North Carolina Senate Committee on Education votes to dissolve/eliminate North Carolina High School Athletic Association/NCHSAA(Thoughts or Comments???)

from Nick Stevens, with and the HSOT…..

RALEIGH, N.C. — Lawmakers are one step closer to dissolving the N.C. High School Athletic Association and creating a new commission to administer high school athletics in North Carolina.

The Senate Committee on Education voted on Wednesday morning in favor of HB 91. The bill, which was originally focused on students with autism but was gutted with an amendment by from Republican senators to overhaul high school sports in North Carolina, would dissolve the NCHSAA by the fall of 2022.

HB 91 will head to the Senate Committe on Finance where it is expected to be considered at 9 a.m. on Thursday.

If the bill becomes law, a new commission would be established to run high school sports in North Carolina. The 17-person commission would consist of nine members appointed by the governor, four members appointed by the Senate, and four members appointed by the House. The members of the commission would be superintendents, principals, athletic directors, or coaches who are full-time school employees.

The commission would be housed in the Department of Administration, part of the state government. Right now, the NCHSAA is a private non-profit organization.