Eastern Guilford High School Athletic Booster Club Virtual Reverse Raffle – ‘Cats Cash Bash!

Eastern Guilford High School Athletic Booster Club
Virtual Reverse Raffle – ‘Cats Cash Bash!
Enter Today for your chance to Win $5,000!

The booster club and athletic department are selling raffle tickets for $50. Each ticket number is tied to
1 of the 300 balls that will be placed in the hopper. Balls are removed one at a time and eliminated
sequentially. The last remaining ball is the ultimate winner of a $5,000 Cash Prize! The drawing will be
streamed LIVE from the EGHS Athletic Booster Clubs Facebook account on May 22nd at 7:00pm!

Superballs! 2nd Chances and the Final 10:
During ticket sales, you have the opportunity to purchase superball tickets. Superball tickets will be
added to its own drawing. With 10 remaining balls in the hopper we will draw 2 superball tickets. The
lucky winners will have an additional ball placed back in the hopper for a 2nd chance at the Grand Prize!
You must purchase a $50 ticket to the eligible to buy superball tickets.
Superball Tickets: 1 ticket – $5 4 tickets – $10 10 tickets – $20

The Final 5:
With 5 ticket holders remaining, we will attempt to contact each individual to see if they would like to
split. If we cannot reach all 5 and others vote to split, we will automatically split. If one person votes
NOT to split, we will draw another ball out of the hopper. This process will continue until all remaining
ticket holders agree to split or until we award the grand prize to 1 lucky winner!

Virtual Door Prizes: Several prizes will be given away throughout the raffle when certain balls are
eliminated. Tune in LIVE on Saturday May 22nd at 7:00!

Disclaimer: Grand prize amount will be determined by number of tickets sold.
200-300 tickets – $5000
150-199 tickets – $4,000
100-149 tickets – $2000
50-99 tickets -$1000

How to Purchase: – Purchase straight from your Smart Phone!
How to Pay via VENMO:
1. Open Venmo App (or download if don’t have it)
2. Click button on far-right TOP corner
4. Type in the TOTAL AMOUNT you wish to pay. (See details above for ticket prices)
5. Under “What it for?”
• LIST WHAT YOU ARE BUYING (ex: 1 $50 ticket and 10 superball tickets = $70 Total)
5. Add payment info (bank account or credit card or select your payment if you
already have the app)
6. Confirm and send your payment.

How to Pay via CASH/CHECK:
1. Print the order form included in this document or see any Booster Club Rep at EGHS athletic Events.
2. Request what you are buying and submit payment along with your complete order form.
3. Make sure to completely fill out your order form with all contact information!

How do I know my order is confirmed?
• Once your Venmo Payment or order form gets processed, you will receive a confirmation email from JAY
WHITE, listing your Ball Number for the grand prize raffle and any superball tickets you have purchased.
This confirmation email will serve as your receipt.
• Please note that Ticket/Ball numbers will be decided upon time of order. In other words if you’re the first
person to purchase, you will be ticket #1. The 20th ticket sold? You’ll be ticket #20.
• Also Included in the email, you will receive an up-to-date listing of all entries as of the time your order is
processed. The day before the event, you will receive a final copy with all participants listed so you can
mark off eliminations LIVE on the 22nd!

Please email Jay White (EGHS Athletic Director)
Or contact any EGHS Booster Club Representative