Southeast Guilford Falcons Booster facing “Battle of his Life”:Tough times, but he is looking to come “Through the Fire”!!!!!

from Charles Pannell:

Southeast Falcon family…Buck Bain needs to be in our prayers…He has received diagnosis of a serious health problem…We would not have our beautiful wall around our baseball field not to mention the safety nets in the dugouts nor would we have Junior American Legion Baseball. Buck almost singlehandedly dismantled the old fence and worked all winter with me seeing the job completed so that we had a beautiful field to play on. Buck went with me all over the community raising money for our program….and we created a charitable program that has benefited baseball and other sports when needed . Pray for Buck…he is doing well now but has a battle to fight.

Upon our conversation with Charlie Pannell on Tuesday, we learned Buck Bain is battling Colon Cancer…The doctors just hope that they have found the problem soon enough…The Cancer is trying to take over Buck Bain’s life but “Buck is Battling”…We all hope and pray, that Buck can come “Through the Fire”….The hope is Buck will come out of all of this on the other side, with many good days left here on earth, to enjoy his life and family….

Charlie said Buck was part of a group that got the Southeast Guilford Junior Legion baseball rolling around 10-15 years ago…The group that got the ball rolling included Buck Bain, Charlie Pannell, Scott Reese, Keith Miller and others…The group also received help from Dino and Joey Hackett….

Mr. Pannell said Buck Bain was the driving force behind the start of the Junior Legion Baseball at Southeast Guilford High School…Charlie said Buck went door-to-door raising the needed money to get the program off of the ground and that Buck battled the cold of winter, until he had the job done/completed….

We tip our caps to Buck Bain today, and do keep the former owner of the B&B Curb Market, in your thoughts and prayers during this tough time that Buck Bain is going through….

Keep Buck Bain on your Prayer List


  1. Anybody else stepping up, or getting in line to help out Buck Bain???

    We are planning to send all of the well-wishes to Buck….

    Send them our way….

  2. Last we heard things were getting very tough for Buck…

    He could really use your help right now.

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