Metro 4A Conference -Fall Sports All-Conference Teams and now we have added Football

**********Metro 4A Conference -Fall Sports All-Conference Teams**********
(In an earlier post we, listed everything but football from the Metro 4-A, and now we have the All-Conference Football team listed too.)

1. Alonza Barnett Grimsley
2. Jeiel Melton Grimsley
3. Tyson Resper Grimsley
4. Nolan Albright Grimsley
5. Terrell Anderson Grimsley
6. Alex Taylor Grimsley
7. Henry Harden Grimsley
8. Tamorye Thompson Grimsley
9. Khalil Stimpson Grimsley
10. Jordan Watkins Grimsley
11. Antione Shaw Grimsley
12. Jacarion Maynard Grimsley
13. Nick Richardson Grimsley
14. Terrell Timmons Northern Guilford
15. Manny Elliott Northern Guilford
16. Jack Mercer Northern Guilford
17. Jordan Mcinnis Northern Guilford
18. Austin Flippin Northern Guilford
19. Jack Gooch Northern Guilford
20. Jay Underwood Northern Guilford
21. Vance Bolyard Northern Guilford
22. Connor Lachesky Northern Guilford
23. Tyler McNeil Northern Guilford
24. Xavier Simmons Northwest Guilford
25. Trent Cloud Northwest Guilford
26. Tanner Ballou Northwest Guilford
27. Dylan Kesselring Northwest Guilford
28. Bristol Carter Northwest Guilford
29. Trevon Hester Page
30. Jerron Blackwell Page
31. Adonis Payton Page
32. Grady Sherrill Page
33. Elijah McRae Page
34. Davontay Deloatch Page
35. Tylar Elliot Page
36. Andrew Siler Ragsdale
37. Trajan Louis Ragsdale
38. Alex McCalop Southeast Guilford
39. Cameron Williams Southeast Guilford
40. Jordan Farmer Southeast Guilford
41. Elijah Davis Southeast Guilford
42. Keshawn Wall Southeast Guilford
43. Miguel Arguello Southeast Guilford
44. Camber Alcorn Southeast Guilford
45. Aiden Bonde Southeast Guilford
46. Joey McGinnis IV Southwest Guilford
47. Corbin Wilson Southwest Guilford
48. Darius Hairston Southwest Guilford
49. Kyler Puckett Southwest Guilford
50. Bryson Moore Western Guilford
51. Keland Wilson Western Guilford
52. Cam Lyons Western Guilford

Offensive Player of the Year: Alonza Barnett ~ Grimsley

Defensive Player of the Year: Tamorye Thompson ~ Grimsley

Coach of the Year: Darryl Brown ~ Grimsley

1. Molly Laughlin Grimsley
2. Anaia Harrision Grimsley
3. Raegan Deaton Grimsley
4. Maddie Sides Northern Guilford
5. Macy Bolyard Northern Guilford
6. Peyton Youth Northern Guilford
7. Sofia Ortega Northwest Guilford
8. Julia Humphrey Northwest Guilford
9. Grace Austin Northwest Guilford
10. Zoe Whisnant Northwest Guilford
11. Mamie Jane Haldeman Page
12. Audrey Baird Page
13. Ava Johnson Ragsdale
14. Savannah Hovander Southeast Guilford
15. Akila Hardie Southwest Guilford
16. Hannah Royle Southwest Guilford
17. Lillie Holcomb Western Guilford
18. Olivia Whisnant Western Guilford
19. Morgan Grace Conner Western Guilford
20. Lily Carlyle Western Guilford
21. Amelia Heide Western Guilford

Player of the Year: Lillie Holcomb ~ Western Guilford

Utility Player of the Year: Macy Bolyard ~ Northern Guilford

Coach of the Year: Diane Long ~ Western Guilford

Women’s Golf
1. Carolina White Grimsley
2. Bella Covington Grimsley
3. Olivia Tolbert Northern
4. Charlie Gaines Northern
5. Grace Jersey Northern
6. Ashlyn Strickland Northern
7. Leah Edwards Northwest Guilford
8. Catherine DeSiena Northwest Guilford
9. Brooke Tyler Northwest Guilford
10. Kendall Tyler Northwest Guilford
11. Meera Mehta Page
12. AP Eskridge Page
13. Riley Brundage Ragsdale

