The Morning Run:Should I stop running and go ahead and Smoke 5 packs of cigarettes so I can go get my COVID-19/Coronavirus shots??? It’s all for the birds(Top Ten List for this week)

Here is the situation/dilemma, and we now will know what a dilemma is:a situation in which a difficult choice has to be made between two or more alternatives, especially equally undesirable ones….

The dilemma is this….Should I keep on running and doing the exercising, or should I let up on the gas pedal, and start smoking cigarettes??? If I were to smoke 5 packs a day, for say one day, I would reach my 100 cigarette quota, and I would be eligible to get/take my COVID-19/Coronavirus shot/vaccination next week…

Hard choices/tough choices right??? Not really….If you tell the people with the health department that you have smoked 99 cigarettes in your lifetime, do you think they will deny you the shots?

Not sure, but maybe you have only smoked 87 cigarettes, or maybe even only 27 cigarettes, can you just go ahead and tell them you smoked 101 cigarettes??? You may have only smoked 5 cigarettes, but you may feel like you smoked 105, so can you go ahead and get your shots/vaccination???

This line of thinking doesn’t make any sense at all, and neither does the idea that since you have smoked 99.9 cigarettes, you now have the right to take/get your Coronavirus shots/vaccine….

You see what I am saying/talking about here??? I think I will keep on running and wait on my correct turn, when it comes to shots/vaccination….

This how many cigarettes have you smoked talk, is all just for the birds and who came up with this crazy idea, and how did they arrive at the number of 100 cigarettes smoked….We might see a large rise in cigarettes sales this weekend…Charlie’s Smoke House may be real busy this weekend…If you smoked 15 cigars, does that equate to smoking 98, 99, or 100 cigarettes???
(This is all just a bunch of smoke/a smokescreen.)

You see how stupid all of this talk is? It is for the birds, and we will go there right now…

This man here says he used to smoke Five Packs of Cigarettes a Day…Bob Seger, and his song “Trying to Live My Life Without You”
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This fella here should be able to get his shot/vaccination….He is singing a song called “Smoke, Smoke, Smoke, that Cigarette”The Commander Cody Band, and Smoke, Smoke, Smoke that Cigarette..
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Time to get back to another theme for our show today, and that is all of this stuff is for the Birds…

Let’s get going with “Rockin’ Robin”, coming in from Michael Joseph Jackson, and The Jackson Five…All the birdies down on Jaybird Street, are hearing Rockin’ Robin, and the “Tweet, Tweet, Tweet”…A good one for you today, as all of this cigarette talk has gone to the birds…
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These next guys are little bit wacky, but they have a nice title song in Hummingbird…Remember the tune, Hummingbird, Hummingbird, Don’t Fly away, Fly away….Seals and Croft, while on The Tonight Show, with Johnny Carson back in the day…

From the Bill Gaither Video Series, we have Joey and Rory, with our spiritual tune/song for the day, and maybe this song/tune will save us from all of this cigarette/cigar smoke this morning…
Joey and Rory, with “I’ll Fly Away”….Nice music to close out the video portion of our show for today….
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For our Top Ten this week let’s go two directions…With Birds, and we may touched on this category before, and then we will come back with packs of cigarettes you should not smoke…

Top Ten Bird List and you will see many of these out there on your Morning Run
3)Blue Jay

Top Ten Packs of Cigarettes you should not be smoking, just so you can get your shots/vaccination
5)Camels…Remember the old saying, “I’d Walk a Mile for a Camel…How, you would be out of breath…
….That’s about all I can think of….Don’t know much about cigarettes these days…

That’s it for this week, and maybe we tried to bring you too much this week, but here it is..Hope it all made some sort of sense to you…See right back here in/on The Morning Run, next week…Hopefully……