JV Football Tonight Finals for 10/14/21 as Grimsley goes to (7-0/5-0)) and Whirlies lead the Metro/NG, NWG, Dudley, EG, WG, all Winners and More Scores coming in

JV Football Tonight Finals for 10/14/21:

Final from Jamieson Stadium:Grimsley 54, Southwest Guilford 14
Grimsley(7-0/5-0)/Southwest Guilford(6-2)
See game report down below…
Northern Guilford 36, Page 14
Northwest Guilford 26, Ragsdale 0
Dudley 50, Rockingham County 0
Eastern Guilford 31, Reidsville 18
Western Guilford 14, Southeast Guilford 8

from back on Monday night:Grimsley 56, Ragsdale 6

Also on the JV football slate for this evening….
High Point Central at Smith(0-3)
WS Atkins at Northeast Guilford(1-0)
High Point Andrews(0-2) at Morehead(3-4)

Grimsley-Southwest Guilford game report…
Nice kickoff return by Grimsley’s Elijah Ingram to open the game…On first down, G’s QB Andrew Attmore passes to Mitchell Summers for 19 yards…First down run Summers for 12 yards…G’s James Tyler with a 6-yard run….Then it’s a 12-yard run by G QB Andrews Attmore…SWG defense getting tough at the SWG 10-yard line…Jordan Ratliffe with an SWG tackle…Then it’s a four-yard run by Grimsley’s Mitchell Summers for the touchdown…Grimsley’s two-point pass play fails, and with 7:04 to go in the first quarter, it is Grimsley 6, SWG 0
Dylan Pruitt with a tackle on the kickoff for Grimsley…Williams for SWG on the first down carry…SWG gets a 15-yard pass from their QB Lloyd to Giant, and SWG has another first down…JT Simmons gets a big G tackle and then SWG gets an 18-yard run by Christian Johnson…SWG ball at the Grimsley 10-yard line, and it’s first down…Face mask call on G, and SWG has the ball at the Grimsley 6-yard line…SWG QB Lloyd hits Throckmartin on a three-yard pass for the SWG TD and Lloyd goes to Palmer for the two-point conversion pass and it is good…2:33 left in the first quarter, and SWG leads Grimsley, 8-6
Elijah Ingram gets a 34-yard kickoff return for the Whirlies and G gets a five-yard gain on a first down run by James Tyler and then they follow that up with a 13-yard run by Mitchell Summers, and then a 4-yard run comes from Andrew Attmore and G has the ball at the SWG 20…Penalty on G for holding and the ball is back at the SWG 35 and it’s another G penalty, and the ball goes back to the SWG 40…All that means is it is time for a 40-yard TD pass from G’s Attmore to Christian Tyson and then Attmore again to Tyson for the two-point pass play and with 8 more points from Attmore to Tyson, G now has a 14-8 lead over SWG, with 14.6 seconds left in the first quarter…Palmer with the KO return for SWG to SWG 40-yard line and after a personal foul is tacked on against G, SWG has the ball, first and 10 at the G 41..Jalen Ashe comes up with a big tackle for G, and that will take us to the second quarter…
End of First Quarter:Grimsley 14, Southwest Guilford 8

G gets an interception by Michael Hawkins and this comes on the first play of the second quarter…Attmore connects with Bumpass on a 31-yard pass play and after an unsportsmanlike call on SWG, the ball is at the SWG 9-yard line…Martin Giant with a big tackle for SWG on a Summers three-yard carry..Attmore with 5 more yards for the Whirlies…Then it’s James Tyler on a 2-yard TD run for G, after the two-point pass play is unsuccessful, Grimsley is on top of SWG, 20-8, with 9:27 left in the third Q…Michael Hawkins gets a real nice stop on a tackle for G, as he stops a Christian Johnson run…Grimsley will get a huge 34-yard run from James Tyler and that sets up a 33-yard TD pass from Attmore to Tyson and Mitchell Summers converts the two-point run for G…6:33 to play in the second quarter, your score now reads, Grimsley 28, SWG 8…SWG with the ball again, and Grimsley’s Bryce Davis deflects a SWG pass, and Jalen Ashe comes up with a Tackle for a Loss/TFL, and then Keyshawn Jones gets a key tackle for the G Whirlies, on the SWG QB Lloyd, as Lloyd runs for a 7-yard Cowboy gain…Lloyd goes to Jones for an SWG first down, and Andre Hill gets the T for the G…Lloyd to Throckmartin with an INC pass and the ball goes back over to the G…James Tyler takes off on a 15-yard run and then it is Tyler for five more yards for Grimsley…Martin Giant with another big tackle for the SWG D…Attmore goes for a first down for G, and then Attmore gets sacked for an 8-yard loss..Mitchell Summers says I will change that, and takes off for a 42-yard G TD run…James Tyler goes for in for the two-point run, and as the first half clock is running down, G is now in front of SWG, 36-8, with just 35.8 seconds left in the first half…
We now hit halftime and our score is:Grimsley 36, Southwest Guilford 8

