The Morning Run:”Which Way is Up???”(Today’s Top Ten deals with the Weather)

Got in two workouts on Thursday, and then got in today’s Morning Run, and it was chilly, but really not that bad at all out…I saw the cars lining up on Benjamin Parkway, as the parents were taking their kids to General Greene School, on the two-hour delay…

Running down the street, and trying to look down, while still looking up….Looking down to avoid the water puddles, and we will get to more of them later on, plus I was looking up, to make sure I was able to avoid any out-of-control on-coming traffic…

That is key about running or walking down, our up the street, you have to keep on looking up, and sometimes it leaves you wondering, “Which Way is Up”?????

Which Way is Up?

Stargard can tell us, because here is their tune, Which Way is Up???

You look to the sky, as the Briscoe Brothers tell you to do, and your mind begins to go, “Up, Up, and Away”The 5th Dimension, can take us there, when you Click On Below, for their top-notch video…

You can get mixed up, and then you might find yourself going Up the Down Staircase….CLICK BELOW and you will know, what I mean, once you view the video…

Now as time goes on, and the courses of nature intervene, you might just find yourself up against the wall…And it can be a big ole’ thick wall too…And then comes the blame…And you begin to blame your mother for all of the trouble you are getting into….And then comes the song/tune that sets the standard for all of your problems…Up Against the Wall Redneck Mother, by Jerry Jeff Walker…This one is a little bit different, but none the less, it sort of fits the theme of our program/show for this week…An old country/Americana classic, Up Against The Wall Redneck Mother…Jerry Jeff Walker…CLICK ON BELOW….And a here we go…

Next up, we take a wide left turn, and we look up at the sky, and everything begins to go, “Up in Smoke”Cheech and Chong are ready to take us there, and I hope we make it back….Cheech and Chong, with Up and Smoke…Click On and Hang On!!!

After some of today’s upward visits, we need a visit from the good Lord, and we need to get in our spiritual thought for the day, and that would be “Lord Lift Me Up”….To bring us home today, and to take us up, and to the top, we have with us on this very special Friday, our special guest, Bishop Hezekiah Walker, and his version of, “Lord Lift Me Up”…Get on this one, and let it ring out around your house, home, bed, car, truck, van, SUV, or whatever today….Here he is, Brother/Bishop Hezekiah Walker“Lord Lift Me Up”…..Click On Below, for this inspirational video…

**********Our Top Ten for this week is our look at Top Ten Weather Factors/Problems that can bug you on The Morning Run…**********

Here you/we go with, Top Ten Weather Factors/Problems that can bug you on The Morning Run

4)Extreme Heat
6)Water Puddles
7)Ice falling from trees, (and that was the problem that was bugging me this morning)…
8)The Wind
9)Mud and Dirt
10)This might be the toughest one of all, and here I have it down here at #10…But this one can be the REAL KILLER…..And it is….
HUMIDITY…The Humidity…It has taken its toll on many over the years…..

++++++++++We have a real Classic Top Ten List for today, and they may want to take this one to Mars…We will take it to the shed, for our work and our show are done for this week…See you soon, and we hope to see back in here, again next week, on The Morning Run….++++++++++