Steak n Shake Players of the Week from the 11/5/2021 Games

Who is it going to be this week…Since we are hitting the playoffs now, all players are eligible, it doesn’t matter if they have won before or not….It is anybody’s game now that we are in the playoff phase of the season…Who is it going to be…We had some BIG offensive games from our winners last week, and on defense, both Dudley and Grimsley have some prime candidates….Thompson, Shaw, and Maynard all have very strong defensive credentials from Grimsley this week, while Morehead, Pittman, Barnes and Seagraves give you solid defensive totals from Dudley HS….Vote now or forever hold your piece/peace…Let us know which way you want to go…Lots of defense being shown by those young men last Friday night….Here you go with overall totals….

Grimsley Whirlies from last Friday night on Offense and Defense vs. the Cox Mill Chargers:
Alonza Barnett III 18-29 passing for 235 yards and 4 TD passes…Barnett for the season at 2,433 yards passing on 146-259 passes, with 35 TD’s/3 INT’S…Barnett with 3,250 Total Yards with 45 TD’s…582 rushing yards on the season for Barnett, with 10 rushing TD’s….
Jeiel Melton 19 carries for 85 yards and 1 TD…Melton with 2 receptions for 44 yards..129 Total Yards…Melton with 1,281 rushing yards for the season/14 TD’s…1,656 total yards for Melton on the season….
Terrell Anderson with 7 receptions for 100 yards/1 TD…Anderson now with 918 yards and 10 TD’s for the year….

Tamorye Thompson with 10 Tackles/Blocked Punt/Forced Fumble for Grimsley
Ja’carion Maynard with a fumble scoop-and-score/Interception
Travis Shaw with 4 Total Tackles and causing total disruption along that Grimsley defensive line, and putting pressure on the Cox Mill offense all night long…

Dudley Panthers from last Friday night:
Michael Shaw with 4 carries for 112 yards and one touchdown/1 Reception for 4 yards and a TD…Shaw for the season with 902 yards, on 87 carries with 12 TD’s…13 Total TD’s on the season for Shaw…
Jahmier Slade with high percentage production vs. North Henderson for the Dudley Panthers….Slade was 3-4 passing for 112 yards and 3 TD’s…Slade had 5 carries for 82 yards and another TD….Slade on the season going 69-117 passing for 1,551 yards, with 21 TD’s/3 INT’s…..Season Slade with 52 carries for 461 yards and 4 TD’s…Slade on the season with 2,012 Total Yards and 25 TD’s…
RJ Baker for Dudley with 4 carries for 44 yards and 1 reception for 59 yards and a touchdown…103 yards for Baker vs. North Henderson…Baker with 852 rushing yards for the season and 10 TD’s…Baker with 574 receiving yards and 9 TD’s…Baker with 1,496 total yards and 19 TD’s….Baker with 86 yards on kickoff returns and 116 yards on punt returns for 1,628 All-Purpose yards….
Mehki Wall for Dudley with 1 carry for 53 yards and a TD, plus one reception for 43 yards and a TD…96 yards and 2 TD’s for Wall….One punt return for Wall for 27 yards, giving him 123 all-purpose yards vs. North Henderson…..Wall also had a two-point conversion run vs. North Henderson, with 14 total points in that game….Wall season with 652 receiving yards, 158 rushing yards, and 617 punt return yards, giving him 1,435 all-purpose yards, plus 14 TD’s and 5 two-point conversion scores….94 Total Points…

KJ Morehead with 5 Total Tackles, 2 Solo Tackles for Dudley, with 3 Pass Deflections and 1 Interception for the Panthers….
Shawn Seagraves with 4 Total Tackles, with 1 Tackle for a Loss and 2 Pass Deflections vs. North Henderson…
Jeremiah Barnes with 6 Total Tackles with 4 Solo Tackles and a Pass Interception/3 Tackles for a Loss/3 Pass Deflections vs. North Henderson…Barnes returned the intercepted pass 93 yards…Dudley with something like 10 pass deflections in this game…
Jhyheem Pittman with 7 Total Tackles and 5 Solo Tackles, with 3 Tackles for a Loss, plus 2.5 QB Sacks and 2 QB Hurries…

Northern Guilford vs. Lake Norman….
Quarterback Jack Mercer 22-of-30 passing for 184 yards/2 INT’s, plus he had 13 carries for 92 yards, and 2 TD’s..Mercer going 146-229 for the season, with 1,987 yards and 32 TD’s/8 INT’s…Mercer with 92 carries for 352 yards and 6 TD’s….Mercer with 2,339 yards and 38 TD’s…
RB Jordan McInnis 10 carries for 79 yards/TD, 6 receptions for 58 yards…..McInnis with 1,115 yards rushing and 13 TD’s for the season…McInnis with 358 yards receiving and 2 more TD’s…McInnis with 1,627 all-purpose yards for the season….He had 164 yards on KO returns…
Terrell Timmons for the season with 969 yards, with 549 receiving, 294 on Punt Returns, and 126 on KO returns/11 TD’s total…..
Manny Elliot for the season with 693 yards and 12 TD’s…