We will continue the Andy-Man can game report after a short break for our appetite…Back in a few, with more for you on tonight’s Grimsley-SWG JV football game..

Grimsley got an interception from Keyshawn Jones, when he picked off SWG QB Lloyd, and Grimsley has the ball, first and ten at the SWG 37…Grimsley’s Attmore to Bumpass for a 16-yard gain and it’s first down G, at the SWG 23…G QB Attmore is sacked by SWG’s Isaiah Reuben for a 15-yard loss…Then there’s a big explosive play for G, when Bumpass catches a 30-yard Attmore pass in the left corner of the SWG end zone on 4th down and 17 and with the G TD, the thirty-yarder from Attmore to Bumpass, Grimsley now leads SWG, 42-6…The two-point play failed and with 7:59 to go in the third quarter, it is G 42, SWG 8

SWG’s Palmer is has been busy returning kickoffs for the Cowboys, and on the next one, he takes it back for a 14-yard gain, and then the Cowboys get 15 more yards added onto the play, when the Whirlies are called for targeting…Keyshawn Jones makes the next G tackle, then Andre Hill adds a T, for the G, and the Grimsley defense has stopped SWG again….Summers gets 6 yards on the G run, while Josh Rodenboro and Palmer pick up the tackle for the Cowboys…SWG with the stop, and Grimsley is ready to punt for the first time this evening…Three downs and SWG is out, punting the ball back to Grimsley…The Grimsley offense stalls after an eight-yard run by Summers, but SWG gets a pick, but when Grimsley gets the ball back, Summers makes a nifty 10-yard reception from G QB Attmore, and the G has a first down…G ready to hit the end zone again, as Keyshawn Jones hits paydirt from 10 yards out, and after a two-point pass goes long and away, Grimsley is ready to run away with this game…Grimsley has taken an 48-8 lead over the SWG Cowboys…G up 48-8, with 1:45 to play in the third quarter…Palmer is up again, set to return the KO for SWG, and he gets 14 yards on his return…On the SWG first down, Andre Hill makes another stop for G, and after an SWG INC pass we are at the end of the third quarter…
End of Third Quarter:Grimsley 48, Southwest Guilford 8

Beginning of the 4th quarter and Grimsley’s Keyshawn Jones toes the right sideline and he goes all the way to the promised land for the touchdown, covering 46 yards in the process and when the G two-point run is unsuccessful, Grimsley now leads SWG, 54-8, with 11:18 to go in the ballgame/fourth quarter…54-8 Grimsley, and the clock will start and it won’t stop, unless one of our teams calls a timeout…Grimsley gets a defensive boost from Michael Hawkins when tackles SWG’s Palmer, after Palmer runs the kickoff back 66 yards, and this turns out to be a touchdown-saving tackle from Hawkins…Josh France gets a TFL for the Whirlies and then Christian Johnson runs three yards for SWG…One more pick for the G “D” as Delaney swipes the Cowboys’ pass from Lloyd, and Grimsley will turn the offensive reins over to Will Rainwater…Attmore’s night is done, and Rainwater, who got all the snaps for the Whirlies, in their 56-6 win over Ragsdale, back on Monday night, Rainwater is now at the controls for G…Reuben with another tackle for SWG and G ready to punt the ball for the second time tonight…SWG’s sub QB, Punyo(Spelling ???) with a pass to Christian Johnson and then Will Leonard with a five-yard run for SWG…

The end of the game horn sounds and it looks like our final score will be Grimsley 54, SWG 8…But there is a penalty on Grimsley, and the game can’t end on a penalty, and SWG has advanced the football to the G 10-yard, and there’s another penalty on Grimsley and the game still can not be over…One more untimed play for Southwest Guilford and the Cowboys close out the game with a five-yard pass from Punyo to Throckmartin and SWG gets in from the five-yard line, and the game is now over….

Final Score from Jamieson Stadium:Grimsley 54, Southwest Guilford 14