Middle School Football is BACK:Wednesday afternoon/night Finals(Winners with Kernodle, Jamestown, Northern Guilford, Northwest Guilford, Swann, Southeast Guilford, Kiser and who’s next???)

Final:Kernodle 44, Jackson 0
Kernodle Cougars(1-0)/Jackson Trojans(0-1)
Jamestown 36 Welborne 12
Jamestown Tigers(1-0)/Welborne(0-1)
Northern Guilford Middle 58, Mendenhall 0
NG Nighthawks(1-0)/Mendenhall Mustangs(0-1)
Northwest Guilford 38, Eastern Guilford 8
NWG Vikings(1-0)/EG Wildcats(0-1)

Swann Middle 8, Northeast Guilford 0
Swann Lions(1-0)/NEG Rams(0-1)

Southeast Guilford 34 Allen Jay Prep 20
SEG Falcons(1-0)/AJ Prep(0-1)

Kiser 28, Allen 0
D’Aaron King with 2 rushing TDs. Kyrie Milner with a pair of pick 6’s

Western Guilford at Southern Guilford 5pm
Lincoln Academy vs. The Pointe Leadership Academy (High Point Athletic Complex) 5pm

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Info from the Kernodle-Jackson game, and we were there today, and hope to be at a different location/game each week, this season….
Game time was set for 5pm, but by 5:30, Jackson was still on the way, and tied up in traffic….Game finally got rolling at 5:50pm, and it didn’t take the Kernodle Cougars long to get on the scoreboard…Kernodle scored on the opening kickoff of the game/season, and the kickoff was returned 67 yards for a touchdown by Timothy Baker/Tim Baker…His mom calls him Timothy, but on the roster, he goes by Tim…Was talking to his mom before the game, and she look out/keep an eye out for #34 Timothy Baker, and he was a TD-maker…The two-point conversion pass play was good, with Kernodle QB Corey Cole connecting with his receiver Kaden Catoe for the two-point pass play…Kernodle 8, Jackson 0, with 7:45 left in the first quarter…

The Kernodle kicker Seth Cummings boots a perfect on-side kick on the very next play, and to make it even sweeter, Cummings recovers his own on-sides kick…The kicker recovered the live kick…Nice work there…And here comes Kernodle right at you again, when the Cougars’ QB Corey Cole hooks up with his top target, Kaden Catoe, on 45-yard pass play for a touchdown…The two-point run fails, and our score with 7:07 to go in the first quarter is, Kernodle 14, Jackson 0

Nick Kashbara was working hard/tough up front on that Kernodle defensive line, and he was making key stops/tackles along with Simeon Libby…The Jackson Trojans starting quarterback was built like Travis Shaw(Grimsley Whirlies/Kiser Tigers), and Montigue Little was a big/huge young man….The Jackson running back, Cuthbertson, was having some success in the first half, but Timothy Baker, and his defensive help from Kernodle, were just too tough/strong for Jackson to overcome…I think Jackson ended up with one first down for the game…

Baker got his offensive mind cranking with 38.5 seconds remaining in the first quarter, as he ran the football in from 39 yards away, for another Kernodle Cougar touchdown…The Cole to Xavier Betts two-point pass play worked, and now Kernodle has extended their lead over the Jackson Trojans to, 22-0….
End of First Quarter:Kernodle 22, Jackson 0

We had the TOP PA/Public Address announcer on the Guilford County Schools Middle School circuit today, with Mr. Norman Smith, a true GCS veteran at the microphone…Ursula Williams, from Kernodle Middle, was in charge of operations, as the attending Athletic Director….

Montigue Little, the Jackson QB continued to try and get something going against the Kernodle defense, but it was to no avail, as Kaden Catoe, Nick Kashbara, and Jaden Bryant were bringing the lumber today, and they would not give up any ground, or air, to the Jackson Trojans’ offense…And to make things fly even faster, the Cougars K/DB Seth Cummings came up with a very big Interception for Kernodle in the second quarter, that INT lead to a Kaden Catoe 72-yard touchdown run, as Catoe was lined up as the Wildcat Back, in assistant coach Allan Boyd’s Cougar offensive scheme…The Tim Baker two-point run was good again, and now Kernodle leads Jackson, 30-0, with 3:21 to go in the second quarter…Kernodle’s Jeremiah Dodson recovers the Seth Cummings on-side kick at the 45-yard line…And moments later, it was another fumble recovery by Kernodle this time by Jaden Blackman, before you could blink an eye, Corey Cole shot a pass out to his right, right into the hands of Jeremiah Dodson, and it went for a three-yard TD pass play..Kaden Catoe scored on the two-point conversion run, and just seven seconds left in the first half, Kernodle takes a 38-0 lead over the Jackson Trojans..
Halftime:Kernodle 38, Jackson 0

In the second half, as we move on into the third quarter, the Tajon Turner kid was getting busy on defense for the Kernodle Cougars….The we saw break off a four-yard run for another Kernodle Cougars’ touchdown, and with the two-point run going awry, our score becomes Kernodle 44, Jackson 0…The last score of the ballgame, from either team, comes with 3:32 to go in the third quarter, and that 44-0 score also gives us a non-stop Running Clock for the duration of the contest…

The new Jackson Trojans running back/QB Emmanuel Wilson starts to get the Trojans moving some, but Jaden Blackmon is still there to make the key hits in the fourth quarter, as Kernodle goes on to close out this football game….

Our final score from Kernodle Middle School on this Wednesday afternoon/early evening was, Kernodle Cougars 44, Jackson Trojans 0…..
(Might be getting some more stats and info from Kernodle Coach Darrel later on tonight…We will be going to team rosters for name adjustments in a few minutes.)
Good season-opening game tonight/Wednesday, at Kernodle Middle School…..
Mr. Barker/Dylan Barker’s dad, was the lead official/White Hat Referee for today’s football game…Always good to see Mr. Barker(Dylan’s dad) on the gridiron/turf…..
Kernodle Cougars’ coaching staff
Head Coach Darrel Moyd
Assistant Coaches Tony McCallum
Assistant Coaches Allan Boyd
Assistant Coach Elizard Clark