Game Report on Dudley-Southwest Guilford Girls Basketball:Dudley improves to (7-0) with strong outings from Fulmore and Frazier

Dudley – 69
Southwest Guilford- 51

Dudley - 1st     2nd     3rd     4th     Final
         7       23       16     23       69

Quinzia Fulmore – 25

Mariah Frazier – 15

Sania Washington – 7

Marissa Wooten – 7

Diamond Monroe – 6

Morgan Smith – 6

Chelsie Powe – 3

Parkland  - 1st     2nd     3rd     4th     Final
            10      18       8      15        51

K. Shaw – 13

S. McCullough – 9

A. Guglielmo – 9

A. Hairston – 7

J. Foust – 5

C. Taylor – 5

D. McFadden – 2

K. Miller – 1

Courtesy of Coach Frank R. McNeil
James B. Dudley High School


  1. Dudley Girls have individual players not a team . Fulmore is Dudley girls basketball. They are a very athletic team and fun to watch but they tend to play like they know they are good individually not as a team. Southwest girls are a very good young team and hung with Dudley until the end of the 3rd. That says a lot for Southwest girls going against a team full of upperclassman.

  2. Richard West, Dudley HAS a good basketball TEAM, everyone on that team knows their role. When you get to high school theirs no such thing as upper and lower class either you can play or you can’t. Dudley didn’t play their best basketball last night and still won by 18 with Monroe playing less than 8 mins the entire game due to foul trouble. SW scored 51 points at least 35 was from the free throw line. You take tjiuse free throws away you are looking easily at a 30 point blow out. Dudley didn’t have a good defensive game as they had 4 players in foul trouble early. Fulmore is good but she is not the team. Everyone is entitled to their opinion but numbers don’t lie. I can easily say Kendall Shaw is SW team, but she is not, she is a member like the other four on the court on their team. SW has a descent team but is nowhere as good as Dudley girls basketball. With four of Dudley key players in foul trouble they SW didn’t use that to their advantage and keep attacking, they kept shooting unnecessary shots that they couldn’t make. They will meet again and I assure you it will be a differed game and TEAM with Dudley.

  3. Dear Richard West,

    Apparently you haven’t watched Dudley’s Girls the whole season. You falsely stated that Quinzia Fulmore is the whole team. In reality Dudley has four Girls avg double figures. Fulmore isn’t even the leading scorer, Mariah Frazier is with 14pts a game.Fulmore is 2nd with 13.8 per game. Diamond Monroe at 13.0 per game. Marissa Wooten avg 10 per game. Frazier & Monroe were 1&2 with Fulmore 3rd in 3 of the last 4 games. Frazier had lead all scorers 3 out of 7 and tied Fulmore in 1 (10,14,9,17,11,23 & 15) in all the games so far. Then you have Chelsea Powe scoring 12 & 13 and Sonia Washington scoring 19 & 13 before Friday. This team doesn’t have to depend on 1 or 2 Girls to carry them. They have 6 and 7 girls that can give you 10 to 20+ points a game any given night. Like Dudley Fan said Monroe, Powe had a off Night, Monroe normally is aggressive and has been 2nd in Scoring along with Filmore! Then you said SW is the better team. How when Dudley has beaten them 6 in a row. 2021 (Dudley 69-51) 2020 (Dudley 52-46, 70-59 & 44-42) 2019 (Dudley 55-47 & 73-60). Highschoolot has been giving Dudley props for having a deep team and on Twitter a NC high school female b-ball sport sight has too. Maxprep had them #1 in 3A and #9 in all Classes (Prep and Private). But you want to knock them! Smdh

  4. Have watched the Dudley girls play a couple of times. Saw the 2nd game against Page when the Page defense completely shut Fulmore down by having help come from the guards digging down and help coming from the weak side every time she touched the ball. Think she only scored 3 points against them. Page hung with the Dudley girls for a while but in the 2nd half Frazier, Monroe and Wooten(I think) took over the game. Even as ineffective as Fulmore was that night Dudley still won by 20 or 25 points.

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