Missing another member of the old Guilford College Community:Wife of Doctor Brewer/Martha Brewer has left us

Back in the old Guilford College community we had this doctor’s office…In it, we had what our small Guilford College area/community considered to be the best doctors in the land, and they were…

We had Dr. James Brewer and Dr. Norman Fox…Dr. Fox left after a few years, moving out to Montana…

But, Dr. Brewer stuck around, and he became our “community doctor for life”

He did/performed all of our sports physicals for free, going all the way back to when I was in the eighth grade, and all the way up through high school…You would get that sports physical in August, and it would last you the entire school year…

Dr. Brewer was great, and he had a son named Gordon, and we called him Doc Brewer, since he was the team trainer, for our football team…Gordon/Doc Brewer was just like his dad, he did fine work…Taping those ankles and hands is not easy, but the young Doc Brewer took care of business….

Many times the elder Dr. Brewer had to sew me up, check me out and get me the medicine I needed, and he did it flawlessly…

Great family, those Brewers….James Sr., Gordon, James Jr./Jimmy, Cynthia, and the youngest, Diane…..

And the leader of the band, for this family???

That would be the mom, Dr. James Brewer’s wife, Martha Brewer……Mrs. Brewer was known by everyone in the community/neighborhood, because she kept that Brewer household running/going….Mrs. Brewer drove a station wagon and she kept the Brewer crew clicking…

Up and down the road, with church, scouts, school events and just plain flat-out making sure Dr. James Brewer was ready to see us, when we needed help, Mrs. Martha Brewer was the glue, that held the “Brew Crew” together….

She sure kept that doctor’s office rolling too, as she was assisting Dr. Brewer….(That lady went above and beyond the call of duty.)

Now we get the word that she/Mrs. Martha Brewer is gone….

Dr. Brewer is gone, his son Gordon Brewer is gone, and now we get word today, that Mrs. Martha Brewer is gone….

You can’t go back and replace those former parts of your life, but you can still relish in the memories of the days gone by…

Mrs. Martha Brewer gone but not to be forgotten…The station wagon, the nice/beautiful home, the swimming pool, the basketball court, but most important was the “Brew Crew”, the Brewer Family, and our thoughts and prayers are with them at this time of their mother’s passing…

from daughter Cynthia Brewer on Facebook:
2021 is definitely not starting out to be a good year for my siblings and me. Asking prayers for my family, as my mom, Martha Brewer, died suddenly 1.2.2021 from a hemorrhage around her brain, about 1/3 of her brain cavity had filled with blood, and the doctors said that there was absolutely nothing that could be done for her. So hard to believe that literally the day before, she was on her porch yelling to me next door, and this afternoon, we were having to say our final good byes to her. Anyhow, prayers would be appreciated….we are still in a state of shock….

RIP Mrs. Martha Brewer, you helped make our Guilford College community a better place to live…..


  1. What a sweet visit down memory lane. The whole Brewer clan remains very dear to us even though my Fox family moved to Montana in the 70’s. Cynthia, to this day is still my BFF. The Brewer family will always have a special place in our hearts. so sorry for their loss.

  2. Still remember the Fox Family from down on Western Trail…Doctor Fox had that big white house and he loved his horses….

    Andy Durham

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