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The Bruce Mitchell article, with thoughts on how professional wrestler Jon Huber(Brodie Lee/Luke Harper) died, has been banned and totally removed from the website….

Bruce was asking many questions concerning the death of Jon Huber, and Bruce was looking for transparency in regards to Huber’s two-month hospital stay, and Bruce Mitchell was looking for answers from AEW/All Elite Wrestling in regards to Huber’s hospital stay, and Huber’s deteriorated lung condition…

Bruce was all calling for information from Huber’s(Lee’s/Harper’s) family concerning the cause of death, for Jon Huber….

The PWTorch(Editor Wade Keller) felt this line of reporting and questioning was insensitive, and therefore they pulled the article from their publication, on Monday…

We have contacted Bruce Mitchell and he has not yet had time to get back with us….Bruce has been a contributor to our site here, for many years, and he gave us much of his valuable time on our radio shows in the old days at WKEW, WPET, and WWBG radio

Bruce is a pioneer in wrestling reporting and his work has been held in high regard by millions of readers, from over the past 30-35 years….

We hope to be hearing back from him soon, and we hope he affords us the opportunity to publish that article, here at our site….

Coming in Monday from Pro Wrestling Inc. and from Dave Meltzer, with the Wrestling Observer…..

from and Dave Meltzer:

Brodie Lee [real name Jon Huber] was hospitalized since the end of October until he eventually passed from a lung ailment on Saturday, according to Dave Meltzer in the Wrestling Observer Radio.

Meltzer noted that Lee’s wife, Amanda, kept everyone in AEW informed of Lee’s worsening conditioning but didn’t want the news to leak out. AEW brass and the talents honored Amanda’s request.

After dropping the AEW TNT Championship to Cody Rhodes in a Dog Collar Match in early October, the idea was to write off Lee from TV for a few weeks to sell his injuries from the brutal match, added Meltzer.

It was during his time off when Lee began experiencing symptoms of his lung ailment. According to Meltzer, Lee couldn’t finish his workouts on his Peloton bicycle at home and he couldn’t figure out why he was unable to go through his routine workout regiments.

Shortly thereafter, towards the end of October, Lee’s lungs stopped working and he was rushed to a clinic in Jacksonville, Florida. The situation “got grave and AEW was aware” of the severity of Lee’s condition, added Meltzer.

As reported earlier, Kenny Omega dropping the AEW World Championship [in a dark segment] to Brodie Lee Jr. on AEW Dynamite was AEW’s way of paying tribute to Lee, who passed away less than a week later.

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  1. He won’t respond to your request for comment. Don’t make excuses for him by saying “he hasn’t had time to get back to us.” That’s shitty journalism.

  2. Heard from Bruce today, and he said he can’t comment about the PWTorch post right now…

    He got back as soon as he could….He has been busy, and from I can tell, he remains busy…

    I will take the No Comment, and I can see where it is coming from…This has become a serious and detailed matter…

    Bruce read our post here and said it was good work…

    He made his replies to us, by way of text…Full disclosure….

  3. from Bruce Mitchell on Twitter:

    Bruce Mitchell

    Will it go ‘round in circles,
    Will I fly high like a bird up in the sky?

    Bruce Mitchell article Banned at » Greensboro Sports

  4. >Bruce was looking for transparency in regards to Huber’s two-month hospital stay

    No, he was not, you goofy. He was implying that the deceased’s wife was lying about the cause of death based on his wholly uninformed medical opinion. That article belongs in the trash where it was placed – the only question is if your rag deserves the same binning.

  5. >Bruce was looking for transparency in regards to Huber’s two-month hospital stay

    No, he was not, you goofy. He was implying that the deceased’s wife was lying about the cause of death based on his wholly uninformed medical opinion. That article belongs in the trash where it was placed – the only question is if your rag deserves the same binning.

  6. Poorly written and obviously rushed article on his part. In an effort to “white knight” for the Covid cause, he probably did more damage than good with his ridiculous stance and accusations. He can paint it however he wants, but when the spouse specifically says “non-Covid” and you then stress it may have been Covid, you’re calling the spouse a liar.

    You can also put how long he’s been writing and contributing, but that doesn’t mean he should still be.

  7. Bruce just proved what he has always been a mark who worked himself out of a job. Slow news day in Greensboro? You are making excuses for a man who wrote a conspiracy article after a widow announced the death of her husband and that it wasn’t related to what Bruce wants it to be clearly badly enough to write an article about it. Bruce Mitchell needs to find a new profession and you all need to find something better to report on.

  8. LOL Why would anyone be hanging on the fence? He said “I am not a doctor and have no medical experience, but although the body is not yet cold, I think his wife is lying about how he died based on guessing.”

    If you’re looking for medical discourse from Bruce Mitchell, you should have Shaq wire up the electricity in your home. Both contributions are equally uninformed and equally worthless.

    We already know that the story belongs in the trash, all that’s left to find out is the reputation of this rag.

  9. Lemme quote his wife here. I hope it’s all you, Andy, see every time you close your eyes for the rest of your life, same for your buddy Bruce.

    ‘Imagine being 17 and spending a night chatting with a mutual friend. Then realizing that they were “the one.”

    You spend 7 years in an on-again/ off-again relationship only to break up. Then you give it one last shot. One last try. You start therapy and really push each other to become better people. You date some more. Navigate some crazy life curveballs. You find out you’re having a baby boy the day he is downsized. Then an injury in the sport they love. But you fight thru that. You get married and have the most beautiful little boy. That day you find out they got their dream job. The job they never in a million years thought they’d get.

    You give up everything to watch them chase that dream. It pays off and that world becomes everything. It gives you both everything you’ve ever dreamed of. You go on to build your dream life with another perfect little boy, 2 crazy dogs, and 5 cats. They get an opportunity to really bet on themselves and you watch them shine like never before.

    Life is SO good.

    Then suddenly one day that person gets sick. Each day they get sicker and sicker. You know how much they value their privacy so you ask those helping you to keep it quiet out of respect for them. You watch helplessly as they get worst a worst. COVID test, after COVID test, after COVID test, come back negative. You almost pray for a positive one because it would be some kind of answer. You never get one.

    Suddenly they are gone.

    You have to try to figure out how to imagine your future now.

    Then you read a “journalist” demanding “transparency” and insinuates you’re hiding something. That it’s some type of cover-up. Something more so sinister. That you aren’t serving his memory best by not offering up information you’re still trying to process. As if his death was a public health hazard. It wasn’t. It was a tragedy.

    There’s no cover-up. There’s no conspiracy. There was just a series of unfortunate events that ended in your world being crushed.

    What kind of position does that put you in? When you’re trying to grieve and people practically expect you to post medical records because since they were a public figure, they are entitled to all the knowledge of what happened.

    It wasn’t COVID. There’s no shame in dying from COVID but it’s not what it was.’

    You have no answers and you’re just left there.

    Can you just imagine that?

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