Game Reports on Big Four Tip-Off Classic from Tuesday night at Page High School/Finals from the Boys’ games at Grimsley HS

Girls scores from Page High School on Tuesday night:
Grimsley 52, Smith 46
End of First Q:Grimsley 15, Smith 9…Halftime:Grimsley 27, Smith 12…End of 3rd Q:Grimsley 37, Smith 31…Final:Grimsley 52, Smith 46…
Grimsley scoring:Jordan Britt 19 points, Avery Knapp 17 points, Nadia VonReichbauer 8 points, Leiah Houser 6 points, Saleh Dillard with 2 points…
Smith scoring:Azaria Scott 17 points, Zoe Davis 15 points, Gabby Burch 5 points, Morgan Smith 2 points, Kaila Daye 2 points, Trinity Matthews 2 points,…..Smith took the lead with 3:26 to play in the contest, and all the momentum had shifted toward Smith, but Grimsley got huge lift down the stretch from first Avery Knapp, and then it was Jordan Britt and Knapp both boosting the Whirlies….
More on Smith girls from Smith staff:Azaria Scott: 17 pts, 6 steals, Zoe Davis: 14 pts, 14 rebounds, Gabby Burch: 6 pts, Jerinah Hill: 3 pts, Kaila Daye, Morgan Smith, Trinity Matthews: 2 pts each.

Page 55, Dudley 30
End of 1st Q:Page 16, Dudley 8…Halftime:Page 32, Dudley 19…End of 3rd Q:Page 44, Dudley 24…Final:Page 55, Dudley 30
Page scoring:Candice Williams 12 points, Hattie Sloyan 9 points, Natalya McMillian 8 points, Sutton Sherrill 7 points, Riley Brown 6 points, Anna Schmedes 3 points, Bria Lee 3 points, Caroline Kelly 2 points, Zoe Bellamy 2 points, Melanie Niebitsie Livingston 2 points….
Dudley scoring:Aniya Underwood 9 points, Haith 8 points, Makayla Carty 6 points, Chelsey Poe 6 points…..Dudley scored just 5 points in the third quarter…

Boys Big Four Classic Finals from Tuesday night:
Grimsley 72, Dudley 71 Overtime
Smith 57, Page 52

Other games from other areas tonight:
High Point Andrews girls 57, High Point Central 10

Greensboro Day School boys 60, Wesleyan Christian Academy 38
Northern Guilford girls 59, Richmond County 31


  1. Noticed that the Grimsley PG for the last 3 years was not playing and when I asked Coach Duff about it he told me that Destonie Tisdale had torn her ACL and was out for the season.
    Really hated to hear that, even though Destonie has always been a thorn in the Page Pirate’s side, as I loved watching her compete.
    I could tell she loved to play basketball and she played with all heart.
    Page Pirates basketball wished her a speedy recovery and we will miss seeing her play.

  2. Great thoughts Coach Johnson…We will surely miss Destonie Tisdale this season…I remember back when she and Kate Jones used to run the floor for the Kiser Tigers…I think Kiser went Unbeaten when Tisdale and Jones were 8th graders…Kiser boys had Travis Shaw, Tyler Albright, Jordan Wall and Jackson Nobles and the Kiser boys were also Unbeaten that same year…The Grimsley girls got some very good production from Jordan Britt and Avery Knapp on Tuesday night…They also brought Kiser a conference title around three seasons back, along with Nadia…The Page girls looked sharp and Page sure was able to play a lot of players in their win over Dudley….Page was changing players so fast that the scorekeeper had to make sure that they checked in at mid-court….They all did well, and was really impressed with the minutes that Sutton Sherrill gave you…Candice Williams drove to the basket strong too, and Hattie Sloyan, plus Anna Schmedes were their usual steady selves…The McMillian girl gave you some real good quality time too…Good night for high school hoops on Tuesday night, at The Mac…..

  3. Grimsley sure did struggle night one, but when all three are connecting (Jordan, Avery, and Nadia) look out guilford county because I can’t think of a team with three solid enough defenders to stop all three of them.

  4. I was able to post the boys’ scores, but did not get to attend their games on Tuesday…I went to the boys on Monday, and was at the girls’ games last night/Tuesday…From all that I saw from Joe Sirera on Twitter, the Grimsley-Dudley boys game was a great game…OT and close throughout….

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