The Morning Run:Almost Paradise/Life in the Fast Lane(Top Ten Taxes for this Week)

It was almost like Paradise, out there today, on The Morning Run…The weather was near-perfect and it was even a little bit warm for this time of year…Got in some cardio and got some sweat going…Good combo for a Friday morning, on The Morning Run

Plenty of good out there today, and not much bad at all…Almost Paradise….That road was almost like paradise this morning, on The Morning Run….CLICK BELOW for the video…

You’re taking a trip down the road, and you just feel it might be about time to let your mind drift off into the Paradise Land, and that land might just be out on Thunder IslandOut on Thunder Island, with Jay Ferguson….Click On Below…

Ever been to Paradise Alley??? Well, we are headed there right now, and we have Sylvester Stallone driving the wagon for us, so we can be sure and get there…CLICK ON BELOW…FOR THE VIDEO….

There are times, when you are out there on The Morning Run, when you feel like you need to be in the Fast Lane, and there are times when you feel like it might be better to be in the slow land….Life in the Fast Lane, with Joe Walsh….CLICK ON BELOW…
(They make their living doing other people’s taxes.)

The spiritual song/tune of the week goes, “and he took them to Paradise”….Here is Elvis Presley, singing, If That Isn’t Love…A very good tune from “The King”, Elvis Presley…Click On Below, for the video show….

Now on to our Top Ten for this week, and we will roll with our Top Ten Items you need to have when you get ready to do your taxes…
Top Ten Items for your Taxes
1)Your W-2 Forms
2)Your W-9 Forms
3)A can of W-D 40
4)A LARGE container of White Out
5)A pencil with an eraser
6)A separate very LARGE Eraser
7)Several usable Aliases…Alias Smith and Jones, Alias Jabe Jones, Alias Jim Jones, Alias Ray Jones, Alias Roy Jones, Alias Roy Carroll, Alias Warren Buffet, Alias Warren Beatty…And more….
8)A cashier’s check from your local Savings and Trust….
9)All of your statements from your previous year’s employers
10)The phone number for your stock broker/advisor….

That is it for us for this week…Enjoy this week’s edition of The Morning Run, and hopefully this one will last us until we can meet again next week…Have a great day, and do look forward to the week ahead…..