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  1. Will Dudley Girls and S.W. Girls play the 2nd game at Dudley or get it end before Sunday? And the Mount Tabor/Western Girls rematch? They have until Sunday to play. Que Tucker said before the playoff Brackets? I am upset that Dudley Girls fell to #3 in Maxprep behind Norwood and Morganton Freedom. How do you drop a team and they haven’t loss a game?

  2. Have not heard about any makeup games for the Dudley girls…Dudley boys and Smith will flip a coin on Friday for the #2 spot in the Piedmont Triad 3-A Conference…

    Mount Tabor vs. Western Guilford girls won’t really effect anything…Dudley vs. SWG would be a boost, if Dudley takes that game…..

    But no word yet on any Dudley girls makeup games..

    NWG at Ragsdale on Friday night to break a tie for #1 in the Metro 4-A Conference…

  3. strength of schedule is a major factor, you could be 12-4 and be behind teams that are 8-7 just depends on scheduling which is unfortunate in the private realm, you have some schools that reclass and recruit and those that do not. So they are likely to not have as strong a schedule.

  4. Don’t worry about MaxPreps rankings. They mean nothing this year. Every conference champion has as good a chance as any other to be the No. 1 seed because it’s a random draw this year with COVID-19 affecting schedules.

    The NCHSAA will seed all the conference champs based on random draws, then seed runners-up who are automatic qualifiers with a random draw, then wild cards with a random draw until they fill the brackets, which are 32 teams per class this year instead of 64.

    Dudley could be ranked No. 1 in 3-A by MaxPreps and still end up a 7 or 8 seed, or ranked No. 7 or even lower and end up a 1 seed as a conference champion.

    It’s really going to be a s–tshow when they seed football, because I can pretty much guarantee you that not every team will get in 7 games and some will be lucky to get in five between weather and COVID-19.

  5. And with the random draw it might be some championship like games in the 1st round. These young men and women better be ready to play and give it everything they got.

  6. On the Dudley-Smith boys coin flip for second place in the Piedmont Triad 3-A Conference, with Dudley and Smith tied in conference at (6-3), Smith said they would pass on the coin flip….They did not want to do the coin flip to decide second place in the boys PTA 3-A…..

    The flip was supposed to have taken place this morning/Friday morning….

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