Friday Night Finish:Grimsley Whirlies sit at the “Head of the Table”, they can come at you from many different directions

Friday Night Final from Jamieson Stadium was Grimsley 55, Page 22, and Grimsley had their offense working on all cylinders this evening, and if they play/get any better, I would like to see that…Grimsley(9-0/6-0) took their spot at the “Head of the Table” last Spring in Chapel Hill, and they have maintained that same spot now for nine weeks, of the Fall 2021 season….
(Time for that nine-week report card and Grimsley principal Ged O’Donnell says he is giving his Whirlies an A-plus.)

Right now, these guys from Grimsley are the team to beat…They will go into Johnny Roscoe Stadium next Friday night to meet the Undefeated Northern Guilford Nighthawks(9-0/6-0)…Next Friday night at Northern, and this game will decide who is the Metro 4-A Conference Champion, and the #1 seed in the playoffs coming out of the Metro…

It has the makings for a super heavyweight battle, with both teams loaded at QB, with Alonza Barnett III for the Whirlies, and Jack Mercer, for the Nighthawks….At running back the battle gets better, with Jeiel Melton for Grimsley, and Jordan McInnis for Northern Guilford…For wide receivers, there are plenty of those to go around too…Northern Guilford with Terrell Timmons, Manny Elliot, Vance Bolyard, Zion Crawford, Jordan Geddy, and others…Grimsley pass catchers include Terrell Anderson, Alex Taylor, Tyson Resper, Nolan Albright and others….And don’t forget, Jeiel Melton and Jordan McInnis are very good receivers out of the backfield too…And another wild point of contention for this game is, both quarterbacks are very good runners/rushers too.

I think when you look at the defenses, you might have a stalemate…Both are very good, both get to the ball in a hurry…Grimsley probably more powerful on’D’, and NG probably quicker to the ball, on ‘D’…Grimsley having Travis Shaw back on their defensive line is a huge plus for the Whirlies…Shaw was making a statement, as he lived in the Page backfield, much of the night on Friday, at Jamieson Stadium…Grimsley with a bit of an edge on offense, and a near stalemate when you observe the two defenses…Again, Travis Shaw is giving the Whirlies a big boost, now that he has returned to their lineup…..

There will be lots of analysis and breakdown of players and positions, prior to the Whirlies and Nighthawks locking it up, next Friday night…This may be off the mark, but I would say Grimsley would be somewhere around a one-touchdown favorite going into this contest, and others may disagree, but you have to admit, Grimsley is at the “Head of the Table”, waiting on the others to sit down and try to take away their Titles…

Has the makings of a true Main Event, due for next Friday night, at Johnny Roscoe Stadium/The Johnny….Hard to think there is going to be a game of this great of a magnitude at NG, and Johnny Roscoe won’t be coaching in it…Be there early next Friday, somebody is going to get a Trick, and somebody is going to get a Treat, on October 29….

And let’s try and not get the horse too far ahead of the cart, as we need to give the Grimsley Whirlies time to sit down at the table, and savor/digest their victory over the Page Pirates…

Grimsley did very little wrong on offense on Friday night, and I think they lost one fumble down around the Page two-yard line, and Grimsley had one touchdown wiped off of the board due to penalty, but that just gave their kicker Colin Prago, a chance to boot a 27-yard field goal…The Whirlies had 517 yards of total offense, with QB Barnett passing for 258 yards and rushing for 50 more yards, and that gave him 308 yards of total offense on the night…Barnett ran for two TD’s and he passed for another touchdown…

Jeiel Melton ran for four Grimsley touchdowns, and Melton finished with 185 yards on 24 carries and again, he hit paydirt four times over the course of the contest..Grimsley’s Terrell Anderson was a red-hot receiver early in this game for the Whirlies, and he ended up with 5 receptions, good for 96 yards, and I’m thinking he had maybe 78 of his 96 yards, in the first quarter alone…Tyson Resper hauled in two of Barnett’ passes for 72 yards and a TD that covered 64 yards…Alex Taylor with three receptions, good for 57 yards…Nolan Albright caught a pass over the middle for 29 yards…Those are Grimsley’s big four receivers, Anderson, Resper, Taylor and Albright…

