Friday Night Finish:We went into the night with only Two Teams left and now we only have One, as Dudley Wins Big and Grimsley goes down hard

We began the night with just two teams remaining in the NCHSAA Football Playoffs, and now we only have ONE team left…The Dudley Panthers will carry the Guilford County Banner into next Friday night’s action…Dudley pounded Ledford, 53-10 and the Grimsley Whirlies fell hard to the Porter Ridge Pirates, 41-27…

The Grimsley Whirlies could not stop the Triple Option of Porter Ridge, and it sounds like the Ledford Panthers had no answer for the Dudley Panthers…I like seeing our Guilford County teams doing good, and I really don’t get much of a kick seeing teams from outside the county do well..Always have felt like we need to keep it all at home…

From what I was seeing on the FOX 8 Football Frenzy and on the WFMY Friday Football Fever, the Dudley Panthers were rolling tonight…Dudley was getting big plays from QB Jahmier Slade, RB Michael Shaw, RB/SB Rory/RJ Baker, and from WR Mehki Wall…Dudley was on the move this Friday night, and they will move on into Round Three of the NCHSAA Football Playoffs, next Friday night…

Kings Mountain upset West Charlotte, 27-17, and Dudley(11-1) will be hosting Kings Mountain(10-2) in Round Three of the playoffs next Friday night….

Grimsley(11-1) ran into a buzzsaw, and I’m not sure who knows how to stop that Triple Option that Porter Ridge runs…That offense took Grimsley to the cleaners…Still spinning after seeing Porter Ridge(8-2) run that show…Porter Ridge had their QB Myles Carroll, and then they had their big back Omarion Taylor, and then they had their speed back on the outside, Danny Kennedy…Grimsley really couldn’t stop any of these guys…Carroll ran that PR offense to near-perfection…His pitches were near perfect, and his passes were not too bad either…Taylor was the big power runner, and when Kennedy took off, it was almost impossible, for anyone to catch him….Carroll would run that ball up into the line, and he had very good blocking too….Taylor would be pounding the ball into the Grimsley defense…Porter Ridge also had a strong RB Stephen Zayachkowsky…You take those backs, Carroll, Taylor, Kennedy and Zayachkowsky, and they took Grimsley out….

The score got close a few times, but every time Porter Ridge got the ball, you knew the QB Carroll was going to pitch it or run it, or hand it off, but you never knew in advance where that ball was going, and nobody from Grimsley could stop the Pirates….Again Kennedy could fly, it was like he had been over at William Bradley’s Sports Performance Center, and Kennedy was shifty, and he was athletic…Taylor was just a bulldozer in there, and Zayachkowsky was almost running at you sideways….

Grimsley gave up several fumbles and there were interceptions, and overall, it was just a bad night for the Whirlies…

Big Congrats to the Dudley Panthers, and good luck to them next week, at home vs. Kings Mountain….

Here is how the scoring went in the Grimsley-Porter Ridge game….
Porter Ridge:PR scores on a 64-yard pass play from QB Myles Carroll to Danny Kennedy and the McAlister kick was good, making the score 7-0, Porter Ridge, with 7:21 to go in the First Quarter…Porter Ridge 7, Grimsley 0
Grimsley:Grimsley QB Alonza Barnett throws a 10-yard TD pass to Nolan Albright and with the Prago kick, Grimsley and Porter Ridge are all tied up at 7-7, with 6:29 left in the First Quarter…Grimsley 7, Porter Ridge 7
Grimsley:Grimsley gets a 1-yard run from RB Jeiel Melton, and Prago’s kick is good, and with 10:47 to go in the Second Quarter, our new score is, Grimsley 14, Porter Ridge 7
Porter Ridge:Carroll 6-yard run, and the McAlister PAT kick is no good, and with 6:27 left in the Second Quarter, our is:Grimsley 14, Porter Ridge 13
Porter Ridge:Carroll with a 14-yard pass to Tristan Stitt and the McAlister PAT kick is good, and with 3:42 left to play in the Second Quarter, our score is:Porter Ridge 20, Grimsley 14
Halftime Score:Porter Ridge 20, Grimsley 14
Grimsley:QB Barnett on a 1-yard run for the touchdown, and the Prago PAT kick is good, and with 8:28 to go in the Third Quarter, Grimsley goes up over Porter Ridge, 21-20…..
Porter Ridge:Carroll with a 29-yard pass to Kennedy for the TD, and with the McAlister kick, Porter Ridge now leads Grimsley, 27-21, with 5:12 to play in the Third Quarter…
Grimsley:Melton with an 8-yard run for the touchdown and the Grimsley PAT kick fails…With 10:42 left in the Fourth Quarter, Grimsley and Porter Ridge are all tied up at 27-27
Porter Ridge:QB Myles Carroll takes off on a 4-yard run for the touchdown, and the McAlister PAT kick is good, and with 7:21 to go in the football game, Porter Ridge takes a 34-27 lead over the Grimsley Whirlies
Porter Ridge:Omarion Taylor with the 17-yard run for the TD, and McAlister’s PAT kick is good…With 3:35 left to play, Porter Ridge leads Grimsley, 41-27
Final Score:Porter Ridge 41, Grimsley 27
Grimsley(11-1)/Porter Ridge(8-2)

