Middle School Football Today(11/3/2021) in Guilford County:Finals coming in with Kiser taking down Mendenhall/Swann past Lincoln/EG tops WG/SG by 2 over Welborn and looking for more

Finals coming it Today/Tonight:
Kiser 52, Mendenhall 20
Swann 18, The Academy at Lincoln 0
Eastern Guilford 14, Western Guilford 0
Southern Guilford 36, Welborn 34

Allen Middle vs. Jackson Middle 5pm at Claude Manzi Stadium/Ben L. Smith HS
Jamestown Middle at Southwest Guilford 5pm at The Ranch/Southwest Guilford HS
Kernodle Middle at Northeast Guilford 5:30pm at Bill Bookout Stadium/Northeast Guilford HS
Northwest Guilford at Southeast Guilford 5:30pm at Bill Slayton Stadium/Southeast Guilford HS

Hairston Middle-OFF
Allen Jay Prep-OFF
Ferndale Middle-OFF
Northern Guilford Middle School-Season Complete(7-0)

**********Here is how the Guilford County Middle Schools look in the 2021 season…..**********
(If you have any updates on your record, send them our way.)
Jamestown Tigers(2-2)
Northern Guilford(7-0)
Northwest Guilford(5-1)
Southeast Guilford(1-1)
Southwest Guilford(1-3)
Kernodle Cougars(3-2)
Allen Jay Prep(3-2)
Eastern Guilford(4-2)
Western Guilford(2-3)
Northeast Guilford(1-3)
Southern Guilford(0-3)
The Point(6-0)

Notes from the Kiser-Mendenhall game:
(D.J. Reader’s mom, Felicia Reader was there today, cheering on the teams.)
The game started out with a kickoff return by Mendenhall’s Poindexter…Coleman made the tackle for Kiser…The MEN QB Lynch on a couple of carries for the Mendenhall Mustangs…First impressions on the Lynch kid, are that he can really get around…Slade comes up with a big pass interception for Kiser…QB Hudson Cooper on the carry for Kiser, and he gains 6 yards…Another MEN tackle by Poindexter…Kyrie Millner on the carry for KMS…Then there was an INC. pass by Kiser, then the Cooper for KMS, followed by another Cooper run, this run by Cooper, which is Cooper on the keeper is a two-yard run for a touchdown, for Kiser…The two-point pass for two is good, with Cooper going to Searles for the two-point conversion play…With 3:03 to go in the first quarter, our score is Kiser 8, Mendenhall 0…MEN with possession again and they get a first down run, but then the MEN RB Johnson is thrown for a three-yard loss…Mendenhall fumbles the ball over to Kiser, and Coleman quickly carries for a KMS first down….The ball is down on the Mendenhall Mustangs’ three-yard line, and after a two-gain by the Tigers, Darion Coleman runs the ball into the end zone from one yard away, and with the two-point pass play good again, from Cooper to Searles, the new score is, Kiser 16, Mendenhall 0, with 1:06 remaining in the first quarter..
Mendenhall gets a strong 50-yard kickoff return by Markey Lynch, and MEN throws an INC. pass on first down, but then they turn Lynch loose on a 30-yard run for the touchdown, but the two-point fails, and our score sits at Kiser 16, Mendenhall 6, with 11.9 seconds to play in the first quarter….
End of First Quarter:Kiser 16, Mendenhall 6

After the kickoff by MEN, where Raffael made the tackle, KMS gets rolling again with Titus Duff at QB…Duff on a steady run, then Milner takes off running hard for KMS…Next up, Kiser goes airborne when Titus Duff hits Dixon Broach on a 42-yard pass for a touchdown…It is also Duff to Broach on the two-point play, and KMS has moved in front over MEN, 24-6…On the ensuing kickoff Markey Lynch takes it to the proverbial house for the Mendenhall Mustangs, as Lynch busts loose on an 85-yard run for the Mustangs’ TD…The two-point run attempt by MEN is unsuccessful, and with 6:01 to go in the Second Quarter, the score is Kiser 24, Mendenhall 12…Lynch piling up some overall solid yards for his Mustangs…It is Kyrie Millner on the kickoff return for Kiser, and Poindexter on the tackle for Mendenhall…Millner with the first down carry for Kiser..Hudson Cooper then gets a first down on the ground for KMS…Millner has a run that sets up a first-and-goal from the MEN 1-yard line for Kiser…Kyrie Millner then takes the ball in from one yard out for the KMS Tigers’ touchdown…The two-point pass play fails, and with 3:36 left in the Second Quarter, our score is:Kiser 30, Mendenhall 12
Halftime Score:Kiser 30, Mendenhall 12

