Danny Pigge’s Pigskin Preview:High School Football Tonight in Guilford County(8/20/2021)

**********All Games set to kick off at 7:30, unless otherwise listed….**********
Page at Dudley
Be sure to tune in and listen to Page at Dudley(Murphy Wainer Orthopedic Specialists Game of the Week)…We will have this game for you on GreensboroSports Radio…Kickoff set for 7:30, and the pregame will be coming your way at around 6:50pm….Catch all of the action on GreensboroSports Radio…Dudley with their QB Jahmier Slade, now a senior, their WR/DB/KR/Wildcat QB Mehki Wall, also a senior for the Dudley Panthers…R.J. Baker, is a new running back that can carry the load, in the offensive backfield…Steven Davis II, is among the leaders in the defensive secondary for Dudley, and they all call him Deuce…He wears #2, and he is Steven Davis II…Dudley, with some big offensive and defensive lineman, and that is always the case…Page with Treveon Hester at running back, and he is also playing middle linebacker…Hester’s brother Tremel is also on the defensive line…Two brand names for high school football in Greensboro, going at on Friday night…Be sure to check out the game on GreensboroSports Radio…Page with Nick Williamson at quarterback and Grady Sherrill at receiver, and Nick better be quick, or those Dudley defensive linemen are going to be breathing down his neck…

East Forsyth at Northwest Guilford
Xavier Simmons to lead the NWG defense, Bristol Carter back there on defense backing up Simmons and others..NWG defense is very good..NWG offense is very young, but they do have Big Walter Turner up there on the offensive line…Walt is huge, and he should provide very good protection for the young QB Tanner Ballou…Ballou’s favorite receiver should be Trent Cloud…NWG will face a very tough and experienced defense from East Forsyth…East has too much experience, and the EF Eagles will be a very tough nut to crack…This game can be heard with Dave Polaski on 600 AM radio…

Clayton at Grimsley
Don’t expect to see any of Travis Shaw out there for Grimsley on Friday night, but the Whirlies can more than make up for his loss due to injury in last Spring’s 4-A Championship Game, as Grimsley has Tamorye Thompson, and the Jarrell kid ready on defense…The Jarrell kid said on Thursday that he is 6’5/335 and he is still growing…On offense, Grimsley rolls with QB Alonza Barnett III, RB Jeiel Melton, WR Alex Taylor, WR Tyson Resper, and the Maynard kid is also a strong running back…Grimsley has the Stimpson kid at linebacker, and he used to be a starting JV quarterback…The Attmore kid is backing up Barnett at QB, so Grimsley is loaded and Grimsley is deep….

Eastern Guilford at Northern Guilford
Jodan McGinnis at RB for Northern Guilford, and if healthy he is a work horse…Smith and Mercer will come up with some kind of QB rotation for NG, with Smith looking to be the front-runner to see the most playing time at NG QB…Lafrenz Smith…Other QB is Jack Mercer…NG has Manny Elliott at wide receiver, and Manny is a pure athlete, and he could play QB if necessary…Eastern has ton of new players with QB’s Tyrek Boyd and Jackson Jones, plus running back Jayden Evans…EG has a very talented young man, Marcus Bynum at defensive back…

Northeast Guilford at Ragsdale
Don’t really know anything about these two teams right now, but will be learning more them, along we you, as our new season gets rolling…

Smith at High Point Andrews 7pm
Playing this game at Simeon Stadium, in High Point, and plenty of room, in that big stadium…Smith has some numbers this season, and the Golden Eagles will be improved, but it will probably take a few weeks for the improvements to shine through…Smith has some real good athletes, but they all have to become ‘football smart’….High Point Andrews always has great skill position players, and they seem to really be blessed with those pure athletes…Just enough of the star quality kids to get them on top in many of the games that they will play, against teams that might be all-around better than Andrews..

Southwest Guilford at Oak Grove
All I know about Southwest Guilford High School, is that they have Joey McGinnis IV, and that might be enough to carry the Cowboys to at least 5 or 6 wins this season….SWG has good numbers, and the SWG kids believe in themselves, and that is a big plus right there…They believe in themselves, and they believe in each other…This will carry them a long way against an Oak Grove Grizzlies team that has a lot of former North Davidson kids on their club…Oak Grove is a new school that has come quick out of the gates, but SWG Coach Chuck Doak knows this team, and he knows what it will take to beat them….

High Point Central at WS Reynolds 7pm
Saw WS Reynolds at the Grimsley D.J. Reader Jamboree last Friday night, and Reynolds is a good football team..Hoping for Guilford County’s sake that HP Central will be good this year too…Central has moved down to the 3-A level, and that is a step in the right direction for the Bison…Want to learn more about the Bison, and hoping they can take their early lumps, as they are building for the future….

******Southeast Guilford at Southern Guilford…Postponed….Will be played on September 10…
******Western Guilford at Morehead…..Postponed…No makeup date has been announced
(Hoping to have some more on all these games on Friday morning…More will come our/your way, as the day marches on.)

Current Top Ten Guilford County Poll
3)Northern Guilford
4)Southwest Guilford
5)Northwest Guilford
6)Southern Guilford
7)Southeast Guilford
9)Eastern Guilford

This week’s Picks to win on Friday night
East Forsyth
Northern Guilford
High Point Andrews
Southwest Guilford
WS Reynolds