Looking more at Rachel Clark stepping down at girls basketball coach at Southeast Guilford HS:Next in the Nest at SEG???

Was finally able to get into the Rachel Clark story at Greensboro.com/HSXtra.com with Joe Sirera….Found a computer where they would let me enter the site….Here are a few of the Rachel Clark numbers that are very impressive…

Clark guided Southeast to the NCHSAA Class 3-A title in 2019 and her Falcons shared it with Fayetteville E.E. Smith in 2020 when the championship game was canceled because of the COVID-19 pandemic. In Clark’s eight seasons as Southeast’s head coach the Falcons went 151-54 overall and 67-19 in conference play, making the playoffs each season. They won this season’s HAECOIsHiring.com Invitational for the first time and finished 13-11 overall and 6-8 in the Metro 4-A Conference.

I know what she was talking about in the Joe Sirera article when she said she was having to recruit her own players at the SEG Middle School to stay in the program…I told the boys coach at SEG Middle, he needs to make sure his kids off of the (17-0) SEG boys Middle School team, sign a lifetime contract with the Southeast Guilford High School….That might be the only way that they can keep them around….

I remember back when Rachel and her sister Ruth Anne were top starters for the SEG girls team, back when Jim Clontz was coaching….They were very talented then, and Rachel Clark was a very talented and determined girls basketball coach….Very serious about her business, and it showed in her team’s records/successes…..

So, who will be “Next in the Nest”, as the head girls basketball coach at Southeast Guilford High School???

Do you go with co-head coaches, and have Dave Beasley and his daughter Amy Beasley share the title as head coach of the SEG Falcons???

Dave Beasley is already coaching the boys varsity baseball team at SEG…He could also assume the role as girls basketball coach at SEG, and Amy Beasley could move up, and be his top assistant, and the coach waiting in the wings to take over as the next head coach, when her dad retires…

So you have co-head coaches in Dave and Amy Beasley, Dave Beasley as the head coach, or even Amy Beasley becomes the head coach, and her dad Dave stays on as her top assistant coach…You have to think the Beasleys will be in the overall mix of next year’s SEG girls basketball team…

If not one of the Beasleys at the “Next in the Nest”, then what about Coach Pearson, who just coached the SEG Middle School boys basketball team to the Guilford County Championship??? Coach Pearson’s boys went Undefeated, and he has proven he can coach, if he has some talent to work with…

Both of the Beasleys, one of the Beasleys, Coach Pearson, or somebody else….Who is “Next in the Nest”???

Might we see Shawyn Newton step down as the SEG Falcons’ athletic director and return to the sidelines to coach the SEG Falcons girls basketball team again??? Not sure this would be an option….Once you leave the sidelines and become the AD, the man in charge of the entire athletic programs and process at a school, not much chance on looking back, or going back to your former self, as a coach again…

Now we have both of the Beasleys, one of the Beasleys, Coach Pearson, not too likely, but Coach Shawyn Newton coming out of retirement to coach again…..Who is Next in the Nest, at Southeast Guilford High School???

Could it be another former SEG coach or player, that might return to the NEST??? Not sure about that hypothesis…..When most coaches leave, and they find success elsewhere, they are not very likely come back home to their old school…It is usually much too tough to “Go Home Again”….

How about a coach outside of the program, that is not even connected at all to Southeast Guilford HS??? Maybe so, but I could not even begin to tell you, who that coach might be…..

One name that I could throw out there would be Reggie Hines….Lots of experience on the travel circuit, has coached women’s basketball on the college level, as an assistant at Greensboro College, and he was an assistant coach for the SEG Falcons boys basketball team, way back in the days when Kevin Swinton was a freshman at SEG, and we were calling him, “The Swinton Bomb”, as that is how Swinton’s dunks were going down, like a bomb going off….

And there you go…Will it be both of the Beasleys, one of the Beasleys, Coach Pearson, Shawyn Newton, a former SEG player or coach, coming home to close out their coaching career, or someone from the outside, that would come and take over the Falcon’s Nest….
Who will be “Next in the Nest”???

Well, I have laid it out here for you, and it is time for you take off with this and let it fly….Let it run, and see which way this does go……

Most important, and in closing we need to say this…Excellent coaching career at SEG for Coach Rachel ClarkHer family, and her family name will always be held in high regard/high esteem, at Southeast Guilford High School, Home of the Falcons….

When one leaves the nest, you can’t help but wonder, “Who’s Next in the Nest”?????

(And if you are wondering how I came up with all of this, let’s just say, a Falcon in the Nest, is Worth a Word or Two, in the Bush.)