Middle School Football Finals from Wednesday in the Middle:Northern Guilford over Northwest Guilford in one the most Intense and Dramatic Games of the Season(Double OT at Billings Stadium)

**********Anybody got a final on this game:The Point College Preparatory and Leadership Academy(5-0) at Southwest Guilford Middle(1-2) at The Ranch**********
The Point College Prep 44, Southwest Guilford Middle 14
The Point(6-0)/SWG(1-3)

Not many games on tap today, but the one we saw was one of the most Intense, Dramatic and Wildest games of the season…
(The Game of Week, the Game of the Month, and the Game of the Year, all rolled into one game.)
Final from R.L. Billings Stadium:
Northern Guilford Middle 40, Northwest Guilford Middle 34…Double Overtime
This was one of those games where you felt like it would come down to the wire, at the end, and it did…Double OT at NWG…

Northwest Guilford took the early lead when the NWG QB Austin Jackson ran in for a touchdown and then the Jackson pass to his receiver Council was good, and Northwest led early, NWG 8, NG 0…That first score came with 5:30 left to play in the first quarter…NG’s Hughes on the kickoff return and took it to the NWG 40-yard line…Amare Akers goes off on a 42-yard run for Northern and it is first and ten NG at the NWG 12…Akers promptly takes the ball in from 12 yards away, for the NG TD, but the PAT kick fails, and NWG leads NG, 8-6, with 4:02 to go in the first quarter…NWG gets a good kickoff return by Jackson, and then Council goes to work on the ground for Northwest…Council runs for 7 yards, but a holding penalty sets NWG back 10 more yards, and NWG ends up punting to NG…NG picks up 59 yards on a pass from NG QB Jaxson Kemp to Barkley and that gets Northern down to the NWG 12…
The first quarter comes to a close, and our score is:Northwest Guilford 8, Northern Guilford 6

After a couple of steady runs, Northern’s Muse takes the ball in from one yard out for the NG TD…The Northern two-point pass play fails, and our score now shows, NG 12, NWG 8…7:56 remains in the second quarter, and it is time for the NG to NWG kickoff..Council takes the kickoff upfield and it is first and ten NWG, at the Northwest 45…After another penalty, NWG finds itself back at the NWG 35, and the Vikings get a big 20 yard pass from Parrot to Jackson…Council rips off a 40-yard NWG TD run, and with the two-point pass play unsuccessful, our score with 6:38 to play in the second quarter says, NWG 14, NG 12…NG starts out with first down at the NG 48 and the Nighthawks get a 15-yard run from Akers and a hold comes in against NG…Then Northern’s QB Jaxson Kemp hits Akers on a middle screen that goes for 48 yards and Northern gets a 4-yard TD run from Noah Smith…Kemp goes to Cruz for the two-point pass play, and with it being good, the new score shows NG 20, NWG 14…4:43 left to play in the second quarter, Northern 20, Northwest 14…NWG receives the ensuing kickoff and Jackson takes it back 36 yards…Jackson to Council for no gain, with Smith on the tackle for Northern…Council runs for four yards, Parrot goes to Jackson, but the pass is incomplete…Jackson hits Snyder on a ricochet pass for 23 yards, and Jackson runs it for 5 more yards…Council on a first down run for NWG, and Cruz makes the tackle for Northern…Council runs for NWG, no gain…Council with a one-yard run, and it is third-and-nine for NWG, with 35 seconds left in the first half…Jackson runs for a big NWG TD on an 11-yard gain, and the two-point pass play is no good…With 27 seconds left in the first half, our the score now sits at NWG 20, NG 20…The NG kickoff is taken by Chance Cruz, and on first down, Brett Blackwell, from Northwest Guilford sacks NG QB Jaxson Kemp, and NG gets hit with a blindside block penalty, and after an incomplete NG pass, our first half comes to an end…
Halftime Score:Northwest Guilford 20, Northern Guilford 20

More on the way, with video coming….

The second half gets rolling and NWG has the ball first and ten at the NWG 30…Jackson on the carry for NWG, and it goes for a loss of one…Council on the NWG carry and Mack on the tackle for NG…Northern intercepts the NWG pass and NG has the football first and ten, at the NWG 27 yard-line…Akers on the carry for NG, and NG gets called for a block-in-the-back…Then NG comes up with a big play, as the NG QB Kemp connects with Cruz for the touchdown, and the two-point run fails…5:39 to go in the third quarter, Northern 26, Northwest 20…Council on the kickoff return again for NWG, then it’s Council on a four-yard run…Jackson on a first down run, Council on a first down run, and Jackson on another run for a yard, for NWG….Council on the carry and Lee on the stop for NG…A 33-yard touchdown is called back, it was Jackson to Snyder, and there is a penalty…Jackson hits Council on a 18-yard pass for the NWG first down, and the third quarter is over…
End of Third Quarter:Northwest Guilford 26, Northern Guilford 20