The next time someone says something to you about the Triple Option, be sure to take then seriously….
For Porter Ridge, QB Carroll with 2 TD passes and 2 TD runs…Kennedy with 2 TD receptions…
For Grimsley, QB Barnett with a TD pass and a TD run…Melton with 2 TD runs…

#1 Tarboro (10-1) 48, #16 Southeast Halifax (5-7) 7
#8 Perquimans (8-2) 38, #9 Riverside-Martin (6-4) 26
#5 Rosewood (6-2) 36, #12 North Edgecombe (6-6) 8
#4 Northampton County (9-2) 28, #20 Warren County (4-7) 0
#3 North Moore (10-1) 30, #14 Gates County (4-5) 8
#6 Pender (7-3) 54, #11 West Columbus (5-6) 6
#7 Southside (11-1) 50, #10 KIPP Pride (6-4) 0
#2 Northside-Pinetown (10-1) 69, #15 Hobbton (5-7) 20
#1 Eastern Randolph (10-0) 55, #16 Draughn (6-6) 20
#9 Murphy (8-4) 22, #8 Mountain Heritage (8-3) 10
#12 North Rowan (8-3) 34, #5 Thomas Jefferson (7-4) 28
#4 Robbinsville (8-3) 46, #13 Cherokee (6-5) 18
#3 Mitchell (10-2) 49, #14 Swain County (5-6) 14
#6 Thomasville (9-2) 34, #11 South Stokes (6-5) 0
#7 Starmount (8-4) 27, #10 Andrews (7-4) 20 (OT)
#2 Mount Airy (12-0) 48, #15 East Wilkes (5-7) 0

#1 Princeton (11-0) 41, #17 Kinston (8-4) 31
#8 Nash Central (7-5) 13, #9 South Granville (5-7) 6
#5 St. Pauls (10-0) 44, #12 Roanoke Rapids (7-5) 36 (OT)
#4 Whiteville (11-0) 56, #13 James Kenan (6-4) 0
#3 Northeastern (11-0) 50, #14 John A. Holmes (8-3) 0
#11 Washington (11-0) 48, #6 Cummings (9-2-1) 40
#10 Wallace-Rose Hill (10-2) 56, #7 West Craven (6-4) 21
#2 East Duplin (11-1) 39, #15 Clinton (8-3) 22
#1 Shelby (11-1) 42, #17 Polk County (7-4) 20
#24 East Gaston (8-4) 41, #25 Forest Hills (7-5) 21
#5 Hendersonville (10-1) 38, #12 Burns (8-4) 13
#4 Reidsville (11-0) 56, #13 Chase (10-2) 24
#3 Maiden (12-0) 42, #14 West Lincoln (9-3) 0
#6 Salisbury (11-0) 49, #11 Bunker Hill (10-2) 0
#7 Monroe (8-1) 60, #10 J.M. Robinson (10-2) 29
#2 East Surry (11-0) 37, #15 Forbush (8-4) 20

#1 Eastern Alamance (9-1) 21, #16 Havelock (7-4) 6
#8 Westover (10-1) 40, #9 North Brunswick (7-5) 21
#5 Lee County (9-3) 42, #12 Southern Nash (9-2) 24
#13 Jacksonville (9-2) 21, #4 Hunt (9-3) 20
#3 Seventy-First (12-0) 29, #19 Williams (7-5) 28 (OT)
#6 J.H. Rose (8-4) 34, #22 Terry Sanford (7-4) 28
#23 Scotland County (7-4) 41, #7 West Carteret (8-3) 21
#2 Northern Nash (11-1) 39, #15 Smithfield-Selma (8-4) 21
#16 South Point (9-3) 27, #1 Pisgah (10-2) 24
#25 Forestview (7-5) 20, #9 Parkwood (6-3) 17
#5 North Davidson (8-3) 31, #21 Hickory (7-5) 28
#4 Crest (9-2) 28, #20 West Rowan (7-4) 15
#3 Dudley (11-1) 53, #14 Ledford (8-4) 10
#11 Kings Mountain (10-2) 27, #6 West Charlotte (7-4) 17
#7 Hibriten (8-3) 27, #10 Concord (7-4) 14
#2 Statesville (11-0) 42, #18 East Lincoln (8-4) 3

#16 Leesville Road (9-2) 19, #1 Richmond County (10-2) 14
#25 Knightdale (6-5) 26, #9 Pine Forest (10-2) 14
#12 Millbrook (11-1) 14, #5 Hillside (8-3) 8
#20 Rolesville (7-5) 69, #4 New Bern (10-2) 49
#3 Cleveland (10-0) vs. #19 Laney (9-2)
#6 Cardinal Gibbons (10-2) 56, #11 Heritage (10-2) 24
#7 Hoggard (11-1) 6, #10 South View (9-3) 0
#18 Panther Creek (9-3) 14, #2 Wake Forest (8-4) 13
#1 Hough (12-0) 42, #16 South Mecklenburg (9-3) 7
#25 Mallard Creek (6-4) 13, #9 Asheville (9-3) 12
#5 Glenn (9-2) 54, #12 Myers Park (8-4) 53
#13 East Forsyth (10-1) 17, #4 Ardrey Kell (8-3) 0
#3 Weddington (11-1) 41, #14 Marvin Ridge (8-3) 31
#27 Cuthbertson (6-6) 31, #22 Lake Norman (8-4) 14
#10 Julius Chambers (11-1) 42, #7 Hickory Ridge (9-3) 21
#18 Porter Ridge (8-2) 41, #2 Grimsley (11-1) 27