Player of the Year: Leah Edwards ~ Northwest Guilford

Coach of the Year: Ron Bare ~ Northwest Guilford


Women’s Tennis
1. Aurora Milholin Grimsley
2. Cambree Spencer Grimsley
3. Josie Schneiderman Grimsley
4. Sophia Davis Northern Guilford
5. Cassie Townes Northern Guilford
6. Hanna Gentel Northwest Guilford
7. Cameron McCollum Northwest Guilford
8. Lori Brown Northwest Guilford
9. Audrey Chen Page
10. Anna Schmedes Page
11. Hattie Sloyan Page
12. Ann Phillips Eskridge Page
13. Molly Holshouser Page
14. Abby Terrell Page
15. Ruby Kemp Ragsdale
16. Ella Perez Ragsdale
17. Reagan Harris Southeast Guilford
18. Audrey Serb Southwest Guilford
19. Tran Nguyen Southwest Guilford
20. Grace Parsons Southwest Guilford
21. Brooke Henley Western Guilford

Player of the Year: Reagan Harris ~ Southeast Guilford

Coach of the Year: Robert Hogewood ~ Page


Men’s Cross Country
1. Jacob Barrow Grimsley
2. Haveesh Macha Grimsley
3. Declan Oberlies Grimsley
4. Ryan Meyer Grimsley
5. Matthew Weaver Northern Guilford
6. Hazen Harvell Northern Guilford
7. Nicolas Hamilton Northwest Guilford
8. Nicholas Adames Northwest Guilford
9. David Masneri Northwest Guilford
10. Riley Hinkle Northwest Guilford
11. Mitchell Dimond Page
12. William Murphy Page
13. John Howard Ragsdale
14. Eddison Bridges Southeast Guilford
15. Christian Woodbury Southwest Guilford
16. Jake Adler Western Guilford

Runner of the Year: Jacob Barrow ~ Grimsley

Coach of the Year: William Zahorodny ~ Grimsley

Women’s Cross Country
1. Claire Adcock Grimsley
2. Drew Mascia Grimsley
3. Fatima Neddal Grimsley
4. Sophia Pfister Grimsley
5. Estelle Teague Northern Guilford
6. Jiya Patel Northern Guilford
7. Kiersten Kohler Northern Guilford
8. Natalie States Northern Guilford
9. Olivia Bayer Northern Guilford
10. Allie Kinlaw Page
11. Kaitlyn Lewis Page
12. Maddie Hamuka Page
13. Logan Ehrhardt Southeast Guilford
14. Amanda Pipkin Southwest Guilford
15. Claire Monson Southwest Guilford

Runner of the Year: Allie Kinlaw ~ Page

Coach of the Year: Thanh Ngo ~ Northern Guilford

Men’s Soccer
1. Landon Johnson Grimsley
2. Zack Davis Grimsley
3. David Diku Grimsley
4. Treas Ross Grimsley
5. Jamel Tyler Grimsley
6. Grant McNeill Northern Guilford
7. William Murphy Northern Guilford
8. Griffin Lee Northern Guilford
9. Adam Gordy Northwest Guilford
10. Ali Al-Qaq Northwest Guilford
11. Diego Giffuni Northwest Guilford
12. Matisse Ritenis Northwest Guilford
13. Reid Rouse Northwest Guilford
14. Tyler Elliot Page
15. Ethan Besecker Page
16. Joey Fitton Page
17. Reid Deskevich Page
18. Leo Munoz Ragsdale
19. Patrick Barr Ragsdale
20. Gabe Wagner Ragsdale
21. Ben Switalski Ragsdale
22. Leo Sokolyuk Southeast Guilford
23. Seth Riddle Southeast Guilford
24. Trace Rogers Southwest Guilford
25. Keaton Lane Southwest Guilford
26. Joey Hurley Southwest Guilford
27. Brandon Hill Southwest Guilford
28. Alex Camacho Southwest Guilford
29. Tyler Asbury Southwest Guilford
30. Logan Ramey Western Guilford
31. David Cyubahiro Western Guilford
32. Sammy Carbona Western Guilford

Offensive Player of the Year: Ali Al-Qaq ~ Northwest Guilford

Defensive Player of the Year: Trace Rogers ~ Southwest Guilford

Coach of the Year: Corbin Waller ~ Southwest Guilford