High School Football for this Friday and Thursday Night:Smith at Northwest Guilford has been moved to Thursday at 7pm/Southeast Guilford at Asheboro also on Thursday/Page at Dudley now on Thursday night/Western Guilford at Southern Guilford now on Thursday night too/And more are moving to Thursday

Here are our High School Football Games set for this Thursday and Friday nights…
+++++++++++++Message from Northeast Guilford Athletics:The NEG vs Eastern Alamance Football game has been moved to Thursday—game time 6:30pm. We are limited to 100 tickets….Game at Bill Bookout Stadium, on the Northeast Guilford HS campus.++++++++++

Due to the threat of rain, Smith at Northwest Guilford has already been moved up to Thursday night at 7pm….

So, one game already moved to Thursday, because rain might be taking over on Friday night….Add this game to the ones that will be played on Thursday night:Southeast Guilford at Asheboro
One more game now set for Thursday night:Page at Dudley…Page will still be the home team….
Thursday night game:Western Guilford at Southern Guilford 7pm…Eastern Alamance at Northeast Guilford is now on Thursday 6:30pm…High Point Andrews at Jordan Matthews is now on Thursday….

Here is the Friday night lineup, and bear/keep in mind, others may decide to move to Thursday…Best bet would be moving to Thursday, because it looks like rain will be in here on both Friday and Saturday…..

Still on for Friday…(We are going with 7:30 kickoffs, until we hear different, and that might become the case, and then we will move the games up to 7pm)….

Grimsley at Cox Mill, down in Concord

Davie County at Ragsdale

Eastern Guilford at Burlington Williams

Northern Guilford at McMichael

High Point Central at Southwest Guilford

And there you go, that’s your Guilford County high school football lineup for this week….Some games are still set for Friday, with the exception of all of the games listed above, that have been moved up to Thursday at 7pm….


  1. Dudley and Page varsity game has been moved to Thursday as well. It also has been moved to DUDLEY . Page will still be the home team

  2. There might be an All-Area Basketball Team coming out soon, but with football, Joe did a preview of some sorts last week at the HSXtra section of the N&R online…He also had a season-long look at the team schedules at HSXtra, but I tried to pull it up today, and I got the schedule from the WS Journal online, but Joe does the high school for that site too….

    As the games get here on Thursday and Friday, there will be much on those games, here at this site too, much like Joe will have more too, at the N&R/WS Journal sites….

    Trying to keep up with all of the football and basketball at the same time, is going to make this a very busy time for all of us….

  3. Do we know anything about attendance restrictions easing for the games? How can we find out about specific games…love to see the Page-Dudley game tomorrow night.

  4. The governor’s new rules will not take effect until Friday, so tomorrow night’s games will still be under the 100 fan capacity for outdoor events…

    The new rules kick in for Friday night football games this week, and that should allow for 30% capacity at most all of the high school football stadiums…

    The new rules will allow in much more(fans) than the current 100 fan allowance for outdoor events, but again, the new rules do not take effect until Friday February 26, and will not help at all, in the case of our Thursday night games for this week…

    The fans of high school football are appealing to Governor Cooper, and asking him to raise the outdoor number to 40% capacity, instead of today’s listed 30% capacity…

    They are hoping that Governor Cooper will rule in favor of 40% capacity…

    I hope this has cleared things up some for you and not made them more unclear than they already were…..

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