John Sterling misses Giancarlo Stanton hit, calling it a Home Run, when it turned out to a Single, off the Green Monster

John Sterling completely botched his Giancarlo Stanton call
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New York Yankees announcer John Sterling was completely fooled on a long single by Giancarlo Stanton on Tuesday night and absolutely butchered the call.

Stanton hit a high ball off the Green Monster at Fenway Park in the top of the first inning of the AL wild-card game. Stanton admired his hit and ended up with only a single after the ball bounced off the wall. Stanton’s ball had both TV announcer Matt Vasgersian and radio announcer John Sterling fooled.

While Vasgersian made a good recovery on the call, Sterling remained clueless. Take a listen:
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That was embarrassing. Keep in mind that Sterling was present at Fenway Park for the game, giving him less of an excuse for being so clueless.

“What did I do wrong? What did I see wrong?” Sterling wondered.

It’s one thing to think it was a home run and adjust as Vasgersian did. Sterling didn’t even adjust after the ball hit off the wall.

For comparison, you can hear Vasgersian’s call on ESPN here.
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Sterling, 83, has called Yankee games on the radio since 1989.