Our thoughts and prayers go out to the Rusty Lee Family in the loss of his mother, Betty Lee

Rusty Lee was first a Northeast Guilford Ram, then he was a Elon College Fighting Christian, plus later on a Western Carolina Catamount, and after college he was with NEG, Southwest Guilford, and Page High School, among others….

Rusty was first a baseball man, but he also played football and basketball in high school, and I remember running into him a few times when he was playing high school football for the Northeast Guilford Rams…..I don’t think our old team ever lost to NEG High School, but we sure dropped a couple to their middle school team…

Rusty Lee had a very sound mind for Athletic Administration, and that is the area he excelled in after he hung up his cleats as a high school baseball coach…Page High School thrived while Rusty Lee was leading the Pirates’ athletic department, and Rusty was driven to succeed, but he did not do it alone…Donnie Stowe was there, Ernie was there, in the later years Lindley Ivey was there, and the two strong nails that held it all together were Rusty’s mom Betty Lee, and his dad, and I believe his dad’s name was R.C. Lee, or something very close to that nomenclature….

Rusty Lee’s mom and dad would be at Page on Friday night for football games, working at the gate, in the press box, wherever they were needed…On Tuesday and Friday nights in the Winter it was time for the high school basketball games, and they would be there helping at the back door, and the back door entrance area at Page High School is infamous…Rusty’s mom and dad were part of the Pirates’ game day team, on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays, and on Saturdays…It didn’t matter what day of the week it was, Betty Lee and Rusty’s dad were there to help….

What a team, and now one of the Lee Family Team members is gone…..Betty Lee, Rusty’s Lee’s mom has left us….The Lees used to treat me and my associates, Dennis White, Jim Modlin and others very graciously…

Our thoughts go out tonight/on this early Wednesday morning to the family of Rusty Lee, with the loss of his mom, Betty Lee….

from Mr. Rusty Lee on Facebook…..
My sweet Mom (Betty Lee) gained her heavenly wings this morning. She passed away with her loving Husband of 65 years beside her. She fought her battle with Dementia to the very end when it looked like her little body couldn’t fight anymore. She loved family. If the house was full she was at her happiest, fussing over all of us to be sure we were taken care of (and full of food). Along with our immediate family, her brother, sisters, neighbors, friends, Hospice and caregivers have been by her side at different times through this journey. All receiving blessings from her. Mom was a soft spoken caring Lady, who showed you Christ’s love with her kind and selflessness and service to all she met. Our house was always open for friends and people who were soon to be friends. She was an amazing cook that loved sharing her goodies with our family and friends. While Dementia may have taken her body it can never take the special memories we hold with Mom. It is in those memories that we realize and cherish how truly blessed beyond measure we were about to call her Mom.

RIP:Betty Lee
(The Lee Family Tree goes back to NEG, and then on to SWG, and PAGE.)

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