Paddy McGonigal and Jack Brown hold down Northwest Guilford, as Grimsley Whirlies top NWG Vikings on Wednesday night, at Sandy Gann Field/Northern Guilford goes to (14-0) on the season

High School Baseball final from Wednesday night at the Sandy Gann Field on the Northwest Guilford High School campus:
Grimsley Whirlies 4, Northwest Guilford Vikings 1
WP:Paddy McGonigal
SV:Jack Brown
Grimsley(10-4)/Northwest Guilford(11-3)

Game was tied up early, and it was still tied at 1-1 at the end of the third inning…Grimsley had the bases loaded in the top of the third inning, with one out, and couldn’t get anybody home…Early in the ballgame, Bristol Carter had two hits for Northwest Guilford….Northwest Guilford got a solid rally going in the bottom of the fourth inning, but Grimsley, behind their starting pitcher, Paddy McGonigal, shut NWG down….

At the end of the fourth inning we were still all tied up at 1-1…In the top of the fifth inning, Grimsley got the bases loaded up again, and the bases were juiced for Grimsley with just one out…With Lawson Albright at the plate, a wild pitch comes in, and the Grimsley runner from third base comes in to score, and Grimsley takes a one-run lead, going up 2-1, headed to the bottom of the fifth inning….Grimsley was getting the bases loaded up on a regular basis, but did not have much to show for it, but the Whirlies had just gone ahead 2-1, and that would be just about all that they would need on Wednesday night, at Sandy Gann Field..

In the bottom of the fifth, Andrews Franz drew a walk for Northwest, then Bristol Carter popped up to the Grimsley catcher, Jackson Godfrey struck out, and NWG’s Silas Boris was called out on strikes at the plate, and Northwest comes up empty, and they trail Grimsley, 2-1, after five complete innings, at NWG…Boris strikes out looking, and Franz is left on base, and Grimsley leads Northwest 2-1, at the end of five innings..

In the top of the 6th inning, Loeske draws a walk for Grimsley, and Owen Smith is now pitching for Northwest Guilford….Paddy McGonigal is out on a sacrifice bunt for Grimsley, then Tyler Albright draws an intentional base on balls/IBB, Luke Jenkins strikes out at the plate, Keaton Mathes reaches on an infield single for Grimsley, and Grimsley has the bases loaded again, this time with two outs…..Grimsley’s Eli Willen flies out to right field to Carson Shelton, and Grimsley can not cash in, they leave the bases loaded again, for the third time tonight…

Headed to the bottom of the sixth inning, Grimsley leads Northwest Guilford, 2-1…NWG’s Josh Foulks struck out to begin things for Northwest in the bottom of the sixth inning…Ryan Rodriguez grounded out, then NWG’s Carson Shelton was hit by a pitch, before Hudson Powell struck out, to close out the bottom of the sixth….

Grimsley still up 2-1 headed to the top of the seventh inning, and Lucas Beverlin has come on to pitch for Northwest Guilford…Grimsley’s Jack Brown begins the top of the seventh inning with a bomb to center field for Grimsley, but the ball was caught by NWG’s Bristol Carter, who banged into the center field fence, but Carter still held on to the ball…One gone for Grimsley and Isaiah Sellars was to plate next for Grimsley and he got hit by a pitch…Zach McRae draws a walk, and then Ryan Loseke walked to load the bases for Grimsley again….This was the fourth time in the game that the Whirlies had loaded the bases up…Paddy McGonigal up next for Grimsley and he grounds out to second, and then Tyler Albright comes up next for Grimsley and the bases are still full of Whirlies…

Grimsley had scored earlier in the game on a wild pitch, to take a 2-1 lead and now in the top of the seventh inning, here comes more wild pitches from Northwest…Albright stands at the plate, and here comes the first wild pitch and Isaiah Sellars comes in from third and scores….Grimsley has taken a 3-1, in the ballgame…Another wild pitch with Tyler Albright still at the plate, and Zach McRae comes in to score and Grimsley has now moved in front 4-1, over NWG…Albright ends up getting hit by a pitch, and Luke Jenkins draws a walk, but Grimsley will leave both on the bases, and Grimsley will take a 4-1 lead into the bottom of the seventh inning..

Grimsley brought on Jack Brown to shut down Northwest in the bottom of the seventh, and Brown got Blaze Johnson to fly out, Andrew Franz struck out looking, Bristol Carter reached for NWG on an error by the Grimsley shortstop, and Jackson Godfrey popped up to short, to close out the game….

Grimsley tops Northwest Guilford 4-1, with Paddy McGonigal going six innings, to get the win for Grimsley, and Jack Brown came on in the seventh to close out the game, and he earned the save…

More scores from Wednesday night games are on the way…..

Other finals from Wednesday night:
Northern Guilford 11, Western Alamance 2
Northern Guilford 5, Western Alamance 0

Northern Guilford(14-0)/Western Alamance(7-7)

Southwestern Randolph 8, Southeast Guilford 1

Northwest Cabarrus 4, Ragsdale 3
Ragsdale(9-5)/Northwest Cabarrus(10-3)

Southern Guilford 2, Eastern Guilford 1

JV Baseball Final:
Northwest Guilford High School: 6, Grimsley High School: 0

So far No Scores have been reported on these games…….
Page(2-10)) at High Point Central(1-11) 6pm
Wheatmore(4-7) at High Point Andrews(0-13) 7pm

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