On the second half kickoff return, this time it is Poindexter for MEN, and then Mendenhall goes to work on first down with Johnson on the carry…MEN gets a first down, on the run by Markey Lynch, and then Raffael takes off on a carry, then it is a Lynch run, with Atkins on the tackle for KMS, and then Lynch gets hurt on the play, and MEN throws an INC. pass, and on the next play, MEN makes the catch, but they cough up the football with a fumble, and Joshua Young from Kiser grabs the lose football(fumble) and takes that football back for a 78 run, scoop-and-score…Joshua Young on the TD run, and then Hudson Cooper on the two-point conversion run, and that runs the score up to, Kiser 38, Mendenhall 12

Mendenhall can’t get anything going and KMS will get the ball back…Then it is Duff on a run, Millner is running free for a first down carry, and Darion Coleman gets in on the act, and gets a big KMS Tigers first down..Lynch makes back-to-back tackles for the Mustangs’ defense…KMS sends Duff off on a 16-yard run and he gets in on the touchdown…Duff for the KMS TD, and then Titus Duff runs in for two more Tiger points, on the conversion QB keeper…We now see Kiser pulling away, leading MEN, 46-12, with 4:52 left in the Third Quarter…
Poindexter goes for a first down for Mendenhall after the Mustangs regain possession of the football…After a MEN incomplete pass, KMS takes over again, and they get a Millner run for the first down, and then it is Coleman on a five-yard run for KMS, and next Millner(KMS) gets running again, and Poindexter makes the tackle for MEN…
End of Third Quarter:Kiser 46, Mendenhall 12

In the Fourth Quarter, Kiser looks to Tinashe Chitiyo to get them running, and Jackson is in on the next tackle for MEN…After a couple of Chitiyo runs, Darion Coleman gives Kiser a five-yard run to paydirt and it pays off to the tune of a touchdown…Coleman with Tigers’ TD, but KMS fails to convert the two-point run play…With 6:14 to play in the football game, Kiser has pushed their lead up to 52-12 over the Mendenhall Mustangs…Mendenhall gets a 28-yard kickoff return from Poindexter…Lynch makes a move for a first down run, and then MEN gets another strong run from Sammy Raffael, Johnson runs strong, and then Lynch rolls for a 15-yard Mustang scamper….This sets up a 7-yard pass from Lynch to Poindexter for the touchdown, and Johnson gets the two-point run for Mendenhall and with 3:39 to go in the game, our score is:Kiser 52, Mendenhall 20….Kiser will get another positive run from Tinashe Chitiyo and one more run from Dixon Broach, and Poindexter is in on both tackles…Kiser closing the game with a couple of bad snaps, but Broach is able to cover the ball, and let the clock run on out….
Final Score:Kiser Middle School Tigers 52, Mendenhall Middle School Mustangs 20
Interesting that the Grimsley-Page score was, Grimsley 52, Page 22

Kiser Tigers and Mendenhall Mustangs meet at midfield at the end of today’s game….CLICK ON BELOW

A look at the scoreboard, at the end of today’s game…CLICK ON BELOW

In the Kiser Middle School Tigers’ post game football team huddle…CLICK ON BELOW

Interview with Coach Ed Whiteheart, the head coach of the Kiser Middle School football team…Kiser over the Mendenhall Mustangs, 52-20, on Wednesday November 3, 2021…Coach talks about the team, and what they did in the game…CLICK ON BELOW for the video show…

++++++++++Eastern Guilford tops Western Guilford, 14-0++++++++++