High School Basketball Tonight(1/14/2022) in and around Guilford County:Games Tonight on GreensboroSports Radio

Grimsley girls(3-9/0-4) at Northern Guilford(13-0/5-0) 6pm
Grimsley boys(13-1/5-0) at Northern Guilford(10-4/5-1) 7:30pm
**********Grimsley at Northern Guilford both games tonight on GreensboroSports Radio….Don Tilley joins us for the broadcast tonight, from Northern Guilford High School, on GreensboroSports Radio….Pregame for the girls is at 5:50pm, with a tip off of 6pm, and then the boys game will follow…Again, both games for you TONIGHT on GreensboroSports Radio….**********

Northwest Guilford girls(8-5/3-2) at Southwest Guilford(10-1/4-1) 6pm
Northwest Guilford boys(8-5/3-3) at Southwest Guilford(5-7/2-4) 7:30pm

Page girls(6-6/3-2) at Southeast Guilford(9-3/2-2) 6:30pm
(JV girls and Varsity girls will play at 5:00 and 6:30 at SE Guilford.)
Page boys(5-8/3-3) at Southeast Guilford(1-13/0-5) 7:30pm….Game has been POSTPONED….
(JV and Varsity boys games postponed.

Ragsdale girls(5-6/0-5) at Western Guilford(6-6/2-3) 6pm
Ragsdale boys(9-4/4-1) at Western Guilford(3-10/0-5) 7:30pm

Dudley girls(2-8/0-2) at Eastern Guilford(3-10/2-2) 6pm
Dudley boys(11-4/5-1) at Eastern Guilford(5-8/3-1) 7:30pm

Northeast Guilford girls(6-7/2-2) at Smith(12-2/5-0) 6:30pm
Northeast Guilford boys(3-11/0-5) at Smith(10-4/4-1) 8pm

Southern Guilford girls(1-11/0-4) at High Point Central(1-13/0-5) 6:30pm
Southern Guilford(9-6/2-2) at High Point Central(3-12) 8pm

Caldwell Academy girls(10-3) at High Point Christian Academy(10-9) 5:30pm
Caldwell Academy boys(11-8) at High Point Christian Academy(13-3) 7pm

Wesleyan Christian Academy girls(12-2) at Piedmont Classical School(6-7) 6pm
Wesleyan Christian Academy boys(8-9) at Piedmont Classical School(14-13)7:30pm

Bishop McGuinness girls(12-3) at Cornerstone Charter(1-10) 6:30pm
Bishop McGuinness boys(9-6) at Cornerstone Charter(11-3) 8pm

Winston-Salem Prep girls(2-9) at North Carolina Leadership Academy 3-9) 6pm
Winston-Salem Prep boys(11-2) at North Carolina Leadership Academy(7-5) 7:30pm

High Point Andrews-OFF
Greensboro Day School-OFF
Vandalia Christian School-OFF
Shining Light Academy-OFF
Bethany Community School-OFF