The Morning Run:”Get On the Good Foot”(This Week’s Top Ten List)

Every time you take off running, or start off running, it is time to get on, “The Good Foot”….Which foot is the “Good Foot”???

That is the toughest part of the decision, trying to decide which foot is the Good Foot, is it the right or the left foot?

The only way to find out is to take off and run, and when you are doing that, out there in today’s heat, you better hope both feet are the Good Feet…You will need both of them working properly to get the job done, on the Morning Run…

Time to get out there and get it going, and time to get on the “Good Foot”….

James Brown is here today telling us to “Get On The Good Foot”….Click On Below and let James Brown take you to town…

Many times, it might be time to just go ahead and get “Footloose”…Here we go with Kenny Loggins and Footloose…

And if you are going to be Footloose, you need to be careful and make sure you are Footloose and Fancy Free, and to do that, you need to have Hot Legs…Rod Stewart can attest to that fact, and he does it right here, right now…
Click Below…

Alabama made a decision years ago to be “Footloose and Fancy Free”, and it is very evident they are, in their tune/song, “Love in the First Degree”….Click On for the song, and the accompanying video, below…

Now is also a good time to join Ray Boltz, as he takes us to the Foot of the Cross, with his song, “At The Foot of the Cross”…Click On Below for the video…

A final thought on the video portion of our show today gives us a look at The Bones, from Dem Bones and they tell us about how the Foot Bone is connected to the Ankle Bone…Get it on with Dem Bones, and the story of the Foot Bone….Click Below, and you will know how the video show will go…..

Let’s now hit our Parts of Importance for this week, and make it our Top Ten Body Parts, with the Foot at #1….

Top Ten Body Parts

That’s a wrap on another Morning Run…We have put another one in the books, for this week…Hope to see you back in here again next week…Thanks for joining us, and keep on spreading the word, about The Morning Run….