High School Basketball Tonight, YES!!!:Game Report on Greensboro Day School-Calvary Day Boys Basketball(Close First Half, but Bengals pull away in Second stanza)

Final from tonight inside the Dillard Athletic Center, at the Greensboro Day School, on Lawndale Drive, here in Greensboro:
Greensboro Day School boys 66, Calvary Day School 39
End of First Quarter:GDS 21, Calvary 19…Halftime:GDS 37, Calvary 30…End of 3rd Quarter:GDS 48, Calvary 37…Final:GDS 66, Calvary 39…GDS out-scores Calvary, 29-9, in the Second Half…GDS defense was superior in the Second Half…

GDS scoring:C.J. Collins 15 points, Jackson Noble 12, Nic Graves 10, Worland 7, Carrier 6, Young 5, Reese 5, Zanoni 3, Newkirk 2
Calvary scoring:Spillman 12 points, Johnson 11, Robinson 6, Tolbert 4, Young 3, Elzie 3

Game Notes:
Game was all tied up 3-4 times in the Second Quarter…23-23, 25-25, and etc.

GDS with possibly the best man defense in the state, in the Second Half…Again, out-scoring Calvary, 29-9, in half number two.

Inside(lane area/post area), GDS, with CJ Collins and Jackson Noble, was way too much for Calvary to handle.

Tonight’s game was like a State Tournament game, with Calvary being the lower-seeded team, coming into the DAC/Dillard Athletic Center, trying to upset the higher-seeded Greensboro Day School Bengals.

One other observation, Greensboro Day School Dillard Athletic Center might be one of the best-lighted gymnasium basketball courts in the state. The lighting is near-perfect…Very balanced lighting, and it is a great place to view/watch a basketball game.