Middle School Football Today(10/6/2021) for Guilford County:NWG wins again, who else has scores for us tonight???/Kiser, EG and NG get the “W”

Wednesday Finals:
Eastern Guilford Middle 16, Northeast Guilford 14

Northern Guilford Middle 21, Southeast Guilford 8
Northern Guilford(4-0)/Southeast Guilford(1-1)

Northwest Guilford Middle 24, Southwest Guilford 0
for details on this game, see our report down below…

Kiser Middle 28, Kernodle 6
Courtesy of Ursula D. Williams, Kernodle Athletic Director

+++++We are seeing Mendenhall listed as a Winner, but we don’t have a score….+++++

from Monday:
Northwest Guilford 30, Allen Jay Prep 6

Mendenhall Middle at Western Guilford 5pm, at Western Guilford Middle School
Ferndale Middle vs. Welborn Middle 5pm, at the High Point Athletic Complex:POSTPONED
Hairston Middle vs. Allen Middle 5pm, at Dudley High School’s Tarpley Stadium
Jamestown(2-0) OPEN DATE

on Thursday:
Swann Middle vs. Jackson Middle 5pm at Ben L. Smith HS, inside the Claude Manzi Stadium

**********Here is how the Guilford County Middle Schools look in the 2021 season…..**********
Jamestown Tigers(2-0)
Northern Guilford(4-0)
Northwest Guilford(4-0)
Southeast Guilford(1-1)
Southwest Guilford(1-1)
Kernodle Cougars(1-2)
Allen Jay Prep(1-2)
Eastern Guilford(1-1)
Northeast Guilford(0-2)
Southern Guilford(0-1)

Northwest Guilford vs. Southwest Guilford, from Wednesday afternoon, at R.L. Billings Stadium…
Northwest Guilford gets their first touchdown on a 28-yard pass from NWG QB Jackson to Grayson Council…The two-point conversion pass was good for Northwest, with Jackson connecting with Parker Warnock for two points….
2:19 left in the First Quarter, and Northwest leads Southwest, 8-0…..
On their opening drive, NWG got strong running efforts from Nathan Boone, and Vance…SWG with solid defense from Robbie Lang, Lamonte Peters and Blevins…

Southwest Guilford gets a kickoff return from Rakeem Hammock to the NWG 22-yard line, but NWG comes up with a very timely interception from Samuel Shaw, and that takes us to end of the first quarter…

At the End of the First Quarter, our score is Northwest Guilford 8, Southwest Guilford 0a

With 7:09 remaining in the Second Quarter, NWG’s QB Jackson takes off on a short, but rewarding one-yard run, for a Vikings’ touchdown…Vance McKinley comes up with the two-point conversion run for Northwest, and the Vikings lead the Cowboys, 16-0…NWG 16, SWG 0, as we head deeper into the Second Quarter….

SWG’s Hammock comes up with a big reception for the Cowboys, but all of the sudden NWG’s DB Grayson Council sets up deep, and swipes a SWG pass for a NWG interception….Noah Snead makes the tackle to stop Council, for SWG…

NWG’s QB Jackson makes a mad dash for the end zone and he gets in for a 25-yard NWG TD/touchdown….The two-point conversion run by Nathan Boone is successful, and the NWG Vikings’ lead mounts up to 24-0, Vikings….This will be the very last points scored in our football game this afternoon, and this last score comes with 3:09 to play in the Second Quarter…Northwest Guilford 24, Southwest Guilford 0

We play on, and Vance comes up very big on defense for Northwest…NWG also gets a key sack from Drew Young…There is a big pass from SWG QB Harris to Dickinson, and the SWG Cowboys have a huge first down…Dickinson was injured on that big play…Elijah Snyder comes up with a big sack for Northwest, as he takes down SWG QB Harris…NWG’s Blackwell gets in on the ‘Sack Attack’, as the SWG QB Harris goes down again…

We get to the end of the Second Quarter, and as we hit Halftime, our score is, Northwest Guilford 24, Southwest Guilford 0

Some hard, but not long runs in the Second Half, and several incomplete passes, but Robbie Lang continues to be a key leader for the SWG defense….Northwest got two more interceptions, with the Vikings’ Collins and Jackson jumping on board the takeaway train, and picking off SWG QB Harris…That is right at four picks in the game for the NWG “D”…SWG got a big defensive stop from Sturdivant as the Third Quarter came to a close…
End of the Third Quarter:Northwest Guilford 24, Southwest Guilford 0

In the fourth and final quarter, NWG got big hits and true tackles from Boone, Jackson got a nice solo tackle on a carry by SWG’s Noah Snead…NWG got a sack from Noah Williams, SWG a fumble recovery from Javeon Smith, and NWG’s Jackson put a stop on SWG’s runner, Javeon Smith…A SWG Cowboy fumble was recovered by Northwest Guilford’s Blackwell, and with the ball back in the NWG Vikings hands, SWG’s Mikai Abilly(not sure about this spelling at all here, but we will press on), and this Guilford County Middle School football game, will come to a close/end…..

Final score on Wednesday afternoon, from R.L. Billings Stadium, on the Northwest Guilford High School campus:
Northwest Guilford 24, Southwest Guilford 0