TV Stations and Newspapers descend on the Beef Burger:Are they really closing or is this a False Alarm???(Two-Hour Wait to get in right now)

The Beef Burger is packed today, but they say that they are NOT closing….
(Looking to start new hours, 11am-7pm/Monday-Friday.)
**********The Beef Burger is reorganizing….**********

from the crowd in line at the Beef Burger right now(2pm)

They just made an announcement to the line that it will be up to two hours before everyone is served. They also said that they are NOT closing. I’m glad to hear this and I don’t have to wait in this ridiculous line.

Earlier from YES Weekly:
UPDATE: Reports have come in that Beef Burger will be open this entire week.

from Jamie Biggs, with the News and Record, and at the Beef Burger today
GREENSBORO — A social media rumor that Beef Burger is closing its doors for good sent hundreds of people flocking to the iconic broiled burger joint on Monday afternoon.

Employees scrambling to fulfill orders as a line of patrons wrapped around the building said not to listen to the Facebooks posts circulating.

They taped a sign to a window the front of the building, letting customers now they’re “still open,” Monday through Friday from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. But many customers wondered if there was some truth to the rumor, and if Beef Burger still may be closing down sometime in the near future.

Jerry Mills, a longtime Beef Burger customer, said he was there to “support Ralph,” whether or not the restaurant is closing.

Ralph Havis, who bought Beef Burger in 1971, is rumored to be hospitalized.

As customers waited in line for what they feared might be their last Beef Burger burger on Monday, people were heard asking one another the same question: “Do you know how Ralph is doing?”

Havis is thought to be in poor health, but several customers and employees said they aren’t sure exactly why he is in the hospital.

For people like Mills, Havis and Beef Burger are an integral part of the Greensboro community. Beef Burger, once called Biff-Burger, began as a chain of drive-up hamburger stands that sprouted from Florida to Toronto in the mid-1950s. Biff, which stood for “best in fast food,” began being bought up by Burger King in the mid-1960s.

CLICK HERE to read more from Jamie Biggs, at the News and Record, and there is lots more to read…Good read/good post, and they have a video available too, when you Click On….