Day Two of the COLT Baseball East Zone Tournament:Greensboro moves past Beaver County, PA, 10-1

From Stoner-White Stadium, inside Jaycee Park…..
COLT Baseball East Zone Tournament Thursday night finals:
Winner’s Bracket-Greensboro 10, Beaver County, Pennsylvania 1
WP:Kelton Fuquay
Two hits a-piece for Greensboro’s Jon Sendziak, Jace Brooks, and Ethan George…Cade Hill, Ethan George, and Ian McMillan had two RBI each for Greensboro…..

Loser’s Bracket-Kempsville, Virginia 11, Bronx, New York 7

In this Double Elimination Tournament, the Bronx, New York is eliminated….Kempsville, Virginia moves on to meet Beaver County, Pennsylvania on Friday at 6pm, at Stoner-White Stadium…

Greensboro, by virtue of their (2-0) record in the tournament, moves on to the Championship Round Game, on Saturday morning at 10am, at Stoner-White Stadium…Greensboro would have to lose two times on Saturday to be eliminated, and if Greensboro wins the 10am game on Saturday, then Greensboro will move on to the COLT Baseball World Series, beginning next week in Marion, Illinois….

On Thursday night, this is how the scoring went for Greensboro-Beaver County…..

End of First Inning:Greensboro 4, Beaver County 0…End of Second Inning:Greensboro 4, Beaver County 0…End of Third Inning:Greensboro 4, Beaver Creek 0…End of Fourth Inning:Greensboro 5, Beaver Creek 0…End of Fifth Inning:Greensboro 7, Beaver Creek 0…End of Sixth Inning:Greensboro 8, Beaver Creek 0…End of Seventh Inning:Greensboro 10, Beaver Creek 1….

Greensboro:  4-0-0-1-2-1-2
Beaver Creek 0-0-0-0-0-0-1

Roster of the Greensboro team:
Anderson, Christian (Williams)
Brooks, Jace (Eastern Guilford)
Brown, Isaiah (Northeast Guilford)
Brown, Jasean (Northeast Guilford)
Fuquay, Kelton (Jordan Matthews)
George, Ethan (Williams)
Graves, Zai (Rockingham County)
Hall, Nickell (Northeast Guilford)
Hicks, Trace (Williams)
Hill, Cade (Southern Guilford)
Jones, Jackson (Eastern Guilford)
Marley, Isaac (Southern Guilford)
Martin, Conner (Jordan Matthews)
McMillian, Ian (Jordan Matthews)
Ratley, TJ (Andrews)
Sendziak, Jonathan (Eastern Guilford)
Wray, Bailey (Northeast Guilford)

Greensboro Coaches:Head Coach-Adam Gunn…Assistant Coaches-Brad White and Brett Garrett