Friday Night with Ethan White:Southeast Guilford Falcons push past Page Pirates in Overtime

Southeast Guilford VS Page

Tonight I am at The Nest for a good matchup. Tonight is senior night and an emotional night. Tonight is Southeast Guilford VS Page.

Coach Bates: 1. Big win last week, how does that win help you going into the postseason? “ Trying to get momentum going into the playoffs and that’s what you always want coming off a great win. 2. What were the things you focused on with the guys this week in practice? “ You know last week we didn’t have as many penalties having only 4 and the week before we had 12 so I think we did a good job as far as that but just trying to have as much fun with the guys really. 3. How much has this senior class impacted you guys? “ I always believe in senior leadership. I always tell the seniors that its your team and how you want the year to end”.

Alex Mcalop: 1. Last week at Northwest going into their senior night, how did it feel to come out on top? “ We needed to be put into a situation to put ourselves into a good position fort he playoffs. 2. This week is very emotional with senior night and it being the last home game possibly for you guys, what did you and the seniors focus on? “ Just trying to soak everything in and be grateful to have a season with covid going on. 3. What was the main thing you focused on this game? “ They are a good football team and they are coming off two losses and want some payback. We are a very good football team when we put everything together and can beat them”.

Jordan Farmer: 1. Same Question: “ It was a great win and put us in great position for the future”. 2. Same Question: “ Trying to keep the guys focused on everything and try not to let the emotions take over. 3. Same Question: “ Less penalties and lots of positive energy”.

Half Time Score: 10-3

Southeast Drives: Southeast to start. Second down run by the falcons but they FUMBLE the ball and the Pirates pick it up. Great quarterback keeper from Bryson. First down Falcons. BIG pass play to get broken up. Brings up second down. Big run play on second down from ED for a first down. FUMBLE on the play recovered by Bryson Sorreno. The Page defense stops the falcons offense. Fourth down. INTERCEPTION by the Pirates. Great pass to Matt Caldwell for a first down. Third down Falcons. BIG third down run for Tyshawn Wall for a first down. BIG run for Tyshawn Wall for first down. Nice screen pass to Cam Williams. Looks like Illegal formation. Timeout Falcons. Nice run from Alex Mcalap. Third down coming up. BIG STOP for the Pirates to force fourth down. BIG RUN up the middle by Bryson Sorreno for a first a goal. TOUCHDOWN FALCONS. Run up the middle from Tyshawn Wall. DAS BOOT for the field goal is good. Nice run up the middle from Alex Mcalop. BIG STOP by the Pirates. Forces fourth down. Timeout Pirates. Falcons to punt. Bryson Sorreno on the quarterback keeper for the first down. SACK on the play. Face mask called on the Pirates. Timeout Pirates. Pass play falls incomplete. BIG run by Tyshawn Wall for the first down. Timeout Falcons. Screen pass Cam Williams for the first down. DAS BOOT on the field goal and its good. Pass is tipped and caught by Cam Williams for a first down. Nice run by Tyshawn Wall for a first down. Pass is intercepted by the Pirates. BIG RUN but looks like its coming back for illegal shift. Timeout Falcons. Pass play to Cam Williams to be incomplete. Pass Interference on the Pirates. Screen pass to Cam Williams for a first down. Bryson Sorreno on the run for another first down. FUMBLE on the play but the Falcons recover. Delay of game on the Falcons. Tyshawn Wall on the play but will be stopped behind the line. Third down Falcons. Pass to Mark Tillmon for a Falcon first down. Falcons go for it on fourth down and will get it. BIG RUN up the middle but will come back for holding. SACK on the play by the Pirates. FUMBLE on the play Bryson Sorreno falls on it. TOUCHDOWN FALCONS. BIG SCREEN pass to Cam Williams. DAS BOOTS kick is good. 17-10. BIG third down stop for the Pirates. Brings up fourth down.

Page Drives: Nice stop on the play to bring up second and long. Brings up a big third down pass play to go incomplete. The Pirates to start he ball at their own 11. Nice run from Trevon Hester for a first down. Another run by Trevon Hester for another first down. BIG RUN by the Pirates for a first down. BIG STOP by the Falcons. Brings up 2nd down. BIG third down here for the Pirates. BIG STOP for the Falcons. Brings up fourth down. Pirates to go for it, but they come up short. Falcons Sack Jerron Blackwell for a loss of 2. Big third down play. Falcons stop the Pirates to bring up fourth down. 0-0 at the end of the first. PIRATES FIELD GOAL is good. 3-0. Screen pass to Adonis Payton for a first down. BIG HIT by Grant Stevens to stop them on second down. Big stop by the Falcons to force fourth down. Screen pass to the outside. Face mask call on the Falcons. BIG SACK by Alex Mcalop. Timeout Pirates. Third down coming up for the Pirates. BALL IS TIPPED and is picked off by Carson Burrnett. Pirates to start the ball at the 36. BIG STOP on the play by Alex Mcalop. Third down Page. False Start on the Pirates. Screen pass to be stopped by Camber Alcorn. Forces fourth down. Quarterback keeper is stopped by Alex Mcalop. Run toss to Adonis Payton for a first down. Big third down run by Trevon Hester for a first down. TOUCHDOWN PIRATES. Pass complete to the outside from Nick Williamson. Field goal is good. 10-10. Falcons stop the run to bring up third down. BIG stop for the Falcons to bring up fourth down. Pass is broken up by the Falcons. False Start on the Pirates. Face mask on the Falcons. Brings up 2nd down again. Stop on the play. Brings up third down. Timeout Page. Pass complete to Devontay Deloatch for a Page first down. 2nd down run by Trevon Hester brings up a first down. Another big run for a first down by Trevon Hester. TOUCHDOWN PAGE. Pass from Nick Williamson is complete for the touchdown. Field goal is good. 17-17. Run by Trevon Hester stopped by the Falcons. Jerron Blackwell on the run. Page to run the clock out to force overtime.

Overtime drives
Southeast: Pass complete to Elijah Davis to the one-yard line. TOUCHDOWN FALCONS. Alex Mcalop on the run up the middle. DAS BOOTS kick is good. 24-17.

Page: TOUCHDOWN PIRATES. Run by Trevon Hester to the left. Timeout Falcons. PAGE goes for two and doesn’t get in.
Final Score:Southeast Guilford 24, Page 23 OT
Injuries: No Injuries tonight

Tonight, was a very cold and tuff game tonight for Page. Southeast struggled with some penalties but was pretty dominate on defense. The Falcon offensive had a couple turnovers but pulled together to get the win in overtime. This is Ethan White coming from Southeast saying goodnight and see you next time.