Austin Flippen with 8 Total Tackles/3 Solo vs. Lake Norman…
Nkwenti Achina with 8 Total Tackles/4 Solo vs. Lake Norman…

Eastern Guilford vs. South Point…
Quarterback Tyreik Boyd completing 20-of-26 passes for 309 yards and two scores.
Khyair Lundy had eight catches for 186 yards/2 TD’s..
Running back Jaiden Evans also had 104 rushing yards/TD…
*****Seasonal stats for EG are incomplete, and we will look to add those in here tomorrow…

Page vs. Hough
Trevon Hester with 20 carries for 35 yards/1 Reception for 8 yards…Hester for the season with 1,147 yards on 197 carries and 19 TD’s…
QB Jerron Blackwell was 13-19 for 58 yards/0 TD’s/0 INT’s vs. Hough….391 passing yards and 188 rushing yards/130 yards receiving with 12 total TD’s for Blackwell on the season….Blackwell with 709 total yards for the year….
QB Nick Williamson was 64-124 for the year with 838 yards, 7 TD’s/2 INT’s….
Paul Thompson with 235 yards rushing on the year and 2 TD’s…
Grady Sherrill with 368 yards receiving and 4 TD’s for the season…
Devontay Deloatch with 335 yards receiving and 5 TD’s for the year…

Southeast Guilford vs. East Forsyth
SEG QB Bryson Serrano was 5-12/75 yards/1 INT. vs. East Forsyth…Season for Serrano with 78-131 for 1,172 yards with 8 TD’s/6 INT’s…
Tyshawn Wall with 14 carries for 62 yards vs. East….610 rushing yards on the year for Wall with 4 TD’s…
Alex McCalop on the year with 117 yards rushing and 10 TD’s….
Elijah Davis with 494 yards rushing and 8 TD’s for the year…
Cameron Williams with 586 yards receiving and 6 TD’s for the year…Williams with 868 all-purpose yards on the season…586 receiving, 184 KO return, 53 punt return, and 45 yards rushing….

Northwest Guilford vs. Ardrey Kell
QB Tanner Ballou was 8-29 for 45 yards with 2 INT’s…For the season Ballou went 152-291 for 2,150 yards with 24 TD’s/6 INT’s…
RB Mike Godette had 15 carries for 74 yards…On the season with 92 carries for 465 yards and 3 TD’s…
RB Xavier Simmons with 522 yards rushing and 8 TD’s for the year….
WR Trent Cloud with 3 receptions for 10 yards and on the season, 60 receptions for 715 yards and 9 TD’s…
WR Bristol Carter with 1 carry for a TD, and 2 receptions for 11 yards…Season Carter with 25 receptions for 617 yards and 8 TD’s…17 carries for 129 and 2 TD’s…
TE Jake Sowards for the season with 16 receptions for 314 yards and 1 TD….
WR Alex Sarantos with 10 receptions for 235 yards and 3 TD’s for the season…

No Stats available on Southern Guilford vs. Pisgah
(Jerron Cooper did have two Touchdowns for Southern Guilford at Pisgah…Cooper on the reception and Cooper on the kickoff return.)

No Stats available on High Point Christian vs. Harrells Academy

*********Steak n Shake Players of the Week for the 2021 Season**********
Winners so far this season:
Grimsley’s Alonza Barnett III
Tanner Ballou from Northwest Guilford High School
Jordan McInnis(Northern Guilford HS)
Southeast Guilford Falcons’ kicker Aidan Bonde
RJ Baker, from Dudley High School
Jeiel Melton(Grimsley HS)
Trevon Hester(Page HS)
Jack Mercer(Northern Guilford HS)
Devontay Deloatch(Page HS)
Jaiden Evans(Eastern Guilford High School)
Alex Sarantos(Northwest Guilford High School)

Steven Davis II from Dudley High School
Alex McCalop from Southeast Guilford HS/Logan Wright(Dudley HS), Xavier Simmons(Northwest Guilford HS)
Western Guilford’s linebacker Bryson Moore
Braxton Veiga-Eastern Guilford High School
Jeremiah Barnes, from Dudley High School
Tamorye Thompson(Grimsley HS)
Decory Covington(Southern Guilford HS)/Austin Flippen(Northern Guilford HS)
Jerron Blackwell(Page HS)
Parker Maynard(Page HS)
Jhyheem Pittman(Dudley High School)
Ronnie Crump(Smith High School)

**********All of the Weekly Winners will be placed in a pool, and we will vote from the group for our Steak n Shake Players of the Year, at the end of the season…The Steak n Shake Players of the Year will receive an autographed football and a POY Plaque…**********
(We will have open voting for our Players of the Year, and then we will take the top four vote getters in the Final Voting, and have our selection panel choose the Players of the Year, from the four finalists in each of the two categories, offensive and defensive POY’s.)


  1. Going with Slade and Shaw this week since they have not won before. Slade from Dudley on offense and Shaw from Grimsley on defense.

  2. Plus you can vote for previous Winners…Whole new ball game since we have reached the playoffs….

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