Middle School Football Today(11/10/21) in Guilford County:Last Day of the Season/Final Scores coming in(Swann, Kiser and Kernodle with Wins)

Middle School Football Today(11/10/21) in Guilford County
(If you have any updates on your season record/results, send them our way.)
Final Scores:
Swann 36, Southern Guilford 28
Swann(6-1)/Southern Guilford(1-4)

Kiser 28, Western Guilford 26
Kiser(5-2)/Western Guilford(2-5)
Kyrie Millner scored 2 touchdowns/Dixon Broach had 1 touchdown/DeAaron King had 1 touchdown for the Kiser Tigers….

Kernodle 22, Eastern Guilford Middle 16
Kernodle finished the season(4-3); Conference record(3-2)
Eastern Guilford(4-3)

Northeast Guilford at Mendenhall 5pm at Deebs Young Stadium/Mendenhall Middle School

Hairston at Jackson 5pm at Claude Manzi Stadium/Ben L. Smith HS

Allen Jay Prep at Ferndale:Canceled

from Monday:Allen Middle 28, The Academy at Lincoln 14

Northern Guilford-Season Complete
Northwest Guilford-Season Complete
Southeast Guilford-Season Complete
Southwest Guilford-Season Complete
Jamestown Middle-Season Complete
Welborn Middle-Season Complete
The Academy at Lincoln-Season Complete
Allen Middle-Season Complete
The Point-Season Complete

**********Here is how the Guilford County Middle Schools look for the 2021 season…..**********
(If you have any updates on your record, send them our way.)
Jamestown Tigers(2-2)
Northern Guilford(7-0)
Northwest Guilford(5-1)
Southeast Guilford(1-1)
Southwest Guilford(1-3)
Kernodle Cougars(4-3)
Allen Jay Prep(3-2)
Eastern Guilford(4-3)
Western Guilford(2-5)
Northeast Guilford(1-3)
Southern Guilford(1-4)
The Point(6-0)

Game Report on Swann Middle vs. Southern Guilford Middle at Page High School’s Marion Kirby Stadium….
(No public address system at Page today, so we were limited on our names for the offensive plays.)
The Swann Lions got the football to begin the game…Swann got things moving, they were moving the football on the ground…Swann recovered their own fumble and they took it in from 19 yards out for the touchdown…The two-point run failed and Swann led Southern Guilford, 6-0, with 3:32 left to play in the first quarter…There was a touchback, with the ball rolling into the end zone on the ensuing kickoff and Southern Guilford took over and the SG Knights came out passing…Southern Guilford threw the ball a ton all afternoon/evening long…After a couple of incomplete passes and a couple of short runs, SG had to give up the football…SG went for the first down on fourth down, and the Knights came up with an incomplete pass…Swann got the ball and advanced the ball to the SG 25-line yard line, and then Swann fumbled the ball back to the SG 42…After a ten-yard run by the Swann QB, the first quarter came to end…
End of the First Quarter:Swann 6, SG 0

In the second quarter Swann with the ball, and Southern Guilford gets a QB sack…On first down SG goes with an incomplete pass and the receiver was wide open…SG gets a 6-yard run, and then there is an SG first down run…Swann picks up a Southern Guilford fumble and returns that fumble 45-yards for a TD…The two-point run fails and 5:26 to go in the second quarter, the score is now, Swann 12, SG 0…After the kickoff Southern Guilford has the ball at the SG 35…Swann intercepts the SG pass and then Swann gets a 19-yard touchdown run and the two-point run fails, and our new score is:Swann 18, SG 0, with 4:08 to go in the second quarter…Southern Guilford with the ball at the Swann 49-yard line and SG has two INC. passes, and then SG gets a first down run by their QB Maury…Heard his name being called from the crowd…First down SG at the Swann 33, and then the SG QB gets injured, and I think it was Maury…New SG QB in the game and SG gets a complete pass down to the Swann two-yard line…SG on a two-yard TD run, and the two-point run is no good, and our new score with 11:1 seconds left in the first half is, Swann 18, SG 6
End of the First Half:Swann 18, Southern Guilford 6

The second half gets started with Southern’s ball on the SG 47-yard line…SG incomplete pass, and then the SG QB is sacked…At the 36-yard line, we get an SG incomplete pass, and then another SG INC. pass, and then ball ends up in Swann’s hands at the 37..Swann with a one-yard loss, and that is followed by a huge Swann 32-yard TD run…The two-point run is no good again and our score now reads, Swann 24, SG 6, with 5:26 to play in the third quarter…Now we find a first down for SG at the SG 27…SG with a complete pass for 7 yards…SG throws a 28-yard pass to the Swann 38-yard line…Southern hoists a 38-yard TD pass and a failed two-point SG run comes with 3:58 to go in the third quarter…New score reads Swann 24, SG 14…It becomes first down Swann at the SG 46…There is a 21-yard Swann run, and that results in a Swann first down…Swann fumbles the ball back to the 37-yard line for a loss of 12 yards…From there, Swann turns it on, and gets a 37-yard TD run, and the Swann Lions still can’t get that two-point play, so our new score is, Swann 30, SG 14…We have 2:15 to go in the 3rd quarter…We have first down SG at the SG 45…SG gets a 26-yard pass and with more SG passing, the Knights end up at the Swann 10-yard line…SG fumbles and they fall back to the 15…
End of Third Quarter:Swann 30, SG 14

Beginning the fourth quarter we have Swann with the ball at Swann 15-yard line…Swann gets a 45-yard run…Swann gets into scoring position and the Swann Lions end up with a 12-yard TD run…Two-point play fails again, and with 5:17 to play in the fourth quarter, our score is:Swann 36, SG 14

#3 for SG takes off with the kickoff and he returns it for 80 yards and a Southern Guilford touchdown…The two-point run is no good, and our score is, Swann 36, SG 20, with 5:00 minutes to play in the game…First down Swann at the Lions’ 45…Swann advances the ball deep into SG territory and then a penalty moves the ball back to the SG 18…Swann fumbles the ball and SG takes over…INC pass, INC pass, INC pass and then SG gets a first down run…SG has moved the ball to near mid-field and from there, SG gets a huge 45-yard run for a touchdown, and for the first time today/tonight the Two-point play is good…With just 1:05 left to go in the football game, our score is, Swann 36, Southern Guilford 28….SG tries the on-side kick, but Swann recovers, and the Swann Lions run a few plays, and that enables them to run out the clock….
Final Score:Swann Lions 36, Southern Guilford Knights 28

Check out the teams shaking hands after the game…SG-Swann players and coaches….Click On Below…

Check out the Swann players celebrating after the game…CLICK ON BELOW…

Swann Middle School cheerleaders doing their pushups after the football game…CLICK ON BELOW for the video…

Coach Porter with his team talk after the Swann Middle School football game…Click On Below…

Swann Middle School breakdown after the Swann-SG Middle School football game…CLICK ON BELOW…

Our postgame interview with Coach Ben Porter, head coach of the Swann Middle School Lions…CLICK ON BELOW…

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  1. Kiser won against western 28-26 Kyrie Millner scored 2 touchdowns Dixon Broach had 1 touchdown and DeAaron King had 1 touchdown

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