For Page, Trevon Hester ran for 157 yards on 21 carries and he had two TD runs…

Grimsley jumped out in front of Page pretty quickly, and then Page actually made it a ball game late in the first quarter, when Trevon Hester scored on a 46-yard TD run to make the score, Grimsley 10, Page 7….And that is as close as Page would ever get in this game….Page now with real big game, next Friday night, at Southeast Guilford High School…SEG over Northwest Guilford on Friday night, 17-15….The winner of the Page at SEG will looking to grab the third playoff spot from the Metro 4-A…Page(4-5/4-2) at SEG(6-3/4-2) next Friday night…Winner looking to hit the playoffs as the #3 team, from the Metro 4-A…Winner of Grimsley-Northern Guilford at #1 Metro, and the loser, at #2 seed from the Metro….

Dudley big winners over Southern Guilford on Friday night, and that now sets up the Dudley(8-1/6-0) at Eastern Guilford(7-1/6-0) game next Friday night, for the Mid-State 3-A Title, in Gibsonville….To my knowledge, and sometimes that does amount to much, this will be the first-ever Dudley football visit to Eastern Guilford/Gibsonville…

At least three big games set for Guilford County, next Friday night, October 29…Another good game next week should be Northwest Guilford-Southwest Guilford, in what will be a good ole fashioned backyard/neighborhood battle…These two fan bases are not known to exchange Christmas Cards on December 25….Plus you’ll have Western Guilford vs. Ragsdale to see which team will not finish in the basement of the Metro 4-A…I remember being at Western Guilford back in the day, and we played Ragsdale in back-to-back seasons, in the last game of the regular season, and both times it was for the Conference Championship…Man-oh, man-oh, how times have changed….High Point Central is set to be going for a five-win season next Friday night, and if they get it, their coach should get major consideration for Coach of the Year, in their conference….

We have laid it out a lot, and have given you a lot to chew on here this evening/early morning….And this while we are writing this post, and chewing on a Papa John’s pepperoni pizza, at the same time….How you liking all of this so far gang???

Here is the Touchdown/Scoring Tally from Page at Grimsley on 10/22/2021:
Grimsley:Jeiel Melton 3-yard run with 9:51 left in the first quarter…Colin Prago kick is good…Grimsley 7, Page 0
Grimsley:Prago with a 27-yard field goal with 3:34 left in the first quarter…Grimsley 10, Page 0
Page:Trevon Hester with a 46-yard TD run with 1:41 remaining in the first quarter, and the Tyler Elliot PAT kick is good…Grimsley 10, Page 7
Grimsley:Alonza Barnett III on a nine-yard QB keeper for the touchdown, with 8:14 to play in the second quarter…Prago PAT kick is good…Grimsley 17, Page 7
Grimsley:Barnett 19-yard run for the touchdown, with 5:18 left in the second quarter…Prago PAT kick perfect…Grimsley 24, Page 7
Grimsley:Melton 7-yard TD run, with 1:29 left in the second quarter…Prago kick is good again…..Grimsley 31, Page 7
Halftime:Grimsley 31, Page 7
Page:Hester 3-yard TD run, with 6:55 left in the third quarter…Elliot PAT kick is good…Grimsley 31, Page 14
Grimsley:Tyson Resper with a 64-yard pass reception for a TD, on a pass from Barnett, with 6:08 to play in the third quarter….Prago kick…Grimsley 38, Page 14
Page:Jerron Blackwell with a 23-yard pass to Grady Sherrill for the touchdown with 2 seconds left in the third quarter…Hester with the two-point conversion run for Page….Grimsley 38, Page 22
Grimsley:Melton with a 9-yard TD run, coming with 10:59 to play in the fourth quarter…Prago kick…Grimsley 45, Page 22
Grimsley:Melton 7-yard run for the touchdown, with 6:31 left in the fourth quarter….Prago kick….Grimsley 52, Page 22

Final Score from Jamieson Stadium on the Grimsley High School campus:
Grimsley 52, Page 22

Steak n Shake Players of the Game on Offense:Alonza Barnett III(Grimsley HS),/Jeiel Melton(Grimsley HS)
Steak n Shake Player of the Game on Defense:Travis Shaw(Grimsley HS)