Big Development:NCHSAA to require High School Athletes to wear Masks during Indoor practices and also during Indoor games(Volleyball players, Basketball players, Wrestlers better get ready

I tell you what, I am not planning on wearing a mask during wrestling practice every day and I can’t say I want to wear a mask during the wrestling matches either…You come close to getting choked out about half the time you are out there any way….But to wear a mask, that is going to effect your breathing???

That is going to be a very tough pill to swallow…

It is also going to very tough to hang wearing a mask every day in basketball practice and during the basketball games too…I can’t see it, but that is what the NCHSAA is requiring….

Masks will be required during all indoor practices and during indoor games…Volleyball will get the first shot at trying all of this on for size, since they are already practicing indoors and they(volleyball) have games scheduled for next week…Volleyball may want to move their games outside if the weather is still good…

I wear a mask everywhere I go indoors…Grocery store, bank, post office, restaurants, convenience stores, everywhere….But to me, wearing a mask when playing a ball game, or doing an athletic event, that is a different story….I never wear a mask, when I am running or walking, and for sure I am doing the running, walking, and even my basketball outdoors, but I would not wear a mask indoors if I am running, walking, or playing basketball…Might wear a mask, if I am just goofing off, or not taking the sport seriously indoors, but that is not going on very often…As you get older, you don’t work out much, just for the heck of it…

I would have contacted the NCHSSA about this issue/mandate, but they are conveniently closed today…This is their message at their website:
Because of impending inclement weather, the NCHSAA Office closed at 2 pm on Thursday, November 12, 2020. The office will reopen Friday, November 13, 2020, at 7:30 am.

Here is what I got/found from Joe Sirera, at HSXtra/
CLICK HERE to read more on this from Joe Sirera…

One day after saying it would not reduce the number of spectators and participants allowed at indoor games, the N.C. High School Athletic Association decided Thursday to require that volleyball players wear masks during practices and games to limit the spread of COVID-19.

The NCHSAA also will require anyone participating in indoor skill development workouts in any sport to wear a face mask at all times, the association announced in an email to schools. That requirement applies to athletes, coaches and support staff. The NCHSAA previously required athletes to wear masks unless they were actively engaged in physical activity. The requirement for volleyball must be met no later than Monday.

“We reached out for information from the doctors on the Sports Medicine Advisory Committee (SMAC), as well as requesting input from (N.C. Department of Health and Human Services) doctors,” NCHSAA Commissioner Que Tucker wrote in the email. “After weighing the information, the NCHSAA Board of Directors voted to implement” the stricter policies.

The only exception is that a student “with a medical condition that would prohibit wearing a face mask during competition will need medical documentation from a physician licensed to practice medicine, nurse practitioner or physician assistant,” the email said.

CLICK HERE to read all from Joe Sirera at the News and Record….


  1. You slap a cross-face on a guy wearing a mask in wrestling and he won’t be able to breathe…

    We may have to add in the tap-out rule to our high school wrestling matches…With that mask, you may have some guys ready to tap-out and throw in the towel/quit…

  2. How I feel for the kids playing these sports. How difficult is it going to be for them to breathe during the games and matches. Dont think this is a smart decision. I can be on board with the wearing of mask if you are not actively in the game or match but not if you are playing. Come on NCHSAA

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