The Morning Run:Sun-Day, Fun-Day, Run-Day(This Week’s Top Ten List)

Today was cool, but with no wind blowing, we got a real good break there….With the sun shining, it was almost like a Sun-Day, Fun-Day, Run-Day…Good running/jogging weather today, but they are calling for rain on Saturday, and that might be about to change your weekend plans..

On today’s Morning Run, I got to thinking about the sun, and that made me begin to think more about that day of the week, Sunday…Today might have been a Friday, but it really seemed like a Sun-Day/Sunday….Sunday can be a day that we can really look closely at, as we dig deeper into our Morning Run

I am running down the road, and Sunday is on the brain, and on my mind….It got me wondering, there must be something I like about Sunday…..Craig Morgan gets us going this morning with, “That’s What I Love About Sundays”…..CLICK ON BELOW…Craig loves Sundays….

Up next here we come with The Rascals and Groovin’ on a Sunday Afternoon….CLICK ON BELOW for their video…

Do remember The Monkees, well they have a tune here called Pleasant Valley Sunday….Check it out, when you Click On…

Don’t know much about these guys, but here is Blur, with Sunday, Sunday…..CLICK ON BELOW…

Now this is a ‘Blast from the Past’….We have Daniel Boone with “Beautiful Sunday”….Daniel sings, “Hey, hey, hey, it’s a beautiful day”…From back around 1972, and I remember this one well…Well, time to join Daniel Boone, and sing along…

Don’t know much about these folks, but here is Racket County, with SUNDAY…CLICK ON BELOW for the video show…

Let’s slow it down a little bit and come back with the Commodores and their tune, “Easy Like Sunday Morning”…CLICK ON BELOW…

Time to hop on board the bus with Miranda Lambert, for Another Sunday in the South….CLICK ON BELOW and you are ready to go…

We will close with this one today…The Sunday School Medley, on the Bill Gaither Homecoming Cruise…Led by David Pendleton, with Bill Gaither, Mark Lowry, and Lynda Randle….Click On Below for this video, and it is our spiritual word for the day….

Top Ten Sundays for this week….
1)Hot Fudge Sundae
2)Caramel Sundae
3)Sunday School
4)Sundays in the South
5)Sunday, Sunday
6)Sunday Dinner
7)Sunday afternoon nap
8)Sunday afternoon family car rides out in the country
9)Sunday afternoon basketball games
10)Sunday afternoon bike rides……..

That’s it again for this week, and be/get ready, we will do it all again, right back, right here, next Sunday….I mean next Friday, on The Morning Run….We will see you then, have a good week….

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