Page Women’s Soccer Advances to the NCHSAA Final Four

Page women’s soccer team advanced to the final four of the 4A state playoffs. Reagan Neff connected on a PK late in the game and the Pirates held on to defeat Athens Drive in Raleigh.

It was the Pirates third road game in three days defeating South Caldwell in Hickory and South Meck in Charlotte.

Page has played inspired playoff soccer as they continue to honor the passing of head coach Tim Nash.

Page plays Myers Park in the semifinals next week in Charlotte.


  1. I, along with multiple others I’m sure, am very disappointed that the local newspaper has not shown any inclination to publish the team’s accomplishments. To ignore the most participated in kid’s sport is a disgrace. These kids (and the sport) deserve at least some recognition for their efforts.

    Appreciate your contribution.

  2. The News and Record covered the Page girls soccer team in several different detailed articles following the death of the Page girls soccer coach Tim Nash…They(Joe Sirera) did several articles on the team after the death of Coach Nash, and covered the team in several different ways since Coach Nash passed away….Had a number of viewpoints from the team members and also from parents and from Page staff members on what Coach Nash meant to the team…The N&R did a much better job of covering Page and their girls soccer than we did, and they knew much more about what was happening there, than we did…

    We print quite a bit of team info that is sent to us, and that allows us to stay in the game, but they have been on top of the Page situation and I’m sure that the N&R and Joe Sirera will have the playoffs covered too….You will get the coverage, I feel for sure it is coming your way and good luck to your team and Northern Guilford in the playoffs…..

  3. I have been away covering baseball quite a bit recently so I not only have missed quite a few of local high school teams in their runs toward the playoffs, but I also missed out on the football championships last weekend….Baseball is more time consuming than people realize…You go in at around 4:30 and many times you are getting out at night at around 11pm…

    Not making any excuses, but with minor league baseball, you have to get off to a good start, or you are lost…..Hoping to get back more into the high school routine in the next week or so….When you get an off day from baseball, it allows you to get caught up some with the high school teams, and fortunately, that has brought me back in here tonight….

    We are all on a chartered path, finding that path, and staying on that path is the fun, but sometimes hard part…

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