  1. One hit wonders aka Covid Champs will not win again. I know the jv was good but it won’t be this bunch.

  2. Sad to see a gc team lose. But with one 4a class the reality is no gc team will win a state title for a long time at 4a. Mecklenburg schools and their open enrollment will dominate.
    2 and 3a yes it is possible but not at the 4a level. That is the sad reality. I hope I am proven wrong.

  3. Nope your not wrong @Truth is . The only team that pulled off a championship with 4AA schools was the page team from like 2011 but I don’t think it would’ve happen for past 4A champs in GC if they made it one classification those other years as well. I don’t see it happening no time soon either with those big schools.

  4. I’d like to a 5a class added. I honestly do not know of many states who have 4 classes. Maybe Montana and north Dakota or Wyoming. Also prefer a regional or sectional format instead of the tournament we do here in NC.
    Guilford county football has some great players but let’s be real folks we have a lot of work to do before we can stomp with those ballers up in Charlotte.

  5. What can I say Coaching has been this way all season. Made no adjustments for the run. Porter Ridge definitely was well prepared they ran the ball to there bench the whole game. Defense had Grimsley all confused. Grimsley had no answer on offense but the kid #3 and # 9 who they abandoned. Kept trying to force feed #15 An Qb #14 was definitely taken out his game but that’s all on the Mighty coaching staff. Defense was M I A they rolled them over hustling to the line while the Whirlies looking at defense signals and walking on field. If you guy’s remember I said when it comes to a well coached team the Grimsley coaches make no adjustments. I wish I could give you some stats but they are keeping hush. Don’t want to be exposed. Good year to the young men for the Whirlies can’t take nothing from you guy’s who can’t get coached up. Ready player’s who just fall into you lap. To all of triad let’s come out and support the Dudley Panthers this Friday good luck and bring home one for the City of Greensboro.

  6. I hear that the mighty Whirlies are about to loose some Key player’s for the next football season. Always look out for your own kids these schools are worse than Colleges when it comes to being honest and playing there favorites. Your time is up Whirlies. Parents you can get looks anywhere Big Shaw is gone he has brought the attention over there not the staff that kid was highly recruited since 8th Grade so don’t let that fool incoming recruiting and the one who’s leaving. Promote self and the local media’s great thanks to Andy and Greensboro Sports for putting our local players name out.

  7. I hope G coaching staff can take a long look at the game tape, then take a longer look in the mirror. EVERYONE that went to the game saw what was taking place on the field and were waiting on the adjustments to be made…..Bueller….Bueller…., Farris Bueller!!

  8. Really a big part of the recruiting was done by the kids but when you play a well coached team with talent as well you get exposed. It’s easy to win the conference when you take a lot of the best players from the opposing teams.

  9. Facts you are so right I really would like to here from more people and there thoughts from the game. All year I heard how well those kid’s at Grimsley was Coached in reality they seemed lost. Let’s just be honest here the offense was not the power house that they were all season. Truth is they struggled against teams this year that had good coaching. Defense was equally not as dominant against teams that were good. Reagan abandoned the run. Pine Crest Qb’s got hurt 3rd string in. Southwest just didn’t have enough. Page didn’t have enough. Northern got out of they game plan early but won the second half.Porter Ridge stuck to the coaching strategy and put on a show couldn’t stop the run all year. Quit wasting time in the press box and get on the field taking valuable time with a thousand signals and play ball. You Staff of Grimsley it’s not college. Trying to do to much with that Wack game plan you guy’s coached more on those hype videos. Wasted valuable time on both sides getting signals from staff arm bands fellas on offense speed up game.And shouldn’t someone on defense be doing the calling and not looking at staff while the other team is about to run a play. Porter Ridge guy’s ran on and off field during subs after change of possession while the well coached Whirlies walked. Just my thoughts would love for Greensboro Sports to get some stats because that’s what we all are waiting for. If big night from the favorites it would have been put out there by now. Bring it home Dudley Panthers. City of Greensboro support the Big 4 basketball games.

  10. In the game vs. Porter Ridge Alonza Barnett III threw for 313 yards for Grimsley and ran for 82 yards…One rushing TD for Barnett and one Passing TD for Barnett…395 total yards for Barnett…Jeiel Melton with 138 rushing yards and one touchdown…Alex Taylor with 9 receptions and 152 yards…Nolan Albright with 5 receptions for 58 yards and a TD…
    Porter Ridge ran for 280 yards and threw for 179 yards…With 3 TD’s ground and 3 TD’s air…

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