Georgia Southern football coach fired after one of his players was surfing atop a moving team bus and chugging a beer before Saturday’s game

Georgia Southern player apologizes for incident that helped get coach fired
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A Georgia Southern player is apologizing for his conduct before Saturday’s game that appears to have played a part in getting his coach fired.

A viral video showed Eagles lineman Gavin Adcock surfing atop a moving team bus and chugging a beer before Saturday’s game against Louisiana. That video gained further scrutiny after the team lost to Louisiana, which resulted in the firing of coach Chad Lunsford.

To make matters worse, athletic director Jared Benko suggested the incident was considered when the decision was made to fire Lunsford.

“I share with our coaches and staff all the time, every day is an evaluation. … Everything up to the time of the decision was factored in,” Benko said, via Zach Barnett of Football Scoop.

Adcock, who was suspended indefinitely for the stunt, issued an apology on Monday.

It’s easy to see why this was such a problem. A senior chugging beer atop a moving bus before a game Georgia Southern lost is about as bad a look as you can have. It certainly suggests Lunsford didn’t have much control over the team.

Lunsford was in his fifth season as Georgia Southern head coach, posting a 28-21 record before his dismissal.

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  1. I’m sorry but I feel coach Lunsford was a good coach for Georgia Southern, one of the best they’ve had in a long time. To fire him because they have had a rough start this year is wrong and to hold him accountable for the actions of a students inappropriate actions is also wrong. How many times do the children of parents act up, can you always control their actions? As a parent I can tell you no you can’t. You your best and hope that is all you can do.
    I feel this action is wrong and I think, but pray not, that Georgia Southern will regret this action for the rest of the year.

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