Friday Night Football Finish:The Regular Season is Finished and all we have now, is “The Unknown”(Waiting on the Playoff Pairings)

The regular season is over and Grimsley got the big win over Northern Guilford to take the Metro 4-A Conference and the #1 seed into the playoffs…Dudley routed Eastern Guilford, and now Dudley takes the #1 seed from the Mid-State 3-A Conference into the playoffs..

Northern Guilford will be going in as a #2 seed(Metro 4-A) and Eastern Guilford hits the playoffs as the #2 seed, from the Mid-State 3-A….

All of those numbers that I gave you prior to the Grimsley-NG game pretty much proved themself, as the stat numbers going in from teams were very close/tight, and the score turned out to be very close/tight, with Grimsley walking away winning the contest, 42-36…More on that game to follow…

Grimsley tops NG, Dudley takes down EG, SEG gets past Page in OT, NWG better than SWG, in a close one at The Ranch…Going into tonight’s games, I had Grimsley winning by 10, Dudley by 19, Page by 6, and NWG by 12…Other than the Dudley-EG game, they all turned out to be close ones this evening….

Did anyone else see Ragsdale over Western Guilford, 53-0??? I saw that score on the FOX 8 scoreboard, the WFMY TV 2 scoreboard, and on MaxPreps…Anybody else see that one, the 53-0 Ragsdale win, or did you see a much closer score someplace else???

We are pretty much done, now that the Regular Season is over…Now all we have before us is, “The Unknown”….

How many teams will get playoff spots? How many teams will have/get home games, in Round One of the high school football playoffs?? Who is playing who, in Round One??? Any of our local teams matched up in Round One???? Does our/my team have a good chance of winning their Round One playoff game????? What time does basketball practice start/begin on Monday afternoon?????? Does a coach have to be present when we turn our equipment in??????? How am I supposed to get home from school on Monday, now that football practice is over???????? If my school did not get into the playoffs this year, can I transfer to a school that is playing in Round One of the football playoffs, next Friday night????????? When do we turn the time/our clocks back, don’t we usually does this with our clocks, the first week of the NCHSAA Football Playoffs?????????? (Does this mean we get to sleep in on Monday, and by sleeping in, will we still be able to be on time for practice)?????????? Enough of this crazy speculation….The pairings will be coming out, some time on Saturday afternoon, we can talk more about the football playoffs then….

Just as we begin to pack it in, so Grimsley is in, Dudley is in, Northern Guilford is in, Eastern Guilford is in, Southeast Guilford looks to be in….Is that it from Guilford County??? Grimsley, Dudley, Northern Guilford, Eastern Guilford, and Southeast Guilford??? No Page, No Northwest Guilford, No Guilford the Grasshopper???

This mystery surrounding the high school football playoffs is killing me….Where do we go next week? Who is the highest seed from Guilford County, and who has the best chance of remaining at home the longest, in this year’s playoff format…Looking at the recent team rankings, the Dudley Panthers may the best chance to win it all, when you look at the teams from Guilford County in the playoffs…Grimsley will have to face Chambers or Hough down the line, and you have the East Forsyth’s, the Glenn’s, and others coming after you…Dudley might get a #1 or #2 overall seed in the 3-A’s, and that might mean home field advantage for a few extra weeks in the playoffs…You never know how they are going to set up the brackets….

We will just have to wait and see…

In a very hard fought game at the Johnny Roscoe Stadium tonight, Grimsley stopped Northern, and here are some of the efforts that helped the Whirlies get over the hump…Grimsley QB Alonza Barnett III was 16-30 passing for 287 yards with 3 TD passes and 1 interception…Barnett rushing was there with 149 yards on 19 carries, with 2 TD’s…Barnett with 436 total yards and 4 TD’s…
(Barnett the Steak n Shake Offensive Player of the Game)

Jeiel Melton for Grimsley with 30 carries for 157 yards rushing, with one TD, Melton with three receptions for 62 yards and one touchdown receiving…Melton with 219 total yards and two TD’s…

Alex Taylor with 10 receptions for Grimsley and 110 yards receiving, with one TD catch…Terrell Anderson with 4 receptions for Grimsley and good for 92 yards and one TD…

For Northern Guilford, NG QB Jack Mercer with 16 carries for 144 yards and two TD’s…Mercer was 19-29 passing for 163 yards and 2 TD’s through the air…Mercer with 307 total yards…Both QB’s, Barnett and Mercer, ran the ball very hard and much success on the ground…

Jordan McInnis, from Northern Guilford, with 12 carries for 59 yards rushing/1 TD, McInnis with 6 receptions for 69 more yards, and he returned a kickoff 75 yards for a touchdown…McInnis with 203 total yards…

Zion Crawford with 4 receptions for 60 yards and a touchdown for Northern Guilford…Manny Elliot with 5 receptions for 32 yards and a TD for NG…As you can see, there were plenty of yards to go around tonight/Friday night….With so much talent on both sides of the ball, the offenses were in full-gear-mode, in this offensive showcase…

Scoring Summary from the Grimsley-NG game:
Grimsley:Alonza Barnett 21-yard pass to Alex Taylor, with 9:35 left in the 1st Quarter, PAT Kick is good from Colin Prago…Grimsley 7, Northern Guilford 0

Northern Guilford:Jack Mercer on a 6-yard TD run…PAT Kick Fails…7:32 remaining in the 1st Quarter, Grimsley 7, Northern Guilford 6

Northern Guilford:Grant McNeill with a 37-yard Field Goal…3:50 to play in the First Quarter, and NG leads Grimsley, 9-7

Grimsley:Barnett to Terrell Anderson with a 30-yard TD pass…PAT Kick by Prago is good, and with 10:42 to go in the Second Quarter, our score is, Grimsley 14, Northern Guilford 9

Grimsley:Melton on a one-yard run, and the Prago PAT Kick is good again…6:38 to play in the Second Quarter….Grimsley 21, NG 9

Northern Guilford:Jordan McInnis on a 75-yard kickoff return for a touchdown, and with the Grant McNeill PAT Kick, Grimsley leads Northern Guilford, 21-16, with 6:22 to play in the Second Quarter…

Grimsley:Barnett III takes off on a 12-yard run for a TD, and with the Prago PAT Kick, and 3:00 left in the Second Quarter, the score says, Grimsley 28, Northern Guilford 16

Grimsley:It’s Barnett on another TD run, this from 2 yards out, and with the Prago PAT Kick, at 10.6 seconds left in the First Half, the score is:Grimsley 35, Northern Guilford 16

Northern Guilford:McInnis on a one-yard TD run, the Grant McNeill PAT Kick is good, and with 9:15 to go in the Third Quarter, it is Grimsley 35, NG 23

Grimsley:Barnett goes to Melton on a 30-yard TD pass play, and the Prago PAT Kick is good, with 5:44 to play in the Third Quarter, Grimsley leads NG, 42-23….

Northern Guilford:Mercer to Zion Crawford on a 29-yard pass for an NG TD, PAT Kick from McNeill is good, and 4:34 remaining in the Third Quarter, our score is:Grimsley 42, NG 30

Northern Guilford:Mercer to Manny Elliot for a 4-yard TD pass, and with the McNeill PAT Kick, and with 7:35 left in the Fourth and final Quarter, the score is:Grimsley 42, Northern Guilford 36

Grimsley had the ball First-and-Goal inside the NG 10 late in the game, but the Whirlies opted to run the clock out and end the football game…
Final Score:Grimsley 42, Northern Guilford 36
**********Grimsley Whirlies 2021 Fall Metro 4-A Conference Champions**********