2020-21 NCBCA/North Carolina Basketball Coaches Association All District 7 Teams for Boys and Girls

District 7 – MEN

First Name/Last Name	Grade	School
Kadyn	Dawkins	        12	Eastern Guilford......PLAYER OF THE YEAR...1st Team
Nolan 	Hodge	        11	Northern Guilford...1st Team
Jaden	Ellis	        12	Page...1st Team
Caden	Davis	        12	RJ Reynolds...1st Team
Grant	Thompson	12	Southern Alamance...1st Team
Daniel	Fulp	        12	Mt. Tabor...2nd Team
Ayden	Gamble	        12	Dudley...2nd Team
Darius	Kane	        11	Eastern Alamance...2nd Team
Daniel	Cooper	        12	Grimsley...2nd Team
Drew	Watkins	        11	NW Guilford...2nd Team
Tyreik	Leach	        12	RJ Reynolds...3rd Team
Jackson	Helms	        11	Northern Guilford...3rd Team
Adonijah Whitley	12	Northern Guilford...3rd Team
Jeremiah Scales	        11	Glenn...3rd Team
Kamell Smith	        12	Eastern Guilford...3rd Team
Will Gray Gray	        10	East Forsyth...3rd Team

Joe Spinks Eastern Guilford…..COACH OF THE YEAR

District 7 – WOMEN

First Name/Last Name	Grade	School
Shakira	Baskerville	12	West Forsyth.....PLAYER OF THE YEAR...1st Team
Laila	Anderson	11	Eastern Alamance...1st Team
Mariah	Frazier	        12	Dudley...1st Team
Jadyn	Murray	        12	Northwest Guilford...1st Team
Diamond	Monroe	        12	Dudley...1st Team
Madison Young	        10	Northwest Guilford...2nd Team
Minnie	Griffin	        12	Parkland...2nd Team
Taylor	Haynes	        12	Northern Guilford...2nd Team
La'Niya	Simes	        10	East Forsyth...2nd Team
Jacyln	Faucette	11	Clover Garden...2nd Team
Reagan	Maynard	        12	Page...3rd Team
Jadyn	Newsome	        10	Northern Guilford...3rd Team
Jadyn	Hoover	        12	East Forsyth...3rd Team
Lydia	Stucker	        12	Western Alamance...3rd Team
Quinzia	Fulmore	        12	Dudley...3rd Team

Kim Furlough Northern Guilford…..COACH OF THE YEAR

4 thoughts on “2020-21 NCBCA/North Carolina Basketball Coaches Association All District 7 Teams for Boys and Girls

  1. Deanthony Butchee from SOuthwest Guilford averaged 30 this year like how was he not considered lol this is insane…. first the all star snub now this

  2. If avg 30 or close to 3o should have definitely been at least 3rd team. All Star game if your coach don’t nominate you then you can’t make the team. I know he made the 2nd game for unsigned seniors. Heck Breon Pass had one of the best seasons in state history and didn’t win in his district.

  3. Most of the time deserving players do not get post season accolades because their coach did not take the time to nominate the player or the coach did not join the organization that selects these players.
    I know that the local paper gets a lot of grief when deserving players are not selected for All Area BUT 99% of the time the player was not nominated by their coach. Being that there is only one guy covering the ENTIRE area for high school sports then it is the responsibility of the coach to make sure that their players are nominated.

  4. The coaches have to join and be members of the NCBCA/association, and then they also have to nominate their players…

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