Middle School Football Today(10/20/2021) in Guilford County:Looking at some of those Final Scores with Northern, Allen Jay Prep, Eastern Guilford, Kernodle, Welborn, Lincoln, Kiser winning, and always looking for more

**********Middle School Football Today in Guilford County*********
Northern Guilford Middle 29, Jamestown Middle 6
Northern Middle)6-0)/JMS(2-2)
One of the largest middle school crowds I have seen, with Coach Chase Cochran’s NG Nighthawks, knocking off Coach Curt Swatalski’s Jamestown Middle School Tigers…See more on this game below…
Welborn 34 Ferndale 12
Allen Jay Prep 50, Southern Guilford Middle 16
Eastern Guilford Middle 22, Mendenhall 6
Kernodle Middle School 34, Western Guilford Middle School 22
KMS(3-2)/(2-1) in conference)/WG(2-3)
Lincoln 8 Hairston 0
Kiser 22 Northeast Guilford 12

Swann Middle at Allen Middle School 5pm at Claude Manzi Stadium/Ben L. Smith HS…According to ArbiterLive.com, this game was Postponed….
Southwest Guilford at Southeast Guilford Middle 6pm at Bill Slayton Stadium/Southeast Guilford HS
Northwest Guilford Middle School-OFF
Jackson Middle School-OFF
The Academy at Lincoln-OFF
Hairston Middle School-OFF
The Point-OFF

Jamestown Middle at Northern Guilford today…Game was played at Johnny Roscoe Stadium, on the Northern Guilford High School campus…Jamestown with the ball to begin the football game…Jamestown facing 4th and 5 at the JMS 40-yard line…Jamestown receiver was wide-open up field, but the JMS QB missed him and NG takes over, at the JMS 40…Jaxon Kemp goes to Cruz for a two-yard gain…Colin Muse takes off on a first down run for Northern…Then it is Amare Akers on a 28-yard run for a Northern Guilford Nighthawks’ touchdown, and with the converted PAT kick from Muse, Northern leads Jamestown, 7-0, with 2:32 left to play in the First Quarter…First down run by the JMS Tigers, and they work from their own 35-yard line..After another JMS first down, we hit the end of the first quarter…
End of First Quarter:Northern Guilford 7, Jamestown 0

To begin the second quarter, it is JMS with first down and 10, at their 46-yard line…After three plays, JMS is forced to punt the ball away to NG, and the ball is down at the NG 29, but with a hold on NG on the punt return, the ball is placed back at the NG 11…There’s a 14-yard pass from NG QB Kemp to Cruz, and then the JMS defense gets hit with an offsides call, and NG has another first down after the Kemp to Preston pass…Then look out, as Amare Akers takes it to the house, on a 59-yard TD run for the NG Nighthawks, and with the Muse PAT kick good(31-yard kick after a penalty), the new scores says, Northern Guilford 14, Jamestown 0, with 1:25 left to play in the first half…Nest up, or next up, the Nighthawks recover the kickoff and they are on the move with just seconds left in the half…NG has the football first and goal at the JMS nine-yard line after another long run by Akers, but with time running out, Northern will end up settling for a 22-yard FG by Colin Muse and with 3.5 seconds left in the second quarter, NG now has a 17-0 lead over Jamestown…
Halftime Score:Northern Guilford 17, Jamestown 0

Second half gets under way at Johnny Roscoe Stadium, and Jamestown attempts an on-side kick, but Northern recovers the kickoff at the NG 46-yard line…Nighthawks first and 10 at their 46, and Colin Muse takes off on a 54-yard TD run and after his PAT kick attempt was blocked, NG is now in front of the Jamestown Tigers, 23-0…Northern Guilford 23, Jamestown 0, with 7:26 to play in the third quarter…Kickoff by NG and JMS has the football first and 10, at their 37-yard line…Big tackle for Northern coming from Jeremiah Deese, and then on the next play, the Nighthawks Marco Franklin intercepts the JMS pass, and the NG offense is in business again….NG QB Kemp takes off on a nine-yard run, and then he hits Akers on short pass that Akers turns into a 68-yard touchdown, and after the two-point pass play fails, Northern now leads Jamestown, 29-0, with 4:55 remaining in the third quarter…Northern Guilford 29, Jamestown 0…Akers has 155 yards on his touchdown plays today, and he is getting things done with big chunks of yardage…Jamestown will run a couple of pass plays, and both of the pass plays are good for first downs, and then our third quarter comes to a close…
End of Third Quarter:Northern Guilford Middle 29, Jamestown Middle 0

JMS has the football first and 10 at the Northern Guilford 18, and JMS goes incomplete, incomplete, incomplete, and each time JMS was going for the right corner route, but they came up empty….Then a penalty on Northern moves the football to the NG 7-yard line and it is first and goal for JMS, and another penalty on NG places the football on the NG one-yard line, and at the point, Jamestown runs it in for the shutout-ending touchdown…JMS scores with 4:02 left in the football game and not only do the JMS Tigers get the touchdown, they get the two-point conversion run too…Late in the fourth quarter, and our score is now, NG 29, JMS 8…And that will be our final score tonight…
(Interview with Northern Guilford Nighthawks’ head football coach Chase Cochran, after Wednesday win. CLICK ON BELOW)

Final Score:Northern Guilford 29, Jamestown Middle 8
Northern now at (6-0) and at Northwest Guilford, next Wednesday afternoon/October 27….
Northern has not finished a season Unbeaten, in 14 years…..

**********Here is how the Guilford County Middle Schools look in the 2021 season…..**********
Jamestown Tigers(2-2)
Northern Guilford(6-0)
Northwest Guilford(5-0)
Southeast Guilford(1-1)
Southwest Guilford(1-2)
Kernodle Cougars(3-2)
Allen Jay Prep(3-2)
Eastern Guilford(3-2)
Western Guilford(2-3)
Northeast Guilford(1-3)
Southern Guilford(0-3)
The Point(5-0)