Guilford County Schools making Tough Decisions that will force Grimsley HS Baseball and Softball teams to play and practice at new Sites To Be Determined/Archer Elementary School to be phased out completely!!!!!

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Grimsley Baseball and Softball teams may soon become TRUE TRAVEL TEAMS if the Guilford County School Board has their way….

The Guilford County School Board is looking to take away the Grimsley Softball and Baseball fields and they want to use the field/land space for new Renovations that need to made on Kiser Middle School…

Kiser Middle School buildings will take over the Grimsely baseball and softball fields, if the Guilford County School Board is allowed to follow through with their takeover plans….

The Guilford County School Board has already decided to close down Archer Elementary School and turn it into a Guilford County Magnet School….Archer Elementary School will be NO MORE….The history of the Archer Elementary School, over on Four Seasons Blvd., will lost and forgotten…..Archer Elementary School will be GONE…..

++++++++++This is how we learned about the Kiser Middle School renovation plans….++++++++++
Seeing this news on several Facebook sites….

The Guilford County School Board is looking to use Grimsley Baseball and Softball fields for Kiser Middle School renovations instead of other land they own nearby.

Apparently this will close those fields and force the teams to play somewhere else.


  1. About 10-15 years ago Grimsley did a lot of brick work around their stadium there, and they have put a lot of money into the big scoreboard over the years, keeping it up and running….

    I can also say that Grimsley put in a huge number of hours working on their field over the past 5 years, with infield work and work on the outfield too…

    Grimsley’s infield became one of the best around…

    Not sure if they got them or not, but softball was working on getting new dugouts in place in recent years….

  2. Doesn’t surprise me.
    The current superintendent has demonstrated she does not care for sports.
    She has tried to end middle school sports programs and students now have to pay 45.00 in high school to participate in sports.
    It is a shame because sports in school are probably the best dropout prevention program.

  3. 10 to 15 years ago? Really? The field is in terrible shape. An electrical line crosses over right field. The scoreboard mostly does not work. Come on man!

  4. The point is that when those fields are gone Grimsley will no longer have a baseball field or softball field on campus and I do not think they have the space to build a new one. So they will have to play and practice somewhere else.

  5. Gfan – I don’t know who you are. However, as the Head Coach of Grimsley Baseball, you are out of line. I would appreciate you contacting me directly before disrespecting our facility. I’m certain that between me and Gary Flynn, we can set the record straight in regards to any questions/opinions that you are irresponsibly posting here. I feel confident as well, that our opponents at Young-McCall Field, feel differently about our park than you do. Our ballpark and overall facility certainly has it’s own unique issues, without question. We, like many other schools within the county, take tremendous pride in our park. Obviously, you feel different. However, your posts and opinion flies in the face of facts. Unfortunately, I do not know what the future holds. However, I do not desire and certainly do not need Young-McCall Field to be destroyed and “replaced”. You sir, whoever you are, I do not consider a “fan”, nor educated about our facility. You are, at this point, my opposition. Again, feel free to make yourself known, and contact me with questions or concerns.

  6. I don’t know what all it will take, but I think we need to all we can to help save the Grimsley baseball and softball fields…

    Coach Simmons has worked hard on that Grimsley baseball field, and I can say I have seen it in person on many, many, occasions over the past 5-7 years, where Gary Flynn has worked as hard as anybody on the high school level to get and keep that Grimsley baseball field, and in particular the infield, Gary Flynn has worked to get and keep that infield in the best shape of any field in the state of North Carolina, on the high school level…

    The work that man has turned was utilized a couple of Summers ago, when the Grimsley baseball field was chosen over the city facility at Jaycee Park(Stoner-White Stadium) to host the Colt Baseball East Zone Tournament…

    Gary Flynn has always been a tough-working/hard-working baseball coach, but I would really hate to be that field if he was working on me…He goes at it hard and gets it looking great….

    If we had a local Hall of Fame for infield grounds-keepers/workers, Gary Flynn and Charlie Gamble IV(Southeast Guilford HS) would be first-ballot inductees….

    Brad White, at Northeast Guilford HS, has a nice touch of/on the infield work too….

  7. Wow not exactly what I was trying to say. You actually do know who I am. I agree that due to your and coach Flynn’s work the field does look great especially for its age. But the overall facility could use some updating. New fencing, outfield drainage, working scoreboard, get rid of the dangling wire etc. I agree you guys do GREAT work with what you are given just thinking you deserve a little better overall facility. Sorry I misspoke.

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