Arkansas Pine-Bluff basketball coach made his players run sprints during the middle of the game

Arkansas Pine-Bluff coach made players run sprints in middle of game
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Arkansas-Pine Bluff has gotten off to a brutal start to the season, and first-year head coach Solomon Bozeman made it clear on Tuesday night that he has seen enough.

With more than 18 minutes remaining in the second half of an eventual loss to Iowa State, Bozeman called a timeout to discipline his players. He made them run sprints the full length of the court as if they were in practice. Check it out,

That has to be a first. The moment was made even more embarrassing by the fact that Arkansas-Pine Bluff was playing on the road.

Bozeman hasn’t quite reached Bob Knight status, but we’d hate to see what he might come up with if Arkansas-Pine Bluff continues to lose. That 1-8 record had better turn quickly.