The Morning Run:”Train, Train, take me on out of this town”(Top Ten List for this week)

The Morning Run was as much about the COLD as anything else this morning…Very COLD out there and you had to wrap up, with layers of clothing….It almost felt like you were carrying a refrigerator on your back, you were wearing so much clothing…

Got it done today, that is the final verdict…For a Friday, it wasn’t all that bad, once you got warmed up….And by the time you got warmed up, it was just about time to head back inside…

Might have been better to have been riding a train this morning, with the windows down, on “The Morning Run”….Might have got the same effect we were getting…

But with that being said, here comes that Train….To get us rolling on the train this, here’s Blackfoot, with “Train, Train, take me on out of this town”….CLICK BELOW

Gladys Knight and the Pips get us on that Midnight Train to Georgia

Any day is a good day, to get on “The Soul Train”, with Don Cornelius….

Then you always have The Crazy Train, with Ozzy Osbourne….

We’ll close out with what may be the best one of all…“Long Black Train”, with Josh Turner

This week we have the Top Ten Old TV Shows

1)Walker Texas Ranger
2)Andy Griffith Show
3)WKRP in Cincinnati
4)Get Smart
5)Kung Fu
6)Green Acres
8)Brady Bunch
9)Gomer Pyle
10)The Munsters

*********That’s it for us for us, for this week…Have a great week….*********

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