High School OT 2021 Fall All-State Football Team with lots of names and several Locals

CLICK HERE to see all of the names from our local area, and from across the state…Dudley, Grimsley, Northwest Guilford, and Northeast Guilford among those schools from Guilford County that are represented…And there may be more that we are missing…Lots of names on this list…

Check it out….


  1. The Barry Tate receiving stats for Northeast are total BS. Kid is a no-doubt baller, but how can he have 1500 yards receiving when the Northeast QBs barely had 1000 yards passing in the MaxPreps stats? Was he throwing to himself?

  2. I called Northeast Guilford about some of those numbers during the season…There were some really big game numbers posted for him on MaxPreps, and the NEG people told me that they weren’t sure where some of those large numbers were coming from on MaxPreps…There were several 300 yard receiving games listed there, and I don’t think that NEG was throwing for 300 yards in a game…When I saw the 1500 yards, I was also surprised again…No disrespect for the young man from NEG, but not sure who was keeping the receiving totals that were coming in at MaxPreps…That is a lot of yards right there…Never saw NEG in the news or in post-game reports with numbers like that showing up….Would like to know more, and we could wrong, but to honest, not sure what is going on with that….

  3. lol this kid actually is an amazing player. He is talented. But as say what said, the math does not add up. Congratulations to the kid. Maybe some weird wildcat formation i do know. Or they lump rec/rushing yds together?

  4. They do lump together all-purpose yards, but this role was geared more directly toward a wide receiver position…Spoke to a Northeast Guilford coach and he is working on getting me the total receiving numbers…

  5. Just makes you wonder if HS OT went just went by the stats they saw on MaxPreps, or if they called to verify…You never know, but like you say, there is no doubt, this kid is a very talented athlete, and not here to diminish his overall efforts…He has one more year to play, so we will keep an eye on him, as he heads toward his senior season….

  6. My advice to the kid is just keep working don’t worry about MaxPreps or hsot
    Try to get on rivals, 247 and ESPN. Those the rankings college coaches pay attention to. If you ball you get the call lol.

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