Papa John’s Pizza NFL Football Picks Week #16 – Easy Week!

Christmas and the end of the season has opens up the opportunity to a new winner this week. If you haven’t played yet, this might be the the week as it is a light week and there are a lot of previous winners not eligible for the weekly prize. This could be your week. Play all HOME teams, play all teams that start with a vowel, have more than 10 letters, whatever it takes. You can win a free Pizza – no cost to play.

Play HERE –

Week 01 – Andrea N Lovette
Week 02 – Jason Nelson
Week 03 – Todd Moore
Week 04 – Bradley Curtis
Week 05 – Cameron Stephens
Week 06 – Bob Black
Week 07 – Clint Miller
Week 08 – Rusty Lee
Week 09 – Ron Bare
Week 10 – Marcelle Millner
Week 11 – Vincent Hunter
Week 12 – Marshall Brown
Week 13 – Kenneth Grimes
Week 14 – Bruce Wagoner
Week 15 – Jerry Chamberlain