We begin the fourth quarter with the ball belonging to Northwest, at the NG 15…NWG got hit with a five-yard penalty, which pushed the ball back to the NWG 15…Council on the NWG carry, and Cooper Braxton with the tackle for NG…Council on a three-yard NWG carry, and Charlie Griffin on the tackle for NG…NWG gets a first down, on a run by NWG QB Jackson…Cruz on the tackle for NG…It is first and goal NG at the NWG 5-yard line…Council on another NWG carry, and then Jackson on a run for two yards for NWG…It is now third and goal, NWG is at the NG 1-yard line…NWG QB Parrot keeps the ball on a run, and he loses yardage…Now it is NWG with fourth and goal, at the NG three-yard line…Jackson jumps into it with a three-yard NWG TD run…The two-point pass is deflected, and is unsuccessful, and with the two-point pass play failing, our score is now, NWG 26, NG 26…First down NG at the NG 33…NG gets a long run from Muse, but there is a block-in-the-back called on Northern, and the ball is coming back…NWG then gets called for a face-mask penalty, and and after the penalty, NG will take over, with a first and ten at the NWG 45…Another NG penalty moves the ball back to the 50-yard line…From the 50 NG gets a run from Muse and Northern is in business, when the Nighthawks get a first down run from Akers…After a couple more strong runs by Akers, NG has moved the football to the NWG 19-yard line…It is Akers with a first down run for NG, to the NWG 10…It is a timeout from Northern Guilford(last time out), and with 8 seconds left in the game, NG gets and incomplete pass on a pass breakup by NWG’s Council, on a NG pass intended for Cruz…

Second and ten, for NG at the NWG 10…Just four seconds left in regulation…Northern Guilford lines up for a 25-yard field goal attempt from Muse…The kick is blocked and time runs out….We are headed to Overtime….

End of Regulation:
Northwest Guilford 26, Northern Guilford 26
Northern Guilford 26, Northwest Guilford 26

Northwest Guilford gets the first possession in Overtime…NWG QB Jackson hits Brody Atkins on a big pass to set up an NWG TD…The ball is at the NG two-yard line, and Council runs it in from the two yards away, for the NWG TD…Jackson passes to Brody Atkins and the two-point pass play is good…In Overtime #1, Northwest Guilford 34, Northern Guilford 26

Now time for the Northern Guilford possession, and the Nighthawks will have to start from the 25-yard line, after they were hit with an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty on the TD play by NWG…The penalty was assessed after the TD and NWG PAT play…NG ball on the 25-yard line, and NG gets a 7-yard Muse run, and Boyd makes the tackle for NWG…NG’s Muse on the run again to the 11-yard line…Second and goal from the 11 for NG…After another Muse run of six yards, it is now NG third and goal, at the 5-yard line…Muse with another carry and it is fourth and goal at the 3-yard line…Muse goes on the carry for the three-yard TD run, and the score is now 34-32 NWG…On the two-point conversion run Akers fumbles the ball in the end zone, but a NG Nighthawk recovers the fumble, and NG scores the two points, and NG has tied the game up at the end of the First Overtime, NG 34, NWG 34

Now we are headed to the Second Overtime…NWG possession and on the NWG first down, the Jackson to Snyder pass falls incomplete…NWG is hit with a penalty, and the ball is back at the 15-yard line…Nothing doing on second down for NWG(INC pass), and then on third down and goal from the 15, another NWG pass goes for an incompletion…NWG is pushed back five more yards on a penalty, and from the twenty-yard line, the fourth down NWG pass is long, and with the incompletion, the ball goes to NG, at the 10…

Northern Guilford first and ten, at the 10, and NG gets a ten-yard run from Amare Akers, and the ten-yard run is for a Touchdown, and with the OT TD, NG is the winner….
End of the Second Overtime:Northern Guilford 40, Northwest Guilford 34
Final Score:Northern Guilford Nighthawks 40, Northwest Guilford Vikings 34

I spoke with the Northwest Guilford head coach after the game, and told him we were very proud of his team’s efforts in the game today…A great game, from two teams(NWG and NG), coming from out of almost the same backyards…A real neighborhood battle, at Billings Stadium, this afternoon….

Video on the way…..
Looking over the Northwest Guilford fan base today…

Northern team coming out of halftime talk…CLICK ON BELOW…

A look at the Northern Guilford fan base, at today’s game…CLICK ON BELOW..

NG Coach Chase Cochran talks to his NG Nighthawks after the game…CLICK ON BELOW..

Northern players break it down, after their post game talk…CLICK ON BELOW..

Post game interview with Northern Middle School head coach, Chase Cochran…CLICK ON BELOW…