here and only private schools will play

  2. Let me first say, no one wants to endanger anyone at least I would hope not. I do think it is possible for the athletes to play their respective sports with the proper precautions and responsibility taken by parents, coaches, and staff. I have seen well run Fall Leagues that have survived 8-10 game schedules with no known COVID cases or outbreaks. The issue of going back to school would be larger population to oversee, bus transportation, and family responsibility(don’t send your kids to school sick). Unfortunately we know we don’t live in a perfect world and people do dumb stuff, you would open up Pandoras box and roll the dice if you go back to school at this time. I say let them play even though they are not in person but be very vigilant in reporting cases and monitoring student-athletes and staff. At this time, I don’t see them playing this year.

  3. Unsure makes good points….school itself carries many more logistical issues to overcome. All I can say is this……a good friend of mine has a daughter that plays club soccer and they are playing every weekend throughout NC and in SC. They have had only one game rescheduled based on COVID outbreak. They practice 3 times a week as well.

    I realize all sports are different but let’s figure it out so these kids can remain safe and have some normalcy.

  4. When you look at the bottom line of all of this, would it be better overall to just wait and re-start all of our high school sports in the Fall of 2021???

    Would it be better to wait on the COVID-19/Coronavirus Vaccine to be initiated and that way the kids could get vaccinated/inoculated and they would be playing and participating under much safer standards…

    What do you think, we have already waited this long and part of the question would be, “Should we just wait this one out for a FULL school year/2020-2021???”…..

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