Updates on Wearing Masks during High School Athletics Competition from NCHSAA:(Much More on Masks)

from Que Tucker, Commissioner of the North Carolina High School Athletic Association/NCHSAA:

Que Tucker says some high school teams are in quarantine and says making mask wearing mandatory for Volleyball will help have/save the season…..

Que Tucker says requiring masks for workouts and competition, which begins today in cross country and volleyball, is “necessary and safe” for NCHSAA athletes…..

Que Tucker says Volleyball teams can play more than two games in a week if games are postponed due to COVID by working with the NCHSAA.

Que Tucker says the mask mandate does not apply, for now, to Basketball games. She said the advisory committee will offer guideline as basketball season draws closer…..

Que Tucker says scrimmaging, 3-on-3, etc., by NCHSAA basketball teams violates the rules on out-of-season workouts and, masks or not, this will be dealt with…..

Que Tucker says she understands that playing basketball in masks is problematic, but notes that schools should not be playing basketball, just going through skill development right now…..

Que Tucker says she wishes club sports, which are playing weekly without masks, would “dial it back a little…..”

Tucker says: “In conversations with folks who perhaps know more than I know that is concerning,” she says about club sports. She said club volleyball has been playing and they’re doing it without masks, putting NCHSAA sports at risk…..

Que Tucker says she is concerned about high school athletes/teams playing club sports. Said if she was coaching, she would ask them to chose: club or high school…..

Que Tucker says any athletics activities done indoors by NCHSAA athletes should be done wearing a mask, even if it’s an outdoor sport moving indoors for a workout……

Que Tucker says if football teams go inside due to weather, masks will be required at all times…..

Que Tucker says systems in remote learning have worked out how to offer sports. “We’re hopeful they will allow their teams to compete,” she said. “Those are decisions that have to be made at the local levels…..”

Que Tucker says the NCHSAA can’t fix financial situation for schools missing revenue from lack of games and fans. Said NCHSAA can offer some assistance but said NCHSAA wasn’t set up to fund member schools programs throughout year…..

Que Tucker says there are concerns about pool availability for swimming & diving across the state. Some teams may not be able to compete this year, she said. NCHSAA will continue trying to reach out to facilities.

Que Tucker says. “Our schools are concerned that finances will be impacted greatly because of the limited number of folks they will be able to have in the gym. That’s not something we are going to be able to fix……”

Que Tucker also said realignment will occur and start “unfolding in earnest” in weeks to come, especially after Thanksgiving break. That’s when schools are placed into new conferences based on size/geography…..

*****Que Tucker comments from Monday coming in from Twitter, by way of NCHSAA, Joe Sirera(News and Record/HSXtra), Langston Wertz Jr.(Charlotte Observer), Brian Hall(WFMY News 2 Sports) and from Nick Stevens(HSOT)…..*****

3 thoughts on “Updates on Wearing Masks during High School Athletics Competition from NCHSAA:(Much More on Masks)

  1. Que Tucker Says! Que Tucker Says! I am sorry, but this have got to be the dumbest thing I ever heard. Kids wearing masks during Athletics Competition is crazy! I’s hard to breath in those masks. You will have kids passing out left and right. I hope Que got some type of Medical Doctor advise before he made this decision. CRAZY!

  2. Que Tucker says “She would tell athletes to chose Club or High School sports” That has to be the dumbest thing I have ever heard, what do they think they are going to chose? Ummm a sport at a hs where they have to wear mask or club where they can do what they want. I can’t even deal with this stupidity.

  3. You have it right here….All we can do, is bring what was said this morning…

    What say you, on what was said???

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